Crytek: "It's getting increasingly more difficult to really wow people," Ryse won't support Mantle

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing Crytek’s Principal Rendering Engineer at Crytek, Nicolas Schulz, who clarified about the rumored Mantle support for Ryse and talked a bit about Crytek’s future plans."

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Canthar1479d ago

I really want more gameplay than graphics. Show me some innovation there.

MRMagoo1231479d ago

Yeh was gonna say , most people are happy with the graphics of games now all tho they can get better, but the actual gameplay in games has stagnated imo, we need better more interactive A.I in games, there is so much more that can be done to make games better than graphics alone.

nX1478d ago

This quote actually made me laugh coming from Crytek. Crysis wowed me for like 5 minutes, after that the graphics became secondary to my enjoyment. Games like Journey, Mario Galaxy or Demon's Souls wowed me from start to finish though ...get your priorities straight, Crytek.

SniperControl1478d ago


But Journey was a bloody gorgeous game as well.

uth111478d ago

They have a point though. I see many games dismissed by people as "looking last gen" or like sh** even when they have beautiful visuals. The bar has gotten ridiculously high now. It seems like there are quite a large number of people always expecting to be wowwed with graphics, or they may not even try the game

pedrof931478d ago

Well DC wowed (now its a verb) me recently with those draw distances.

denawayne1478d ago

"Who needs graphics?"


DeadMansHand1478d ago

Bingo. Look at the nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor. The game is pretty but not like Crysis was or Ryse. That said, the nemesis is so damn engaging and totally brings a new and fresh approach to how we deal with enemies.

Give me more of that and I'll gladly sacrifice photorealism.

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Kivespussi1478d ago

Exactly this - late last gen graphics looked good already, this gen they haven't had the similar upgrade as the jump from PS2 era. Today things like Shadow Of Mordor's Nemesis system will impress people, not how good the game looks.

lelo2play1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Yep. Gameplay is always more important then graphics. A interesting story is more important then graphics. Crytek fail to understand that...

UltraNova1478d ago

Everyone can understand that. However, not everyone can deliver that. Its far easier to utilize the hardware and pump out some visuals than is to innovate in the gameplay department cause that's were real talent and the balls to do something radically new is needed but rarely found.

purpleblau1478d ago

Crytek, you can wow people with graphics, but the game is just a piece of beautiful art without a soul.

ABizzel11478d ago


It's coming soon enough, like I've been saying for the longest we've reached a point where everything with start to look "good" so developers are going to have to sell us on story, world, immersion, and gameplay.

It's good and bad, because it raises the bar for AAA quality to a never before seen high and forces developers to make worlds gamers want to keep coming back to. But those who fail to nail those are likely going to end up the way of THQ (which only has the benefit of starting small indies).

Canthar1478d ago

It is a turning point for the industry for sure. I do think there is still room for traditional games, just very polished and done well. The dev's who innovate and take the risk to move forward will lead the change for others to follow. Need to balance the risk vs. reward.

assdan1478d ago

I usually hate responses like this because it implies that graphics somehow hinders gameplay. But with Crytek, this a completely accurate thing to say. They have all graphics and no substance. Crytek finds it hard to innovate? That's because they don't try new ideas. If crytek doesn't want to go under in the next 2 years, they need a new game director and some good writers. Why do people love inFamous second son? Because it's gorgeous AND the gameplay is fun as hell.

StrawberryDiesel4201478d ago

I bought and sold Infamous Second Son, it looked really good but bored the hell out of me. Now Last of Us remastered looked amazing and plays amazing.

3-4-51478d ago

Wow us with gameplay not graphics....duh!

Tzuno1478d ago

the problem with today games absolutely 0 re-playability after finishing the game, at least in 90% of cases

mochachino1478d ago

Gameplay mechanics are actually becoming really refined.

solar1478d ago

problem is console gamers argue more about graphics then they do gameplay.

FastRedPonyCar1478d ago

We will most likely never see that from Crytek. Don't worry though, CD Projekt Red's got our back.

Sly-Lupin1478d ago

I've been waiting to see AI reach the next level since MS-DOS. Still waiting. Waiting. Waiting....

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Godmars2901479d ago

How do you wow people with a realistic base Roman combat game? Especially when God of War is looking at you from another game system trying not to laugh.

jc485731479d ago

I was never really wowed by any of their games.

ironfist921478d ago

Except for the first Crysis

NukaCola1478d ago

Crysis 1 Mods were what wow people, not the actual game

BitbyDeath1479d ago

Try making a new Timesplitters game.

ArtificiallyYours1478d ago

Graphics Whores are an important part of our "humble" gaming "communities".

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