Civilization Revolution and the Ongoing Mediocrity of Games With Gold

Games With Gold still isn't getting any better and there's little reason to believe it will soon.

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Illionaire2660d ago

Even when not compared to PS+, it's still embarrassing. What can expect from a company the put everything (even things you own) behind a paywall.

fonger082660d ago

How can something be embarrassing when not compared to anything? Yes Xbox Live has been surpassed in terms of overall value for price when compared to PS +... I don't know people are bashing Civ Revolution though, I know its old but still fun... I sure as hell wasn't complaining when PS + was giving away PS1 games... I wish they would do that again actually.

Illionaire2660d ago

Easy. Let's say there is no PS+ and Microsoft says they're giving a way a free game next week and that game ends up being Feeding Frenzy. That's embarrassing.

fonger082660d ago

You are making the assumption that people expect things for free without the knowledge of the PS + existing which doesn’t work as an argument. If someone gives me a free taco, I’m feeling pretty good. Now if I someone has been giving me free steaks, then someone comes along and gives me a taco… different conversation. There was once a world before PS + and all that really existed was Xbox Live (for consoles). Xbox Live was (is by some people) the gold standard for console internet services. If there was no Live to compete against, I highly doubt PS + would exist in nearly the form it does today.

darthv722660d ago

Take away the comparatives and a free game is still a free game. Whats not to like?

But that would be too easy. People want that comparative to create confrontation because its more fun to fight than just play games these days.

ThePope2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Sony is following suit with the pay wall (not with all things, YET). Games with Gold does need some overhaul, and will get it.

But the chances of someone who has PS+ that has NOT played a game like Bioshock Infinite is going to be quite small. So yes you can play it again, but what is truly being offered?

Its like me offering you a free hamburger after you just got done eating at McDonalds. Sure you can save it for later but how much value is there in what I've offered you?

On top of that what Gold offers is the worlds best servers and online experience. Sony has gotten better but will never be able to match the Azure servers. Imagine the difference Azure will make for a game like Destiny, or ESO.

amiga-man2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

ThePope, Just for the record I have not played Bioshock infinite and despite downloading it I still haven't found the time to play it yet, simply because of all the other great games Sony have been giving away on PS+.

XBL giving away old games is M$ being cheap, those games are available to buy dirt cheap to anyone remotely interested in them and offer no real value and certainly nothing close to the value PS+ offers, my hardrive is bulging with great titles and lack of hard drive space now means I have to be very selective in my choices, which is not easy.

M$ have a long way to go before even coming close to the value Sony offers with PS+ across not just the PS4 but the PS3 and Vita, the value is nothing short of incredible.

rdgneoz32660d ago

Only thing Sony has locked behind a wall is MP for games that are not F2P or MMOs.

As for free games, enjoy your Civ Rev while people with PS+ get games that are less than a year or 2 old. For March, you're getting 1 PS4 game, 3 PS3 games, and 2 vita games. Has any games with gold been for the xbone yet?

With your food analogy, it's more like Sony is asking you if you want something they just cooked after you ate, while MS asks if you want leftovers from last week.

As for best servers / online experience, "the power of the cloud" and Titanfall is only 792p while being 6 vs 6? How's it going to handle MMOS (you know "massive multiplayer online" games)?

ThePope2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )


Its sold 6 million copies since launch and just because you haven't played it doesn't make my statement any less true. I'm not saying MS doesn't need to change Gold. I should have said the people that WANT to play it. My mistake


HAHA is all I can say to you. Its clear you have no idea what your talking about when it comes to servers. A dedicated server offers far less latency, more concurrent players, less crashes, and faster loading times. But your right 792p, yet another fanboy caring about the wrong things. If I get all that I mentioned above (among other advantages) I'll take 792p and smile the whole time I play.

And in regards to Titanfall, It sounds like you're sad you can't play it and I don't blame you. Because the only people that are hating on it are the ones who cant play it. I even read a comment from a guy who said that he got bored after an hour, and then commented that he's buying it digitally! Its so good that people that don't like it are buying it!


I do own a PS3. I'm not saying there's no value I just think many people go crazy for PS+ and have already played most of the games. I guess I just look at it differently. For those who haven't played these games, amazing value, for those who have its ho hum. Again just my opinion, doesn't make either of us wrong.

amiga-man2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )


you missed my point, of course there will be games people have already played but the sheer amount of games on offer means even if you have been lucky enough to have played some of them already there are so many on offer that there will always be something to play.

Like I said I haven't played Bioshock yet, but only because of all the other stuff I'm playing thanks to PS+, the value it offers is undeniable, I have no idea if you own a PS3 but if you don't for whats on offer I would seriously urge you buy one.

Hell I bought my Vita because of the free stuff available on PS+ all the games I have on it I haven't payed a penny for outside of my PS+ subscription

edit:The Pope I just think many people go crazy for PS+ and have already played most of the games.

All I can say to that Is you must have a lot of money to burn on games if you have played most of them. I have spare cash to spend but I havn't come close to playing the games available on PS+

BitbyDeath2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

'but what is truly being offered?'

Bioshock was just one of five games given away in January.
On top of that you also get massive discounts.

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BattleN2660d ago

I collect these so at a latter date I can sell my 360 with a shitload of games for a decent price

GearSkiN2660d ago

im actually just gonna fill my 360 with games until my hardrive is full, then make it into an arcade machine.

maniacmayhem2660d ago

I think the term Mediocrity is to good of a word to use. It's down right f^%$ing licks frog's a%$.

How much did MS drop to get this game free? I'm sure this is bargain basement, 3 dollar reduced, bought NEW at Gamestop.

I would rather MS not offer any free games if this is the kind of crap they want to pass off.

Mikefizzled2660d ago

These games they are offering good games but are cheap.

sAVAge_bEaST2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I had this game during the Ps3 drought days,. I got it a heavy discount back then., Gave it to a friend later(for free, just so he had something else to play, this was 4 years ago), when he got his Ps3.

The point is, that this game is 6 years old, and an insult to give to current gamers.

SteamPowered2660d ago

Swing and a Miss Microsoft. Are they completely oblivious to what PS+ offers?
It really does not pay to be a loyal Microsoft supporter anymore.

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