Smash Wii U Bundle? Reggie thinks 3rd parties will come to WiiU, Watch Dogs WiiU pics – WiR 11/8/14

It's time for the latest Week in Review! Join Shawn Long as he reacts to the first Watch Dogs Wii U screens, a look at the potential Smash bundle, Reggie's confidence in 3rd parties returning, and much more in this jam packed episode!

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Hoffmann1533d ago

Reggie thinks 3rd parties will come to WiiU


Being out of touch with reality is not a blessing.

InTheZoneAC1533d ago

speaking of being out of touch, when will Nintendo realize multiple sales of a discounted game will net them more money than not selling a game at full price that's several years old?

I was looking at Ocarina of Time and they still want $40 for it on the eshop?

Nintendo said a year or so ago that discounting games wouldn't be fair to initial buyers. Well, how stupid is that for them to even think like that?

They think 1 sale of $40 is better than probably several hundred at half that price considering they don't seem to sell many older titles after that initial launch window.

marloc_x1533d ago

Beats running out of gas on PSN..

N4g_null1533d ago

Everyone likes cheaper games. The problem with your logic is they keep selling copies at that price, otherwise it would be cheaper. If only sony or ms could make a better zelda ocarina of time. Yeah even if Nintendo gave them the ip they could not pull it off.

Sony just doesn't know game play. They know pretty graphics and great spec pushing pr, since most gamers don't know what pcs can actually do. Most gamers don't know the history or even projected future of computer tech.

Ms just doesn't know how or what real talent is or ethier they just push it away with the control systems for communication.

Nintendo just forgets how teens and tech junkies think. The pr is a very big deal. I really believe the n64 pr might have been their best yet the wii pr and low tech experience trumped all. Some how they have to make game development more accessible, design a low entry hardware that scales to high tech titan z levels even. I mean if they ever make such a high end system they could grant dev kit status from that also.

Reggie is also right. As this gen goes on I think more people will see nintendo do more with less. Meaning no one beats cod for fps and a few other games have their perspective genre on lock. Yet what happens when your game tanks? After years of success it tanks. This happened to unreal tournament and quake. Why would this not happen to cod?

In a nut shell publishers like money and Nintendo just needs that one game that brings their type of demographic to the console.

Ms had halo and gears.

ReturnToSanity1533d ago

You know, this really sucks because I like Nintendo. They make class A first party games. But they also make a lot of bad business decisions. Region lock, and the whole new 3DS not being released in the USA until sales get better. Not releasing their new console until the Wii U has been fully used to its potential (lol...)
And now this. I feel like Sony and Microsoft aren't beating Nintendo, they are beating themselves. (And I said Microsoft too because all though the Wii U has sold more, it's been out longer and the monthly sales are losing to the Xbox One)

N4g_null1533d ago

You sound like a sega exec. Stop panicking. Region lock sort of needed to happen. Imagine all of those weird date Sims flooding eshop lol.

Enjoy your system. Region unlock maybe coming soon. Really if you don't understand buisness or haven't ran one you really shouldn't worry about it.

ABizzel11533d ago

The only support they're getting from 3rd parties is JP support, family games, and developers who Nintendo deems worthy of making spin offs of their IP's (aka Hyrule Warriors, Pokken Tournament, etc...)

Most core 3rd party developers (especially western) are done with Nintendo, and I don't many of them are even going to try when they release a new console. People buy Nintendo consoles because they're affordable ($300 or less or they won't sell), and to play Nintendo IP's (multipalts are better elsewhere, thanks to the hardware limitations or having a max $300 budget, and frankly Nintendo puts their focus on the wrong areas).

Until Nintendo makes a high end console, 3rd party games will rarely show their face. But as soon as they make a $400 console they're going to get stomped in sales. They're stuck in horrible middle ground, and IMO they're best off staying with the lower power, $200 - $300 console, building up their first party studios to make more exclusives, and focus on selling their first party games.

ABizzel11532d ago

Those disagree again.

Show me the abundance of 3rd party western games coming to Wii U...... I'll wait.....

Let Nintendo make a $400 console to compete with PS5 and XB?, and I guarantee you it will be worse than what the GameCube went through.

Nintendo is looked at as a family friendly console, and they need a family friendly price in order to sell. When they start crossing the +$300 point it's no longer the budget family friendly console their largest consumer group is looking for (the family with young kids).

Nintendo fans might go out and buy a $400 Nintendo console, but their general consumer isn't.

theizzzeee1533d ago

The past means little. It all boils down to money. It is a monkey see industry. Let's say one major publisher decides to bring a new AAA game Nintendo's way because they feel they can get better sales being the only major publisher supporting a big game on it without competition from it's competitors and trying to get support from Nintendo loyalist for throwing the Wii U a bone. There was a time Nintendo had great 3rd party support. It can happen again even if, not the highest of likelihoods.

madjedi1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

It was called the nes\snes and that golden age has long since passed, nintendo has been antagonist towards many major third party devs\publishers for yrs.

Well now nintendo is paying the price for those philosophies and sony\ms being the preferred 3rd party platform\s. Short of them pulling another wii miracle, major third party support is gone and likely never really returning.

It does boil down to money and 3rd parties are able to make it alot easier and more plentiful on ms or sony systems than nintendo.

To date many third party games have sold horrible on the wii u, so why would 3rd party devs throw away money on a AAA wii u exclusive. When sales of every other 3rd party release has been so poor it often doesn't cover the costs of development.

theizzzeee1532d ago

I disagree that 3rd parties are able to make more money easier off MS or Sony directly. If, Sony and MS weren't giving 3rd parties money and if, there wasn't a tainted perception on the Wii U and the games were equal quality, dlc, price and release dates then sales would be comparable.