Metal Gear series has sold over 59.5 million copies

200,000 Metal Gear games were sold between the end of September and the end of December of last year, bringing the total to 59.5 million.

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FallenAngel198449d ago

I just bought MGS HD collection on PS3 cuz I lost game sharing license

I wish Konami would just port it to modern platforms. Wouldn’t mind replaying the series on PS4 for more trophies

Nyxus49d ago

Yeah we are still waiting for them to renew the licenses, which they were going to do 'soon'.

sadraiden49d ago

There are trophies in the HD collection, just sign into your ps account, you'll see ps3 and ps4 trophies grouped together when you're on PS4.

solidsnake22248d ago

I guess I contributed to this, I purchased the original MGS on GoG for my Steam Deck. It's crazy how good the PC version looks compared to the PS1.

Orchard48d ago

And Konami will still continue to neglect it because Konami...

Really well deserved though, it's one of my most favorite franchises that I go back and re-play on an annual basis.

MegaLogic48d ago

Metal Geat lost its way after Snake Eater, eveything after that was a convoluted boring mess.