Driveclub Might Be Better Than Everyone Seems To Think

The hype isn't exactly through the roof for this one, but naysayers may want to do a little research. This game is shaping up pretty darn well.

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Abash1934d ago

I personally think it will be the most fun racing game of the year, the gameplay just looks so intense and thrilling. Evolution Studios always nails that feeling of speed you want from a racing game

Enemy1934d ago

Yep. Sense of speed couldn't possibly look more spot on. Everyone went absolutely nuts over the weather reveals as well. Evolution hasn't disappointed me in a long time.

guitarded771934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

All I'm saying is after a year long delay, it better be damn good, or the internet is gonna have so much trash talk it will take the entire gen for it to go away.

Personally, I'm not sold... it looks beautiful, but I want to see how deep the game is before jumping. I'm on a budget and GT6 still makes me happy. I'll probably wait to see if I can score it cheap on Black Friday.

Cra2yey31934d ago

Motorstorm Apocalypse was pretty disappointing... Other than that 1 and 2 were great.

YellowTempes1934d ago

The gameplay and environment seem really awesome but I'm pretty sad about the small amount of cars available.

ThatOneGuyThere1934d ago

motorstorm 1 was my favorite. because of the mud. holy cow that was so much fun.

joydestroy1934d ago

it's between this and Project CARS and... well... lol

i hope reviews are good.

Eddie201011934d ago

Flame Bait title, most people are looking forward to this game.

loulou1934d ago

it's a sony game, it will be awesome!

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Insomnia_841934d ago

I would love to see a Motorstorm from them again. I'm picking up DC on release.

showtimefolks1934d ago

I agree evolution studios know racing, also they have many devs who use to work on Project Gotham Racing so its best of both worlds in a way

It looks intense plus it actually looks next gen racer

I think it will evolved over a period of time into what it will become 12 months after launch, i expect a lot of dlc(some free some paid) and a lot of updates to add and improve stuff

at gamescom it will be in the limelight, Europe is a big racing market and that's where sony wants to really show it off

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Blaze9291934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

"The hype isn't exactly through the roof for this one"

...has this author been living under a rock? Since like, the PS4 was announced? Everything behind this title is hype based on graphics...

assdan1934d ago

I think it will be as fun as all racing games because all racing games feel the same to me.

UnholyLight1934d ago

Coming from a guy that loves his Forza like the next Microsoft guy...DriveClub looks like it will make an amazing game and one that should stay in my constant rotation on PS4!!

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user74029311934d ago

i thought the graphics were like insanely good, stupidly good.

GeofferyPeterson1934d ago

So insanely stupid good, It's freakishly retarding.

MRMagoo1231933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

that actually made me laugh lol but only because you ended with the word "retarding" lmao.

edit: + 1 funny bubble

Darkstares1934d ago

It's insane how insanely good the game looks, you'd have to be insane not to think so.

Scatpants1934d ago

it may be the best looking game yet. Definitely the best looking racer.

-Foxtrot1934d ago

I think people are giving it a hard time because they are comparing it to already established driving franchises which have continued to build up what the original game gave us when it came out years ago

People should judge it based on what it is, not what it isn't.

Sequels always improve on the foundation that's already been laid out so if the sequel to Driveclub fails to improve THEN be critical

memots1934d ago

"I think people are giving it a hard time because" its exclusive, Here i fixed it for you.

Naga1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Every new game is going to be judged by how well it measures up to its competition. End of story. If a new game does not measure up to what is already available, it doesn't get a pass simply because it's a new IP.

Gamers have every right to be critical if the game doesn't perform. In fact, gamers should be - it's what drives the market to bring us better experiences.

memots1934d ago

100% agree, But the issue here is those supposed expected standard that people are coming up with are completely ridiculous even hen its not out.

gangsta_red1934d ago

But why can't a newly established IP based off a genre that has been around since the dawn of time not have the same or improved upon features that other games of it's type have?

Why must we settle for less just because this title is new? It's not like this type of game is new to gamers of the driving world, and this team delayed it for almost over a year and for what?

Titanfall was blasted by a lot on here for features it didn't have compared to other FPS titles of it's kind.

IcicleTrepan1934d ago

no I think it has to do with being a year late. A lot of projects that are late by this long end up badly as they rush to get it out the door.

This is not to say that this won't end up being a good game. I imagine it probably will be a decent game. Not great, but worth playing.

I think Sony screwed up by announcing it a year too early. They didn't just show the game and say 'coming soon', they said it would be out. And it wasn't. Poor project management straight up.

The game wasn't even close to being ready. A whole year is not just a little tweaking here and there, it's probably 1/4 of the entire development of the game, that is a big underestimation.

But they spun it to sound like oh this just needs a little more time to cook like how Blizzard does. Nah this wasn't that, they either lied outright about the release date or they have (had?) a very incompetent person running the project that was promising the upper management that it would be ready.

Also I bet some people don't even think it will be out this year. Something similar happened with another racing game that Sony made (Gran Turismo on the PS3), and they kept saying every year it would come out and it was several years' worth of delay. So people are probably skeptical. I know I am. I'll be trying the PS+ version first before I buy that is for sure. It went from a 'definitely buy' to 'maybe' for me because they dropped the ball and now I am not sure at all what the quality will be like.

I work in software dev, and generally speaking, late projects do not perform well. A project manager makes an unattainable goal, and then pressures the staff to work like crazy to meet that goal. Then tons of bugs get introduced because people are working 12-16 hour days, are sleep deprived and make mistakes.

really don't care if you agree/disagree whatever, but this happens all the time in software dev, gaming industry or any other industry and it is always management's fault for setting up unrealistic deadlines and then adding features as they go which is known as feature creep.

What you usually get at the end is a heap of crap that is stitched together.

And before you all say I'm wrong and how beautiful the game looks. BF4 looks good too, but it played like hell and was very broken. That is exactly what I'm concerned about with this game.

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nicksetzer11934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Honestly, it looks beautiful, and I am sure it will be really fun. For me though, project cars, the crew, and definitely forza horizon all look as good or better and are all coming this year, or pretty darn close. (Again just IMO) I will definitely play the plus version of driveclub and am sure it will be great.

BitbyDeath1934d ago

I'll also just play the plus version as i'm not that into racers.

If it were a new Motorstorm though i'd be out there day 1 to grab it.

nicksetzer11934d ago

OMG yes, always loved the motorstorm. Definitely would have been a buy for me.

WeAreLegion1934d ago

As someone who actually played all four of these games at E3, I can assure you Driveclub was my favorite. I'm definitely getting Forza and Project CARS though. The Crew was a joke.

JGMoney1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

The E3 awards don't seem to match that, as horizon 2 was #1, crew was #2 and driveclub was #3. (Based on # of awards) That said obviously it's all taste, so sure some will prefer driveclub and some will prefer one of the others. I have only played horizon 2 and proj cars, so I guess I can't really say. That's why I tend to use website awards rather than comment section banter.

WeAreLegion1934d ago

Yeah. I don't know what those guys were playing. The Crew was a bit of a running joke with the group I was hanging with. Driveclub was incredible.

ion6661934d ago

I don't know B, I think I believe you. From what I saw drive club looked exciting. The crew seemed stale with the empty cities.

Jihaad_cpt1934d ago

There is no way any of those games you listed have better graphics

nicksetzer11934d ago

I didn't say they had better graphics ...

Spotie1934d ago

You said Drive Club looks beautiful, then said the other games look as good or better.

You most certainly did say they had better graphics.

JGMoney1934d ago

He obviously means gameplay, hence specifically pointing out driveclubs visuals. Other than the visuals it's hard to disagree that project cars and forza horizon 2 don't "look" (aka seem) like better games.

Both project cars and forza horizon 2 offer EVERYTHING that driveclub has, and more. Plus they aren't missing intrigal things like car customization, physics based damage, (ie wheel damage effecting steering) etc.

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ape0071934d ago

gotta a feel it could