#GamerGate: ‘Some People Cost Us More Than They Gain Us’ Says Gearbox President

One Angry Gamer "The internet never forgets. It’s a maxim you learn time and time over again when you get caught with a foot in your mouth. In this case, Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford found himself engaged in a conversation that was bound to end badly… especially since he was defending an employee who outed himself as partaking in unethical behavior."

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-Foxtrot1489d ago

What an absolute douche.

The way he goes on is some arrogant, good job trying to sell your studios next game with that attitude. Gamers don't forget.

wastelander751489d ago

Yeah I think I can skip a few Gearbox releases for the foreseeable future....

LightDiego1489d ago

What a douche, no way we should buy the new Borderlands on the release date, and i like the series.