"Battletoads" Trademark Filed by Microsoft; Is Rare's Classic IP Returning?

On November 5th Microsoft filed for the registration of the trademark “Battletoads,” giving hope for the revival of Rare’s classic IP.

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pedrof931528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Probably its xbl a game.

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halfblackcanadian1528d ago

I agree, but keep in mind digital doesn't' mean what it use to. Hope it's a spiritual successor to the arcade game

SonyKong641528d ago

Microsoft's so desperate they've released the shackles from rare 😁


badz1491528d ago

hopefully they stay true to their words and RARE is forever freed from Kinect. to those who disagreed, c' has to be said! a joke, of course!

I love Battletoads too and still can't forget how nightmarish was to play through it. I would love to see them revive it and bring it back and shove the difficulty on gamers faces in a new way, not just as arcade re-release! but any lesser will just make it NOT Battletoads and I don't think RARE can stand a backlash for ruining yet another franchise.

filchron1527d ago

lord i hope not. for gaming's sake..

Revengeance1528d ago

Either it plays like the classics or I'm not interested.

luis_spartano1528d ago

Knowing Microsoft and Rare, I won't get my hope too high.

AngelicIceDiamond1528d ago

Considering Rares is yet to make an actual game, game and not a Kinect game its yet be seen how they do.

Something tells me they're gonna do just fine.

creatchee1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Perfect Dark Zero and the Viva Piñatas weren't game games?

Edit: and Banjo? (thanks Easy)

Edit edit: And Kameo??? I actually really liked that one.

lemoncake1528d ago

Kameo was a great game, wouldn't mind seeing another one of those. Viva piñata was also good, crazy they haven't made another one of those would have preferred a kinnect version of that then the uninspired kinnect sports.

GamerSciz1528d ago

Battletoads was amazing. The only thing I worry about it is how well it will go to 3D. Mario went to 3D with the N64 and it was one of the best marios to date. Few games that make that jump have such success. I worry but I have hope that Battletoads will be a fun game. Maybe they should do cell-shading because if they worry too much about graphics I think it will ruin the atmosphere of the game. It was never about the graphics but rather the fun gameplay.

That's my 2 cents.

Concertoine1528d ago

Who says it has to be 3D? They said theyre trying to make more couch co-op games, if this was a super stylized 2d beat em up it'd be perfect.

AngelicIceDiamond1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

@Gamer Tell me what you think of my thoughts.

1.)First and foremost the game needs to be side scroller hands down. If its not side scroller this games a wipe right out of the gate no excuses.

2.)Bring back Co-op, 3 player Co-op. Local and online MM.

3.)Introduce teamwork based kills. Double team type of mechanics.

4.) Introduce a new Toad. Maybe a female Toad? A Toad named Scar? I wouldn't mind a 4 brand new Toad.

5.) Deeper combat. I would like to see new maim kills maybe 100's of different executions maybe a combo system. Distinctive combos, maim kills finishers for each Toad(Ryse Son Of Rome a Run for its money jk, jk). But I SWEAR if the Toads play the same and use the same combos...

6.) The original score. Oh yes bring back that epic music score. Maybe a master mix of the original score or something entirely new but when I hear it I need to immediately think BattleToads. The score is very important for that distinctive sound that Battle Toads is known for.

slasaru011528d ago

Mario was not beatemup, so your concerns are quite sound

MeliMel1527d ago

Yes sir i was thinking same thing. They need to do some SSF type graphics that would look crazy.

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