PS4 Exclusive DriveClub: Evolution Unveils Full Cars List Including 10 Cars In Free PS Plus Edition

Check out the list of cars that will be available for PS4 gamers in DriveClub

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TimeSkipLuffy1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

not that many cars... especially for a racing game... also in the list of cars for the PS+ edition there is no car I want to use in the game... T___T

BigBosss1543d ago

Game is awesome, there are plenty of cars and more to come in the future. Cant wait to play this game only a month away :)

Septic1542d ago

Yeah but those cars are going to be milked via DLC. Its not good enough man.

bouzebbal1542d ago

gonna start with PS+ edition and upgrade if i feel that i need more cars. Free extra cars every month is also a good thing.
Looking forward to burning some asphalt!

morganfell1542d ago

"Yeah but those cars are going to be milked via DLC."

Since you know the inside plans for DLC and seem to indicate nothing will be free, perhaps you could clue us in on which cars will be released when, how much it will cost.

Personally I preordered the title. I have seen enough to know when I am looking at something which I want the full experience.

xHeavYx1542d ago

The lack of American cars makes me not want to spend a dime on this game.

pinkcrocodile751542d ago

The lack of American cars makes me leap with joy.

As everyone outside of the US knows, American cars can't corner for Sh1t.

That said even though there are not very many cars I do think this game will be a great addition to my tiny tiny tiny ps4 game collection.

I think Project Cars, Forza Horizon 2 and Drive Club will keep me sated till well into 2015.

Septic1542d ago


"Since you know the inside plans for DLC and seem to indicate nothing will be free, perhaps you could clue us in on which cars will be released when, how much it will cost. "

Where did I say nothing will be free?


You've got to love the double standards here. You've got serious omissions of basic cars like all Japanese cars (in a game featuring exclusively on a Japanese console) and then a game selling most of its cars to you but somehow we have to bury our heads in the sand ?

I mean, if you're going down this DLC route, that's fine, but such a glaring omission doesn't bother you?

morganfell1542d ago

You did not directly say it would be free. Perhaps you should read my remark more closely. Let me save you the trouble. Hopefully you will peruse it this time:

"Since you know the inside plans for DLC and seem to indicate nothing will be free..."

Perhaps you are oblivious to the fact that utilizing the word milking in the context which you did carries with it the inplication that such DLC will be used for monetary gain.

Placing up a picture now does not alter your original statement. You should have included it when you made the remark. It only serves to show how erred was your previous comment. Perhaps I should step out and let you debate yourself as you are doing a handy job of obliterating your own statements.

Septic1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Yeah and I stand by my comment. Look at the picture.

There are 38 cars that are going to be sold to you. Only 9 are free. NINE.

"Perhaps you are oblivious to the fact that utilizing the word milking in the context which you did carries with it the inplication that such DLC will be used for monetary gain. "

No I am not oblivious to it. That's exactly what I'm implying. The DLC will be used for monetary gain. What else will it be used for? Giving money to the ALS fundraiser?

"Placing up a picture now does not alter your original statement. You should have included it when you made the remark"

Why for your benefit? So I have to spoon feed to you what this actual article is about?

"Perhaps I should step out and let you debate yourself as you are doing a handy job of obliterating your own statements."

What debate is that? I'm saying the game will be milked via DLC and I maintain my point. But if you're happy with forking out for the vast majority of cars then by all means go ahead.

irepbtown1542d ago

I'm only a fan of classic American muscle (when it comes to American made cars).

I'm a bit disappointed with the number of cars, however the game looks so good I can overlook that. Furthermore there should be more cars in the future.

Omegasyde1542d ago

Preorder canceled.

No japanese cars
no american cars
no lambo's
no real porsches.

For a game that was delayed this long, that car list is pathetic.

How some of you say " well there will be dlc...." is even worse. I like to buy complete games for full price. DLC roadmap is a bulls**t excuse as it just lets me know they released an unfinished game.

Will I download the ps+ version? Yes, but Sony lost me as a full sale.


Look at the disagrees man! You all gave Forza 5 crap for only having 200 cars at launch, but suddenly the beloved DC having 50 cars is perfectly ok? Jeez, just proves most of you on here only care about your "Brand" and everything else no matter if it's clearly better is "Lackluster"... -_- Oh, and NO, I could care less about my Bubbles!

xHeavYx1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Take a look at the lap times for Nürburgring, the Corvette ZR1 beats the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, the GTR, Ferrarris, Lamborghinis...
Not bad for a car that can't turn

How many of those 200 cars in Forza are just variations of the same car? And how many others are just low power cars?

pinkcrocodile751542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

@xHeavYx - Now be honest, you know the world public didn't buy the "Magic Bullet" theory for the Kenedy Assassination, so why on earth would you manipulate the facts to your American advantage here?.

2014 Laptimes at the Nuburgring in reverse order, counting down from 10 the the NO.1 Spot. Like Top of the Pops but WAY cooler;

10. Porsche 911 GT2 RS – 2010 – 7:24 (Germany)
09. Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZO6 – 2011 – 7:22 (America)
08. Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 – 2011 – 7:19 (America)
07. Donkervoort D8 RS – 2006 – 7:14.9 (Germany)
06. Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package – 2011 – 7:14.6 (Japan)
05. Dodge Viper ACR – 2011 – 7:12 (America)
04. Gumpert Apollo Sport – 2009 – 7:11 (Germany)
03. Nissan GT-R Nismo – 2013 – 7:08 (Japan)
02. Porsche 918 Spyder – 2013 – 6:57 (Germany)
01. Radical SR8 LM – 2009 – 6:48 (UNITED KINGDOM)

You are right America does do well on some of the cars, but I stand by my words, one the whole American cars are great at stright lines but are sh1te on a round-abouts and cornering in general.

morganfell1542d ago

Stand by your comment all you like it doesn't change the fact you have yet to provide us insight since you are an "insider" I am making the cobra fingers when I say that. You are convinced everything will be monetized so I am asking you to tell us how you know. Oh wait, conjecture...which is as worthless as it comes. Whereas I will keep an open mind.

At the end of the day its machts nichts as far as I am concerned since I will buy it and am unconcerend with cost. Let the eternal doomsayers whine on like a tire that is about to blow. In the midst of the entitlement generation I know games cost money.

dumahim1542d ago

No American? You must have forgotten about Hennesey.

As I understand it, EA has the license for Porsche and it isn't easy getting the rights to use it in a non-EA game. That's why RUF is usually used.

Kidmyst1542d ago

@Omegasyde I would have got this game if they released it earlier to have a racer for the PS4 but the more time that passes I don't have this the less interested I am in buying it, it's more a PS plus download for me and if it's that lacking in cars is also a concern.

dumahim1542d ago


You're right, many American cars don't corner well. It's a big, wide open country and don't have many round-abouts. Then again, most of those cars are not the kinds of cars that wind up in racing games. For example, take a look at the results from the recent Motor Trend Lightning Lap


Back to the Green Hell, there's plenty of Vettes near the top, along with Viper and Camaro Z28. Even a Cadillac held the fastest sedan time, and as far as I know, still does over all those German cars.

Point being, there's plenty of American cars that can hang in there with the rest of the world's offerings in games like this.

ThatOneGuyThere1542d ago


thats a typical myth believed by people who know nothing about cars.

user3672721542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Whoa..hold there are no american cars, no Japanese cars in that short list of cars? Is this game gonna only be released in Europe? Come on, at least give us a few American and Japanese cars to attract the wider range of audiences.

gootimes1542d ago


It is plenty good enough when the cars are factory realistic down to the threads on the seats. They crafted the cars to be photo realistic down to every last detail, it is actually quite impressive. I will take less cars when they don't look like they dropped out of a cartoon world....

QuickdrawMcgraw1542d ago

Ha it is funny when two self righteous gamers like Septic and morganfell debate....

aCasualGamer1542d ago

Going to be honest. Was looking forward to this game so much. But that right there, is a lacking roster.

Can't believe with all that development time and delays... they still only managed to get 38 cars?!


cell9891542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

lol reading all these comment i cant help but notice for once PS4 owners arguing with each other awesome!!
HEavy vs Pink and Morgan vs Septic

Anyway the list is not that high but if each car is pure quality in details, I dont mind quality over quantity.

Dee_911542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

no jdm imports..

I get that these cars are super detailed and takes a long time to make but man.. that list is very underwhelming especially after an year delay

@cell989 ps4 owner here.. I argue with fellow ps4 owners a lot here.. some would think this place isn't as filled with ps4 fanboys as one would think... but nah that just silly realistic/ rational talk :)

HanzoHattori1542d ago


Bubble up dude...

Bubble up...

Dissidia1542d ago

Less than a month :)

2 weeks!

BattleAxe1542d ago

People can't seriously be defending this list of cars as being adequate for this type of game, especially considering the delays. I'm not sure what has happened to the Playstation fanbase this generation, but the fanboyism has gotten to levels of pure stupidity. Seriously, some of you people ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

BallsEye1542d ago

Not plenty of cars at all and YOU CAN'T CUSTOMIZE CARS in this game...even grn turismo 10 years ago had more choice. You guys will defend just about anything with ps logo on it.

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Kayant1543d ago

It's not too bad for a first iteration and given how long is said to make each one. Obviously could be better.

Also there is still 9 coming as free dlc for PS+ version and 38 for retail - https://farm4.staticflickr....

Oschino19071542d ago

38 is for Season Pass which is $30 and with other included content seems to be worth it for those planning to play for a while.

9 is for retail, I am not sure about PS+ version, I haven't heard them say it will recieve anything except the updates. PS+ I believe is limited to a certain set of tracks, cars, countries, etc...

Either way it's def on my radar and can't wait to try the PS+ version, will probably end up buying shortly after. I have a good feeling about this game, but we will see, it's gonna be a very busy fall with games.

Genuine-User1542d ago

some of the best cars are included in the PS+ edition.

GTgamer1542d ago

I said it once I'll say it once I'll say it again midnight Club/split second and motorstorm had below 50 cars but still where the best racers I played on PS3 soooooo I should be good with DC because the amouth of cars doesn't determine if the game will be good.

bloop1542d ago

Exactly. How many hundreds of cars are there in the Gran Turismo games and how many do you actually end up using competitively??

Codey471542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

@ Bloop

400+ (exaggeration, but I'm probably close) variants of Nissan Skyline's and GTR's on Gran Turismo 5. Personally, I find that a piss take.

So hopefully Driveclub will give me a well deserved CAR-FIX I've been yearning for on the PS4.
Like most, I'm waiting for Project CARS...Driveclub will keep me entertained until PCARS is released.


Options are good.... but when those "options" are a livery/vinyl/colour(color) change of a model of a car to increase it's "catalogue"....thats when it becomes somewhat a piss take.

I'm obviously looking straight at GT5.

alb18991542d ago

Options are always good, don't blind yourself.

bloop1542d ago

@alb1899 Of course having more options is good, but not when it's just to make up numbers. I'm pretty pissed my self that there's no Japanese and I don't see any Lambos there for launch either, but I'll take quality over quantity any day, especially knowing that they are coming eventually. The game is taking forever to come out so I'll gladly pick up a copy next month with what ever cars are there rather than having to wait another year for them to put all intended cars on the disc. There's more than enough cars there to keep me going until the monthly ones come rolling out. Plus, it'll keep gamers coming back to see what the new cars are like and that will keep servers busy for a long time to come too.

alb18991542d ago

bloop, why you feel that more means mediocre and less quality....i'm confuse with that knowledge.....Forza and GT are real good games and they have it all.

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LackTrue4K1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

On PSN they show a price of 49? (I think) this game is still in the plans that there will be free version of it for Plus users...."right??"

Walker1542d ago

There is no lamborghini ? wtf ?

Blaze9291542d ago

So no Japanese cares? what?

ramiuk11542d ago

the thing is,look at all the cars in GT for example,who uses them all? nobody.

people buy a very select few because there the best in class etc.

personally i think 50 cars would be a fine amount,so i think there about right.
its tracks that would be more important to me,how cool would a random track generator be.

MagUk1542d ago

I understand what you're saying but to me its like Fifa with only some of the teams from the odd leagues.

Ausbo1542d ago

Forza 5= 200 cars..........pitchfork mob at turn 10

driveclub= 50 cars..........everyone bows down to Sony.

new IP is not an excuse

vivid831542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

comeon stop

TKCMuzzer1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Not really, personally I believe there are too many cars in games, it becomes more about 'mine is bigger than yours' rather than the quality of the cars.
Everyone will have their top 10 and will stick to it no matter what. I'm lucky enough to have been involved in the beta and wish I could share my experiences, I think many are going to very happy, not only with the PS+ edition but also the final version.

ThatOneGuyThere1542d ago

entirely different types of games. This would be a better comparison against Midnight Club, Need For Speed, or Project Gotham. Forza is an attempt at Gran Turismo, a game who's sole purpose was to let people drive "their" car in a game. Thats why it has such a huge variety of slow cars. Forza though also targeted arcade racers by focusing overall more on the high end and exotics(they do still include plenty of budget cars, but thats not where the "meat" of the game is). GT as a series is focused on driving simulation, while Forza is focused on racing and motorsport. I think Drive Club is directly aimed at Project Gotham. Which excites me. PGR on the 360 was awesome.

Forn1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Car selection =/= Gameplay, and it should always come down to gameplay, just saying. Also, Driveclub isn't a sim, so there's that. And also Driveclub is incredibly beautiful to look at, also just saying.

Ka7be1542d ago

Forza 5 uses some old models from previews Forza game and then they model the new cars. While Evolution games with driveclub they did not use any car from other games. in fact they never made a realistic racing game before.

BootyBandit1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )


-off topic

With that out of the way.

People were complaining about Forza 5 because it had nearly 2/3rd less cars and more than half the amount of tracks of Turn 10 previous installment in the series Forza 4. But something tells me you already know that and are using this as a weak @zz excuse to slag off Drive Club.

The saddest part about Forza 5 having less than half the content of F4 is it was just a mild bump in visuals for a next gen title. That is one area Drive Club significantly sets itself a part from Forza 5. Graphically Drive Club mops the floor with any console racer.

Foehammer1542d ago


No, you're thinking of the GT5 and GT6

"We're not keeping anything back," Greenawalt said. "I think people misunderstand the way these things work. It takes us six months to build a car, so when I say there's a ten-car pack launching day one--they're not done. We're not done with them yet."

BootyBandit1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )


Greenwalt claimed a lot of things concerning Forza 5. They also claimed E3 2013 the graphics would wow us with stunning visuals in 1080p at 60fps. They even showed a working demo with those mind blowing graphics at E3 2013 and a week later on the Jimmy Fallon show.

Well they did hit 1080p at 60fps but the graphics from E3 2013 took a huge hit graphically (textures, lighten and effects) to meet those specifications.

So don't mind us if we think Greenwalt is full of it and just doing his usual PR spin. IMHO he has always been more fluff (shoulders back chest puffed out blowing hot air) than substance and I have always been a huge Forza fan since day 1 game 1.

Although I eventually picked up Forza 5? It's the least played of the series for me. It lacks content, features, proper FFB wheel support and triple panel displays that I use to love on previous versions of Forza.

FH2 appears to be the same way. The controls just don't feel the same on FH2 that they did with the original Horizon on the 360. Yet Microsoft boasted that us wheel users had to invest in new wheels because of the advanced input features, accuracy and enhanced controls their new hardware (The XBOX ONE) would offer of gamers. Yet my X1 compatible FFB wheel TX 458) feels like @zz on the X1 but works flawlessly on my PC.

So go show your fluff to people that aren't actual racing fans and especially to guys like me that are Forza fans. Forza 5 was a let down to the hardcore.

Foehammer1542d ago

@BootyBandit, no "hardcore" guy would be interested in an arcade game like DC.

Next gen cars and tracks took 6 months plus/per car to build. It's not GT6 wor GT5 where they cut and past from previous gens and add a generic interior.

MysticStrummer1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

@Foehammer - Scroll down to the exchange starting at #4.1

The Forza series, including F5 did have recycled tracks and cars, not all built from scratch.

"no "hardcore" guy would be interested in an arcade game like DC"

Luckily games aren't only for the self proclaimed "hardcore". Ever hear of any racing games that weren't sims yet were fun and sold well? Of course you have. The "hardcore" are outnumbered just as badly as those with cutting edge gaming PCs.

Foehammer1542d ago

Don't kid yourself into thinking F5 used GT copy nd paste.

Every car in F5 is in ForsaVista, no generic interiors, EVERY detail painstakingly recreated, every fastener in EVERY car.

If you had the game, you'd know.

BootyBandit1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )


Let me go really SLOOOOOOW for you Greg Brady style. I'm old. It's a Brady Bunch reference. So this time I will use exact words.

Forza 5 was a letdown to the hardcore - meaning diehard Forza fans (at least the ones I know). Meaning guys like me that are use to playing Forza on 3 displays and a good FFB Wheel, Pedal, Shifter combo (which I own multiple of). Is that better? And I got news for you kid. You wont find a more hardcore racing fan than me and I play them all. From Burnout Paradise to iRacing on the PC.

To be honest I can hang with top players on almost any racing game. I don't mean the elite of the elite but very high skilled players. Guess what? Games like PGR, GRID and DIRT are among my favorite games in the racing genre. But that's because I love power sliding while using my hand brake. Total immersion.

My gaming room is built around racing. It takes up 90% of my gaming time. Care to see pics of my setup that houses 5 displays, PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3, 3 XBOX 360's, FFB Wheel, Pedal, Shifter, Hand Brake, Racing Seat and custom rig with articulating mouse & keyboard arm and tactile transducers (mounted to the frame of my rig) that all my perps are mounted to? Oh and I didn't even included my pretty sweet sound system powered by separates.

I think it's safe to say I'm a hardcore race fan when I spent more cash on my setup than what the average person might a luxury car. But I use my rig no less than 40 hours per week so it's worth every penny to me.

I love ALL racing games.
Unlike you, you're barking up the wrong tree if you think I have bias towards or against any console, dev or publisher vs another. I just say it like it is 100% all of the time. Online and in life.

Edit: Vista mode, really?
I went into Vista mode one time on Forza 4 for 2 minutes and never used that feature again. I'm sure some fans dig it but to me all I say is get back to me when the cars look like this while I'm driving them around the track vs seeing them in a garage.

This is why I say F5 was a let down, especially graphically. But it's to be expected when you consider Forza 2 wasn't much of a bump from the original on the XBOX but Forza 4 looked incredible all things considered. 1 of the best looking racing games from the last generation. So I wasn't expecting Forza 5 to light the world on fire but I was at least expecting Turn 10 to hit the mark they showed at E3 2013.

4Sh0w1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

-FOR had 200 varied & highly detailed car models, reconstructed from scratch with fully detailed cockpits that you can get into.

-So many of the same n4g critics bashed the game saying it was light on content, intentionally made for DLC milking, its not enough cars, where's this?, where's that? Blah, blah, blah...When you want to see how truly biased n4g can be look no further than the goal post moving between this thread and many of the FM5 threads just prior and post launch....regardless of new names, same pom poms and pitchforks.


ramiuk11542d ago

i think 200 is too many,i would rather them lower it and add more tracks into the game.

i would love to know out of the 200,how many are driven

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Torque_CS_Lewith1542d ago

I know that the best cars in the world come from Europe, but come on! Might as well just call this game EuroClub.

MeliMel1542d ago

Some of the best cars come from Europe.

XanderZane1542d ago

Some of the best cars come from America and Japan as well.

FanboyKilla1542d ago

Lol that shit is a joke. I wont support it. Wtf and they are going to have to patch the rest of the game later. Lmfao sony fanboys have created a monster. Good luck with that.

@naughtydogs "game is awesome" "cant wait to play this game". wtf that is arse backwards.

TKCMuzzer1542d ago

No offence but your comment is also a joke, you are also judging on something you have not played, that makes just as bad as any fanboy. I believe many who like close racing and edging fractions off their best times are going to love this game....unlike you, my opinion is based on my experience....

reko1542d ago

You don't have a ps4 lmao
Try hard troll lol lol

TheFanboySlayer1542d ago

I mean the fact that there are only 50 cars is underwhelming. I guess they want you to have more of an incentive to get the DLC cars. Some of them are free which is good news but other than that meh. By the end I think it will have over 100+ cars by the end of 2015 but it will be no where near that of Forza but whatever. I car more about the gameplay so I can't wait to play. Still a day one for me.

TKCMuzzer1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

It's no use having 200+ cars if many of them are not used. I would love to see figures from Forza devs and GT devs telling us how many of the cars are driven regularly. I imagine the figure would be quite low.
The problem with most things, people always want more, the problem is they don't won't more for a reason, they just want more otherwise they feel their being ripped off. Many gamers are definitely concerned more about quantity, not quality, hence why there are so many mediocre games on the market.

Gamer19821542d ago

Erm look at Need for Speed and the amount of cars that has. Probably about the same yet has no way near the level of attention of detail or content this game will have. People have to stop comparing this to garage filled games like GT and Forza. If you want to colelct cars like micro machines go buy one of those but the fact is you will probably only drive 5-6 cars in the entire game anyway so what's the point of 1000+ cars?? What's the point of 10+ variations of a GTO or every single model Farrari ever made? There is none.. This game isn't for those who like to collect cars its for those who like to drive them.

chaldo1542d ago

How is the Nissan GTR or Challenger Hellcat NOT ON HERE? *furious*

JRobes1542d ago

you do realize the Hellcat was just unveiled about a month ago, right? Why would they spend time creating a car if they didn't even know if it would actually go into production?