Forza Motorsport 5 final car list confirms 202 cars on-disc

VVV: "The final update also means we know for certain that every disc copy of Forza Motorsport 5 will come with 202 ultra high quality car models stamped onto them."

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Pascalini1537d ago

Yea ultra high quality

Not like gt just importing all the old car models over

Quality over quantity

abzdine1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

couldn't you use that only bubble for a more instructive comment?

whatever you say, 202 cars is ridiculous. whether there are 202 on disc or not we will never know it for a fact.
and if you ask me, i prefer quality AND quantity

snipab8t1537d ago

Ridiculously high or low?

Yi-Long1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

200 cars is more than enough for me, in any game.

I'm more concerned about the small amount of tracks, and Forza's reputation of DLC- milking...

Especially sad to see that huge gorgeous Japanese mountain track missing.

Boody-Bandit1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )


"I'm more concerned about the small amount of tracks, and Forza's reputation of DLC- milking..."

Which makes me wonder if this is why there are less cars and tracks than Forza 4. Turn 10 is one of the worst devs in the industry for milking DLC. It's far and away one of the biggest complaints on Forza forums over the years. Some have actually walked away from the series because of it.

I purchased the season pass for Forza 4 and will never do it again. They still ended up bringing out several DLCs that weren't covered under the SP.

JOLLY11537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Wrong spot....

Gaming1011537d ago

In case anyone hasn't understood the business model being used as of yet, to make the most money bigger companies are using free to play business models for extra revenue, only they're also charging full price for the game. So with your full priced game, you also have to pay for either a season pass, or buy cars and tracks individually or in packs via DLC. Don't see your favourite tracks or cars from the last game? They'll sell them back to you in a retro track pack or car pack, that's just the way it goes these days.

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Blackdeath_6631537d ago

there are more than 220 premium cars in GT your comment is invalid

Mustang300C20121537d ago

I don't care about GT. Hasn't been as fun of a game or "simulator" as Forza for ME. So don't give two sh*ts what is happening with that series. Funny when you break down the list at GT you have 10-20 of the same car broken down in years and model. Forza I can customize everything with the car which is the point.

Boody-Bandit1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

"GT. Hasn't been as fun of a game or "simulator" as Forza"

Forza is more accessible than GT. Most people equate that to being more fun. I love both series. As far as being a simulator. I would have to disagree. When you turn all the assist off on Forza it's still fairly easy to drive IMO. Turn the assist off on GT and it's really hard to keep your vehicle on the track unless you are completely dialed in.

It took me a lot more time to master GT vs the time it did to get top times in Forza. Now I'm a vet in both. With the same car on the same track I average the same roughly the same times on each game. GT has me on the edge of my seat more. But I have a blast playing both.

JOLLY11537d ago

Brutally, I am not trying to be an as here, I am just curious. Have you ever driven a car on track? I have and when you are driving perfectly, I think both games are very close. My problem is the second you try stepping out of line (trail braking for example) GT seems to just want to punish you. It feels like the tires just forget that they use to be able to grip. It is probably just me, but is just doesn't feel right unless you are following the exact driving style you are taught in racing school.

obliteratorx11537d ago

Awww poor child. Why did you feel a need to drag gt into this forza thread. Feeling insecure much?

Rageanitus1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Yah I agree with you to a certain EXTENT 1000+ does not impress me when half the cars I'll never play with.

But the game itself is GREAT and better than Forza so far IMO

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Dragonborn3121537d ago

Im perfectly fine with that number. Every single car can be viewed in autovista mode and they have an extremely high level of detail. I am super excited for this game. I love the Forza series.

mistertwoturbo1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

That number seems a bit low, until you realize they will have Jezza, The Hamster, and Captain Slow do commentary on each car... I literally might buy a friggin' Xbox One just for that alone... (and Dead Rising 3)

Septic1537d ago

I never knew that! That's brilliant!

dumahim1537d ago

Got a source that says they comment on each car? I've only heard they have a small commentary before each series event.

mistertwoturbo1537d ago

Whoops my mistake, they will only do that for a certain collection of cars on Career mode. And not every single car.

Still, we get to race the Stig!

NatureOfLogic1537d ago

I don't get it. Your only 1080p 60fps game is a racer which is a downgrade from the previous game content wise, but only have better visuals which seems to no longer matter to the Xbox camp.

obliteratorx11537d ago

These xbox fanboys are big hypocrites. You see when ps4 starts to show its superiority in multi platform games, they will resort to same garbage argument, "graphics doesnt matter". Now see them, praising ryse and forza for graphics. Pffft hahah I lol at them.

Flutterby1537d ago

Well they are very skilled in the movement of goalposts when it suits their specific arguments you see lol

kiz26941537d ago

completely agree with both of you, such hypocrites. The people who buy Forza5 and doing them selfs in, cos they will see how good native 1080p 60fps looks and want more games to be like that, this is when they will shyly look at the PS4 proudly standing at top.

thrust1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Atlesst the xbox one has games :/

what game are you getting at kz or knack?

or both hahaha

if you can call knack a game

mistertwoturbo1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

You know it's only those extreme fanboys that are going wishy washy saying 1080p/60fps doesn't matter and then gloat about Forza 5 being 1080p/60fps.

Oh well. I'm actually getting excited to play Forza 5. Going to wait it out though until early next year though.

NateCole1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Haven't you heard?.

The new xbox fanboys slogan this gen is "Less is more!!".

Lesser resolution, framerate, exclusives and now cars number is better than more.

The only exception is the price of the console in which more is more lol!.

Elit3Nick1537d ago

you couldn't use your one bubble for a more productive comment, oh wait this is NatureOfLogic nevermind...

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MegaRay1537d ago

202 on disc and 100 on disc dlc. Like seriously wait untill hackers popout and see all those on disc dlcs you payed for (either for this game or any other one)

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