Gearbox Is Working on a New Brothers in Arms Game, Confirms Randy Pitchford

Pitchford mentions that they're currently working on a Brothers in Arms game, but also suggests that the game is in early development.

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RaidenBlack36d ago

Finally ... the much needed conclusion to Baker Company's story.

porkChop36d ago

It's been way too long. They cancelled BiA: Furious 4 to make Battleborn and look how that turned out. Though I do hope this new entry is more like the proper BiA games, rather than F4 which was basically Borderlands meets Inglorious Basterds.

Bathyj36d ago

Please let it be true to the series. Don't wreck it like Rainbow 6. Can we get at least one tactical single player shooter with squad commands?

outsider162436d ago

Socom is another that could hopefully be it.

outsider162436d ago

Oh my God!! Freaking finally!! I loved the BiA games especially RtH30 and EIB

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