IGN Review: Civilization Revolution

IGN has finally posted their long awaited review of Civilization Revolution. And let's just say that console owners finally have a grade "A" strategy game to waste countless fun hours on. With above average ratings in Presentation, Sound, Gameplay, and Lasting Appeal; the only complaint was in the Graphics department with occasional slowdown.

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5 Criminally Underplayed Games That Need More Love

Dorkly: "History is written by the winners, and that applies to games, too. While we hold up our post-apocalyptic wasteland adventures, period piece assassinations and Liberty City crime sprees on a pedestal, we would do well to remember the little guys. These underseen, criminally underplayed games didn't do well critically or commercially, but they were still wonderful experiences. Here's a small list of recommendations of unsung heroes of the PS3/Xbox 360/Wii era."

SaveFerris3150d ago

Alpha Protocol had so much potential. I'd really like to see another spy rpg.

Tex1173150d ago

Alpha Protocol has some fantastic ideas in its conversation and story progression due to choices. I really enjoyed my time with it.

A spy rpg can be done with amazing results if handled correctly.

InMyOpinion3150d ago

I would add 007: Bloodstone to the list. That game was criminally underrated.

WizzroSupreme3150d ago

Okami, Beyond Good and Evil, Chibi-Robo!, and Pikmin should be among these.

TWB3149d ago

God Hand

Partly because I just recently discovered it and its insane.

What a gold nugget.

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'Civilization': A brief history of just one more turn

XMNR: 2K Games and Firaxis Games officially unveiled “Civilization: Beyond Earth” at a PAX East, which ended Sunday. The storied franchise heads for the stars for the second time in its twenty-three year history but the history of Sid Meier’s just-one-more-turn creation is as interesting as the games themselves.

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A March of Bargains

March was a good month for bagging yourself a bargain! Hopefully we'll be able to find a few more good deals this month too. Here are a few of the bargains that FantasyMeister managed to bag himself in the month just gone.

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