Songs from your HDD on your MGS4 iPod after FW 2.4?

The MGS4 in-game podcast says that you can play music stored on your HDD on your iPod - although this isn't currently possible in the game.

Perhaps after Firmware 2.4 is released this feature will become enabled, otherwise it appears someone way have got their wires crossed.

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Silogon3780d ago

This is what ryan Payton has been working on. It isn't available now and sony was suppose to supply everyone with the proper firmware to make it happen but didn't. Now it's not until July. Mgs4 is an amazing game, though. Get it everyone!

BulletToothtony3780d ago

a good song to listen to i think is called Fight for the Night i think.. very epic song to listen while fighting... love the game.. but listening to coldplay while playing would be even better..

CrashSharc3780d ago

this seems like the most tantalizing evidence yet...

niall773780d ago

other games have Custom soundtracks without 2.4

and the 2.4 SDK was only sent out a few weeks ago while the podcast was recorded in febuary.

It could be coming in a patch since Custom Soundtracks can be done now on Ps3 without taking up extra memory

ATLRoAcH3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

They may have had it in there the old way and changed it because of in-game XMB with its custom soundtracks. They know that we will have the firmware soon and I guess they plan to patch it. This might have been another reason (besides "trophies") that they were pushing Sony to release the new Firmware(2.40) before MGS4 launched.

whoknew3780d ago

the PS3 sucks because it has no games, the only good game is Genji, but even that's worse than Halo 3- MGS4 is toasted turd, lol 93 on meta what a flop jeez

chasuk083780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

How is 93 a flop?, you wanna see a flop, look at ninja gaiden 2.

Azures3780d ago

well in-game xmb kind of makes playing your own tunes thru the game rather unnecessary.

Milky3780d ago

Yh but I think Ipod is way cooler.

Shortstop3780d ago

Nah, because in-game XMB wouldn't take into consideration the cutscenes. I mean, sure you could just pause it yourself, but it'd be just slightly better using the in-game iPod.

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The story is too old to be commented.