The Last of Us PS4 Dev Explains Pop-In Bugs; Promise to Ship Better Game and Engine Inspired by Fans

If you're playing The Last of Us Remastered you possibly noticed that the game suffers from pop-in issues in certain areas. Basically when you walk close to some elements of the environment they just "pop" into view. Other items "fade" into view and more flicker between being visible and invisible. All those glitches, while minor, can be a little disturbing. Naughty Dog programmer Corrinne Yu, which is well known for being an industry-wide expert in graphics engineering, gave an in-depth explanation also explaining how she learned more about the PS4 GPU and promising to do better, also inspired by all the pictures sent by fans.

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SeraphimNympho1932d ago

The only one I noticed during my play through was the palette appearing / disappearing in the water. It's such a shame because this sort of thing is literally the only thing about the ps4 remaster that doesn't stack up to the ps3 version - while everything else is better.

Battlefieldlover1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Ya, I on the other hand have seen every one shown and also a tree that faded away as u moved away but not the ones right next to it lol. I'm only a third way through too which sucks a lil.

However, there isn't anything i have seen that has made me regret buying it again. Great freaking game and even better looking when you don't have these issues...that literaly every game has some example of.

Edit: i will say this. When i move forward and try to slightly turn left or right my character stutters. Like full on stutter, start complete stop, start complete stop. Now that i could see driving me nuts during the coming hectic parts.

FanboyKilla1932d ago

c'mon some of that is pretty crappy work. we know they are better. really sucks for those who bought it twice. they never showed gameplay, this is why. no matter how you turn it, its shady.

i remember: the last of us looks amazing, more amazing screen shots from the last of us, it looks like it was made for ps4. That last one is insulting to infamous ss. hell, ac black flag looks better than tlou remastered imo.

should have left it alone untill your heart was back in it. now this is how your game will be remembered. smh cause it really is a good game. its the business side thats making it look ugly. cashing in on our love for it. it shows in your final work.

TKCMuzzer1932d ago

Remember to close the door on your way out...........

jmac531931d ago

I feel like like the 3 posts above were either from English as a second language or poor grammar. Either way it was hard to read.

Exoil1931d ago

@jmac: What are you talking about? Maybe you should go and practise your reading ability a bit if you find that hard to read buddy.

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ramiuk11931d ago

i have nopticed entire walls pop up,go from blank grey to having windows,doors etc.
my 1st time n games awesomeso far

supes_241931d ago

I had a issue in the beginning, when you're leaving the quarantine zone and first come across the infected in the abandoned building and progressing through the spores. In the dark, it looked all oily. I couldn't make out anything actually. It was weird. Then I finally made it back outside in the daylight and it took a little while for the game to "load" that section of game play.

trancefreak1931d ago

Good because I am going or was going to upload the draw distance bug to them.

It is a flicker of light that appears depending on DOF. If you look straight up into the sky in the beginning of "FALL" the trees will disappear and only the clouds will be visible.

It's not bad but it is present.

HanzoHattori1928d ago

The game has several glitches. For instance, during one of the segments of the game that involve the use of the pallets, if you make Joel jump on top of it, the game will lock up and freeze. That's just one of many glitches that i've come across. It's still an enjoyable game to play though.

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GeraltofRivia1932d ago

Good old "next gen" gaming, outdated out of the box.

SpinalRemains1381932d ago

Remakes using previous generation engines usually are.

Neixus1932d ago

The fact that they had to port the game from a very complex and clunky architecture, to ps4, is not an easy job. They still did a pretty good job.

TKCMuzzer1932d ago

The odd pop in...still looks and plays brilliantly, great job by Naughty Dog, would have been some big tech hurdles to get over converting from PS3...

1nsomniac1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

At least it's getting acknowledged. There's a lot of issues with the remastered version.

There's this pop-up issue, the occasional completely missing texture that just shimmers white. The lighting which occasionally decides it's going to change randomly (effect filter pop-in).

Then there's all the issues in multiplayer regarding stats, mic not working, the wrong team winning when the round ends & it clears all your kills(really annoying when your doing survivor missions & you've achieved your checklist).

Luckily the multiplayer issues at least on the server side are getting fixed quickly. I'll be happier when the mic issue is completely sorted though!

None of these issues were in the PS3 version which is another reason I have a gripe with the remaster pricing.

Yi-Long1932d ago

It's getting acknowledged AFTER the game is released.

That's disgusting. Obviously, they should have known about this issue before.

None of the previews mentioned it. None of the reviews have mentioned it. That's ridiculous.

Clearly it's noticeable, yet the developers only 'acknowledge' it after the game has been sold and people are getting upset about it, and why previews and reviews didn't bother mentioning it, is almost at least as questionable, as far as I'm concerned. It's their job to inform potential customers!

1nsomniac1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

To be fair I've got to agree with you. We were told many lies prior to launch which is why I've now only got 2 bubbles left because I wouldn't let people forget or ignore them.

I am glad though that they have acknowledged these because at least some of them may get fixed. The fact that Corrinne Yu has said she knows about this & will learn from it in future is disgusting though I agree because she is one that fed us a lot of the crap prior to release, she's not the only one though as to be honest the majority of the straight out lies came from guys in the ND PR department.

anwe1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I feel like this is the real reason no gameplay was shown, and not because of the bs "60 fps not being done justice" excuse we kept hearing. Trouble is anytime it was brought up the fanboys would eat you alive.

I like the game and I'm enjoying it, but I've experienced a lot of what is shown. I've also been bumped into by Bill and knocked across the screen until I hit a fence.

anwe1932d ago

For some reason I can't edit my post, but I wanted to add that I also have a problem with Ellie disappearing for long periods of time leaving me to explore alone. After a while shes just instantly by my side again, having come from nowhere.

LOGICWINS1932d ago

And yet five people disagreed with you.


The people here are so pathetic its not even funny.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1931d ago

It seems no one has yet to bring up frame drops still. which plagued the 'perfect' ps3 version. I wonder how bad they are on the ps4 version.

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Patrick_pk441932d ago

"Then there's all the issues in multiplayer regarding stats, mic not working, the wrong team winning when the round ends & it clears all your kills(really annoying when your doing survivor missions & you've achieved your checklist)."

I'm on week 8 and never experienced any of these problems listed. My only problem is the length of finding a lobby, but that was acknowledged and will be fixed soon.

AntsPai1932d ago

I noticed this too, absolute disgrace to be honest. I understand its still and excellent game and I pre-ordered it of PSN here in UK (1am unlock come on!) but I was disappointed by a few things in the game, I understand things like this happen but they already had this game made before this. I guess I'm just bitter because I've paid for it twice and expected no problems, I hope these get patched ASAP.

I expect disagrees for no reason, maybe some accusations that I haven't played it (check my psn profile). I'm just saying my opinion, I loved TLoU, still do, I just wish the remaster was more polished, the motion blur, frame drops and pop-ins are really distracting in single player.

Abriael1932d ago

Maybe you're gonna get disagrees because calling it an "absolute disgrace" is the very soul of hyperbole.

That tends to be a little more than "no reason" :D

AntsPai1932d ago

It's hard to say it's not a disgrace though, this is Naughty Dog, they are top-tier, God-tier even, these problems weren't in the PS3 version, this is why it's annoying. I was really looking forward to this and while it's still great it should have been perfected for launch.

daBUSHwhaka1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

At the end of the day,this is a disgrace.How many play test runs have ND had before release,and they didn't pick up on these things or just decided to ignore until after release.It's the DICE/EA/BF4 bullshit.Launch it now fix it later.For a Dev like ND who think there the Dogs Balls in development this is piss poor.Before you know it every Dev has the same attitude.

LonDonE1932d ago

LMAO these are minor glitches/bugs SHEESH! i dont think people realise that the fact that Naughty dog got this game working on the PS4 at a steady 60fps native 1080p so fast is amazing! seriously this games engine and code used the cell processor extensively and most people know the cell and its programming was very exotic!!

The fact they got the game running so well on PS4 so fast is pretty great! i for one would gladly take these minor bugs/glitches if it means more games will be native 1080p at a steady 60fps and still look and play as awesome as the last of us.

I understand people can find things like these bugs annoying but they are so minor in comparison say to Titanfall which is a X1 console exclusive and still has constant screen tearing whenever you touch the right stick to look around and also it has LOTS of frame rate drops when more then 1 titan is on screen! That to me for a newly launched supposed next gen console is unacceptable! especially when the developers are known for creating great 60fps games with limited hardware!

Seriously no one was forced to play or buy the TLOUR, people could have easily bought the PS3 version used and cheap and which still looks better then allot of next gen games!
I think the fact you are calling this a total disgrace says allot about u as a gamer.

The game is AWESOME, and i find it funny how people have come to expect near flawless games from naughty dog which i suppose makes some sense since they are one of, if not THE BEST developer in the world!!!
But people need to understand last gen games and game engines where more cpu focused and less gpu intensive since last gen consoles both had powerful cpu's and pretty mediocre/weak gpu's! its why allot of last gen games used the cell to offload tasks.

But this new gen the new consoles have stronger gpu's and weaker cpu's and so until games and the game engines are coded to take advantage of the gpgpu more as opposed to the cpu we will end up with bad or average last gen games.
The PS4 has a gpgpu which can do cpu tasks and so once devs start to use the gpgpu better games should perform even better!

Its the same problem which wii u had, the wii u has weak cpu, but has a gpgpu to back it up similar to the PS4 but because last gen ports on wii u were more cpu intensive and didn't use the gpgpu functions we got mediocre and bad ports.
Things should improve for all 3 new gen consoles.

Take a chill pill people! this game runs and looks stunning, yes it has flaws as do ALL GAMES!
I do hope these issues get patched.

oneluckybullet1932d ago

i think ppl are upset bc no one mentioned it till it was sold. prior all you heard from nd was them beating their chests that anything under 60 fps was inferior, 1080p, blah blah. maybe we shouldnt be so mad at nd but more at the reviewers and previewers that said nothing.

1932d ago
Kenshin_BATT0USAI1931d ago

Posts like this are depressing to read, because I feel like you're understanding of game related news is 'sony = good, not sony = bad'

LonDonE1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

THATS BULL!! look at my avatar pic i game on all platforms unlike allot of N4G keyboard warriors!
look at my comment history before you make such a baseless comment about me!! yes i am human,and i have preference's but when Sony drop the ball i call it out! i dont care about the down votes from fan boys.
If Sony, Nintendo or M.S screw up i call it out!
So your comment is complete rubbish aimed at me.

dude i too play it often and i admit since update 4 and 5 screen tearing has decreased and the frame rate is more stable as i have mentioned on previous posts of mine again check peoples comment history! while i admit it has improved it still tears and drops frame rate too much! i play it EVERY NIGHT! for a supposed AAA shooter which is a fps a locked 60fps or near enough is CRUCIAL! the frame rate is just not stable enough hence why most competitive pro gamers have dropped it like a bad habit! it should never have been released in the state that it was.

And regardless of the slow optimising which i do applaud respawn for regardless the game is far from where it should be!

I agree reviewers should point these things out but that is the industry which is at fault as a whole. I am just saying that these are minor problems in the grand scheme of things! PS3 cell intensive games like naughty dog games are very complex and getting them ported to PS4 so fast is commendable.
People have a right to be upset i just think people are over reacting compared to some of the other things going on in gaming.

Specter2291931d ago

I only expect flawless when the reviews are all perfect scores with hardly any cons listed. It's an awesome game all the same though.

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Gatsu1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

The only bugs I've noticed in my playthrough have been while grabbing enemies few times, while trying to strangle they teleport like 5 meters away from me which was a bit confusing ;).
Don't remember if it happened to me before on PS3 though. But only happened two times with Remastered so far, so no big deal. Other than that been a perfect adventure once again :D . I don't let minor things to stop me from enjoying this game.

Battlefieldlover1932d ago

lol nice, haven't had that one yet.

Gatsu1932d ago

Yeah I was like what the heck, where is the dude :O... and then saw Ellie kicking his ass lol. :D