Shuhei Yoshida: We Are Postponing The Release of the PS+ Edition of Driveclub Until Further Notice

Message from Shuhei Yoshida - President of World Wide Studios -
Hi everyone,
I wanted to provide you with the latest update on DRIVECLUB. Unfortunately, the road to launch has been a little rocky, and we are truly sorry that so many of you have not been able to enjoy everything that we had hoped DRIVECLUB would deliver.

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4logpc2898d ago

Thats truly disappointing. Not sure how Evolution dropped the ball so hard on this.

sigfredod2898d ago

A real letdown for me, becuase i was waiting for it, the only reason i didn´t get the full version is the lack of support for my logitech, so i was planning to use the free one with the DS4, :(

SniperControl2898d ago

Just to let you know, the new ControllerMax allows logitech wheels to be supported on PS4 via Xinput.

Not sure if it fully works or not, thread below seems to suggest it does.

radler2898d ago

Just think, if Shuhei hadn't shut down Sony Liverpool we could have had a great racing game at launch from the Wipeout devs. Instead he fired them all and we got this garbage. Good job Shuhei.

Yi-Long2898d ago

TBH, it wouldn't surprise me if 4-5 months orso from now they'll release the COMPLETE game on PS+, considering both the very poor way this game has been released (lots of problems), as well the critical reception of the game itself, which obviously scored far lower than anyone hoped and/or expected.

VenomUK2898d ago

It's good that Shuhei Yoshida has come and made an announcement because it was important for a senior at Sony to acknowledge the situation.

When they delayed the PS Plus edition at launch I thought it was minor hiccup that would be resolved within a day or two. But I have the full version of the game and it is so hit and miss for online connection. For the problems to persist and no finish line in sight makes me wonder if it is a fundamental flaw within the games network code. I really hope Drive Club is savable and the PS Plus edition comes out before Christmas because I have seen so much potential in the game.

Ballsack2898d ago


Calamity from start to finish

Evolution better restore their reputation by making another motors storm... An making it the best it can be

u4one2898d ago


Does it communicate feedback resistance? I heard that was kinda the drawback with similar devices. I would buy one right now if it did.

Highlife2898d ago

I'm suppose to get a free copy of drive club with my purchase of xperia z3 on tmobile was excited to get it buy lately that feeling is gone.

t-hall7852897d ago

The facebook comments are just hilarious. I seriously read them for like ten minutes straight. No wonder this story is on fire right now.

redwin2897d ago

Ubi-soft is gonna make a killing. It's ok, Sony can do no wrong in my eyes. I'll just wait for The Crew, wait for The Order and wait for Bloodborn. We gonna be fine. The crew will soothe my wounds. .... Wait! Am I getting my money back?

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DanielGearSolid2898d ago

They should've just made another motorstorm.

Preferably with the same mechanics as the original...

That was racing at its finest

Muzikguy2898d ago

I would've taken a GT re-release on PS4 over DC

Divine2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

i wont be buying this game anymore and i wont even download ps+ anymore , very disappointed

donthate2898d ago

Well first Evolution dropped the ball, but then Sony did it too by not offering a replacement offer.

The game was promised at launch for free, then it got delayed, and now it is delayed for membership-paying customers with PS+. By the time this game is released to PS+, it would have aged and been a bargain bin game on top of the fact that a lot of those people that bought PS+ with the expectation to get this game at launch with PS+ will have their membership expire in the next couple of weeks.

I suppose that is double win for Sony?

After all they got our money!

stalepie2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

It's not been a win - too much bad press and word of mouth means less copies sold over all, even with all those who "can't wait" and "take the plunge" (buy it in full). Also it was never promised that the FULL game was coming to PS+. That would make no sense. It's a special, big demo that allows you to get the trophies, but not all the tracks and cars.

At this point though I do think it would help them to give away the full game or a larger chunk of it at least with PS+, perhaps starting in January or December... they've done so many smaller games so far and a lot of people signed up for Plus to try the PS+ edition of Driveclub, so they are rightfully upset about it. Also the recent problems with PSN... I imagine there may be less renewals to PS+ this year.

Back-to-Back2898d ago

They did remember that trash game named Contrast they offered since Driveclub was not available at the ps4 launch.

raWfodog2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I seriously doubt that a lot of people bought a subscription to PS+ just to play this game that they believed was going to be offered at the launch of PS4. Remember, many people already had a PS+ subscription which carries over to PS4 and, for those who didn't, it was necessary to play multiplayer on PS4 anyway. So even if you were anticipating Driveclub at launch, you had to buy PS+ just to take advantage of its online gameplay elements but you still need it to play other multiplayer games.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. It's been known to happen :)

Majin-vegeta2897d ago

Lol the game was never promised it was gonna be free at launch.A light version was what we were gonna get.

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Hanuman2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Since this morning's (double?) update the multiplayer works a lot better. I bought the PS+ Upgrade edition (39,99 Euro). Do I miss out on content, because PS+ edition is delayed or do I have the full package?

Mikelarry2898d ago

I suggest calling Sony rep, as the information you might get here may not be correct.

MK24ever2898d ago

That edition is the same as the full game, you won't miss on nothing that comes with the retail disc. Of course that the Season Pass isn't included, but that's another story.

uth112898d ago

that is the full package as far as I know.

Lionalliance2898d ago

They got over confident with their servers : /

-Alpha2898d ago

It's not actually a server overload, from my understanding.

It's an issue that with the programming of the game's code, so Evolution is now fixing and rewriting a lot of it, which can take a long time.

AngelicIceDiamond2898d ago

Really glad Yoshida admitted its been a rough launch and his engineers are working around the clock to get things going.

PSN+ is being delayed due to the current state of the game.

Glad Yoshida's being honest about the matter and talking the fans.

travisbitter2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Yes, I absolutely agree, straight talk is always better, despite how hot is the topic or how bad is the press about the issue.

I hope they will fix it soon, and also plan some kind of compensation. I'd like to be positive and hope, that they also working on that part too.

(Side note: I don't get it why you get disagrees for a positive, and honest post... But whatever.)

JimmyDanger2897d ago

Waiting three weeks/delaying three weeks - then coming out with a statement saying "postponed" - after you've already waited THREE WEEKS of delay to make the "it's postponed indefinitely" statement - is NOT straight talking.

Straight talking is making a statement prior to release - or on release. Not stuffing paying customers around - especially after making them wait a year.

Sure, Yoshida didn't write the netcode himself - but he's the head of internal studio development - the buck stops with him. I have real trouble believing they didn't know this was going to be a giant clusterflock the week before launch - especially if they "tested it thoroughly" before launch as Evo have stated. If they truly didn't know - what kind of rookie mistake is that? From a company that had previously launched 3 exclusive first party titles previous gen, and took an extra year to "polish" this title.

At best - a statement before the game launched. At worst a statement on launch day. Not three weeks of bait and switch.

Shu - the key part of being a manager is actually, you know - MANAGING. That means making actual DECISIONS, often under pressure - and trying to keep the customer satisfied. At the very least offering timely explanations and compensation when you promise the customer one thing and deliver , well virtually nothing.

Maybe it's time start trashing your competitors again - who both managed to deliver competent first party racers this year, that had working netcode and weren't delayed 12 month.

So it's the classic bait and switch - or it's amateur hour - neither is a good look.

ThatArtGuy2898d ago

If they released the full game for everyone, people like me would be livid because we paid for the digital version and DLC in full.

CoTton_MoUtH2898d ago

Drive club working fine for me after the 1.05 patch thanks Evo!!!!

andibandit2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Not sure that is "Cotton"...

otherZinc2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )


No, Shu can't just throw Evolution "under the bus"! Send Mark Cerney to Evolution to fix this game, it's a friggin Sony PS4 Exclusive.

Also Shu, Evolution doesn't run PSN Servers, that the game is running on. So don't throw your exclusive studio/game "under the bus". You Sony, share in this "debacle"!

Sm00thNinja2898d ago

The guy in charge of Knack??? Lol

spacedelete2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

you can tell this "delay" was planned all along. Sony had no intention of giving a free PlayStation plus version. i only own a PS4 but i say it how i see it. we all got conned.

how convenient they released the full priced version. if online problems are that bad they should have delayed until they could have given the PlayStation plus version. they basically lied to create artificial hype. get people talking that they will get Driveclub for free but "delay" it last minute.

Saito2898d ago

Where do your conspiracy theories come from xbot? Yeah, I know who you are and I can see through your design.

user56695102898d ago

they should of just came out with a carmageddon type game

FunkMacNasty2898d ago

Yeah, this is just a joke at this point. Not even interested in Driveclub anymore... maybe I will take a crack at the ps plus edition IF it ever releases, but i sure as hell won't upgrade. I'm not going to support devs like this, nor do I think Sony deserves one cent of my money over this fiasco.

So call me entitled, but I'll take my free edition and run with it, thanks.

Muzikguy2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

It's very disappointing. I don't understand with all that extra time what went wrong. I also don't understand what took so long to say anything. Things like this shows us we shouldn't rush out and buy games on day 1. That would make sure games work when they're supposed to. Not saying that's going to happen, but that will be my philosophy from now on. Yoshida might as well have said "the plus version was scrapped". I can see that not even happening (ps+ version)

gameon19852897d ago

Look at how long it took them to say something about people personnel info being took. This is typical Sony yet you are some how surprised by their response. like I said this is what happens when you people make excuses for them.

geddesmond2897d ago

They put to much effort into the graphics and only had a few small scale public betas for a game they were going to give away for free. It is disappointing but hey gaming goes on

princejb1342897d ago

I honestly gave up on this game

BoriboyShoGUN2897d ago

yeah Im stuck with this game, with no buddies to play with. It actually is pretty fun, but with these issues I wish I hadn't preordered it my damn self.

dj3boud2897d ago

i played the game at a friends house, it felt like a early ps3 game, sadly :(. no sense of speed or in any way.

Christopher2897d ago

People at Evolution need to be held accountable for the travesty that is the development and release cycle of this game. Heads need to roll. Better people need to be put in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

There's really no excuse at this time for all the issues they've had. Especially considering how much more time they've had.

2897d ago
MoreRPG2897d ago

I think they are waiting for the game to sell a few million copies first. I really dont think there is a problem with the free version.

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Gazondaily2898d ago

Yeah you've already done that mate.

Volkama2898d ago

"Just to let you know, we didn't release DriveClub plus version 3 weeks ago. It was delayed". Yeah, seems a bit redundant at this point!

Maybe some poor Joe has been searching through every menu on his Playstation wondering where it's hidden.

Gazondaily2898d ago

Lmfao! I have the funniest mental image of that.

Hoffmann2898d ago

Waiting even more for Project Cars...and that Indie Arcade Racer game.

A pity that DriveClub is not so good. Surprised me since I loved Evolution's older MotorStorm games a lot.

travisbitter2898d ago

Yes. I loved the Motorstorm-s, and also kind of sad, that this didn't work out well for them.

The93Sting2898d ago

SMH.. heads will be turned.. how much will we wait for this "free" version of DRIVECLUB?

BF4 crappy launch all over again I suppose..

Volkama2898d ago

The phrase you are probably looking for is "heads will roll".

"Heads will be turned" just implies people will be looking :)

andibandit2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

undeads will be turned

PlayableGamez2897d ago

And the worse part is, Driveclub was delayed for a year.

Neonridr2898d ago

The longer we wait, the less of us will care when it actually releases..

Mikelarry2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

since the launch issues week by week I have slowly cared less about the title.

@ ripsta7th

beats me, I just came here for that shuhei goodness :)

danny8182898d ago

I think that's the plan

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2897d ago

but yall go by the slogan "Greatness Awaits"

so you are suppose to wait lol