Metal Gear Solid 4 Is a Legacy Sequel in All but Ambition

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has the parts of a standard legacy sequel, but Hideo Kojima uses nostalgia in more meaningful ways.

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Orchard79d ago

I still go back and play through all the MGS games once per year. MGS 4 had a lot of cut scenes but the gameplay and MGS 1 nostalgia were great - also OctoCamo!

The way Konami and Sony have treated MGS4 is criminal. We need a modern port or back compat with boosted framerate.

Flawlessmic78d ago

Mgs games will be back this yr, Konami keeps shouting they have alot more announcements coming.

I'm expecting a 4k collection along with an mgs remake, book it cause I guarantee we are getting both.

Orchard78d ago

I hope you’re right but I don’t have much faith in Konami anymore.

SH is a good example. Years of silence, and then they started beating their drum and what did we get? A classic redone by a bad/undeserving studio.

Flawlessmic78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Point is silent his is back with multiple games.

Whether they will be good or not is a different story, but considering we all wanted it to return I'd say it's only fair we wait to see how they actually turn out before starting the hate train.

Same would go for mgs just give me a 4k collection and I'd be happy nothing needs to be done to wither of those games outside of 1 even then I'd take twin snakes in 4k.

Just to have them all playable again would make me happy, and if silent Hill is back you can guarantee they won't leave that mgs money on the table as it's even bigger than sh.

[email protected]

Who knows, there's been the long rumours of it being bluepoint games, which wouldnt be bad at all, and if it does come to fruition I can see it being a Sony exclusive so blue point would make sense.

Outside of that ur guess would be as good as mine

porkChop78d ago

I don't know who they'd get to remake MGS though. And tbh MGS doesn't need another remake. MG 1&2 need remakes to bring them more in line with MGS, gameplay-wise.

Orchard78d ago

@Flawless Well, we can say it’s back in the sense that we’ll be able to walk into a store and buy a product that has “Silent Hill” on the box but whether it’s truly back remains to be seen.

@Porkchop Yeah I really don’t know who would make it at this point. I would’ve guessed Bluepoint before Sony bought them but now I don’t see Konami making an MGS game and paying Sony to do so. More likely they’d want Sony to pay them.

If I could have my cake and eat it… I’d obviously say remaster 1-4 and let KJP do it. But that seems very unlikely given how they went their separate ways (plus we don’t even know if Kojima wants to revisit MGS/Konami).

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Tacoboto78d ago

I remember being so hyped for MGS4, binged through the re-release collection of MGS1-3 that came out shortly before it released on a PS2 slim I got for GOW 1&2. The 80GB PS3 bundle with MGS4 and the Dualshock 3 was my Hs graduation present.

Only time in my gaming life that i binged an entire series like that - 4 will always stand out to me as such a huge leap for in-game cinematics at its time.

Orchard78d ago

We were totally spoiled for gaming at that time, getting to binge 1-4 was awesome.

neutralgamer199278d ago

MGS4 will never ever come to any other platform. Sony has this deal in place

Orchard78d ago

No excuse for it to not be on PS4/5 though.

SonyStyled78d ago

I’ve had a PS3 a year before MGS4 came out, and I’m not an MGS expert by any means, but what do you mean “Sony has this deal in place”?

Good-Smurf78d ago

If you have a good PC you can get taste of that on RPCS3 they released a patch that allow game to run at 60 fps.

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CrimsonWing6978d ago

I don’t know, I felt the game was extremely ambition and quite honestly one of the best in the series. 1-4 are all incredible to me, yes that includes 2. It’s 5 that broke my heart and I couldn’t believe how people were talking about it being such an amazing game. It was unfinished and slapped together in such a rushed way that it felt insulting to me.

jznrpg78d ago

5 clearly isn’t what Kojima wanted , gameplay wise it’s great but the story isn’t where it should have been . Konami didn’t want to support it with any more money or time and forced it to be released with what was already there and it had to be patched together unfortunately .

343_Guilty_Spark78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

MGS4 was a masterpiece... it was the best in the series Also that OST was amazing.

That ending!!!

cruxito78d ago

I love MGS 3 and 4( MGS 1 is good because it was good for its time).
MGS 4 to me was almost perfect. The story line and especially the gameplay was like nothing else — at least to me at that time-, and i beat it at least 10 times.

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