The Last of Us Part 1 PS5 vs The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Pro Improvements Detailed

Digital Foundry : Oliver Mackenzie is a massive fan of The Last of Us, putting him in prime position to analyse the big improvements made to the remastered edition, as seen on PS5. Big boosts to detail, lighting animation and character rendering set the PS5 version apart from its predecessors - but it's in the comparisons to The Last of Us Part 2 that we perhaps get a better idea of what this new version will deliver.

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Orchard173d ago

Definitely looks a lot better in TLOU2's engine, but the value prop falls apart when you add in that it's $70.

Aloymetal172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Well the firefly edition which is $100 sold out here in the U.S. instantly the moment went up.

Orchard172d ago

And yet, that fact doesn't alter its value prop at all. A small subsection of people being willing to overpay for things is normal for all products.

172d ago
Orchard172d ago

I never go in anywhere and 'attack'. I comment on posts as I approve them, simple as.

As for why do I care? I'm sick of being gouged on games, and especially on remasters. They're off re-releasing this full price for the third time while we still haven't gotten Factions that we were promised years ago.

BlackTar187172d ago

Orchard is right. They are releasing this game a third f'n time and they haven't given us factions 2 which was supposed to be a same day release then just a little longer to now "here's a concept art shot" 2 years later and then were told to wait another year. 1 year will go by and they'll say 2024 release date and that they changed everything from factions 1 into a new direction no one asked for.

Im a ps fan and a ND fan but they've been dropping it for money grabs lately.

172d ago
darthv72172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

What do you care Hatchet? You seem to be makin it you mission to go after Orchard when lots of others were saying the same thing. You need to take this holier than thou attitude into the original thread where this was initially announced and strike down all who oppose this "money grab" (their words, not mine).

As for me... I bought the firefly edition. Yeah I'm a sucker for a steelbook and some collector comics.

172d ago
Knushwood Butt172d ago

Surely the value prop (?) of the firefly edition is pretty good, seen as demand exceeds supply, and anyone lucky enough to get one could easily sell it for more than they paid for it.

172d ago
HaolDus172d ago

@Orchard, why you're getting downvoted is beyond me.

"perceived value is subjective"
"vote with your wallet"

Ironically, these clowns forget the purpose of discussion threads. Agree with you here, Orchard (this coming from a huge ND fan, btw).

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Chevalier172d ago (Edited 172d ago )


Perceived 'value' is subjective though so not sure where you get the right to discount what others like or want.

Value definition - the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

For example your opinion has NO value to me. What you like doesn't matter to me either. So the idea that you think your opinion means much is an absolute joke. Stop assuming that your opinion overrides everyone else.

172d ago
Knushwood Butt172d ago


First time I've seen that, thanks.

ND haven't disappointed me yet, and I fully expect this remake to be excellent. Not going to kid myself; Ill probably get this day one.
I'm not paying extra for any early unlock buffs though. I never use those even when I get them bundled with pre-orders. I've beaten the PS4 game on the hardest difficulty anyway, so bring it!

172d ago
outsider1624172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Everyone is sick anyway of full price on remakes of old games anyway. All you gotta do is vote with your wallet. But as we all saw it doesn't work. The firefly edition sold out, lol. Infact the standard edition might sell a lot too. So to them the value prop doesn't fall at all.
Just wait for a price drop like I'm gonna do.

Edit: if anyone still says the remaster and remake showed no difference is in denial.

Chevalier172d ago

Also let's compare.

Xbox showcase biggest showcase for Xbox on Xbox Channel 469,000 views over 3 days average 156,000 views per day.

The Last of Us Remake ('No one cares about' right?!) Playstation channel 1.6 million views over 5 days average views per day 320,000 views per day.

So the remake no one wants or is unnecessary according to you guys double the views per day and special editions sold out in minutes. So maybe your idea of what people want is a bit off.

F0XH0UND922172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Maybe one day you can go without a backhanded compliment. Give it a rest man.

So excited to jump back into this game.

172d ago
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dmonee172d ago

Does he have them tagged backwards in this video? I think he does….

porkChop172d ago

No, they're labelled correctly. Remastered is PS4, Part 1 is PS5. You can tell by the fact they aged both Joel and Ellie in the remake for some reason.

ABizzel1172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

They're aged to what they should appropriately be.

People see Joel always think Joel is in his mid-late 30's, meanwhile he's actually almost 50 in the first game. Joel is already a grown man, with a 12-year-old daughter during the opening scenes of the game, that they said he had in his late teens, meaning he's no younger than 28 at the start. The actual game takes place 20 years later, meaning he's 48 or older, and have been fighting to survive for 20 years (nearly half of his life). He should look older.

As for Ellie, she's 14 in the game. A 14-year-old is either an 8th grader or a freshman in high school. Ellie should not be looking like she just graduated elementary school and is headed to the 6th grade.

Star51172d ago

Is it just me, or did they age her up a bit?

porkChop172d ago

They did. Joel as well. I don't understand why they did that.

RpgSama172d ago

I think for him it kinda makes sense considering the age of you know who at the beginning versus him and then all the added years after that, for her I could have done without aging her up.

ABizzel1172d ago

Because Joel is 48, and Ellie is 14 which is an 8th grader or freshman in high school. So they should have been older-looking in the original.

porkChop172d ago

Fair point with Joel. I guess I can understand that, even if I do prefer the original model.

Ellie looks older than Sarah though, and Sarah was 12. So I still think Ellie looked normal for her age. Especially when you consider how young Bella Ramsey looks, and she's playing Ellie in the HBO series. The new Ellie model looks roughly the same age as one of my younger cousins, and she's 17. It's not a big deal, the game is still amazing. It's just an odd decision.

ClayRules2012172d ago

Yeah, they did, along with Joel, which looking at both versions, I personally prefer the original model of Joel.

Good-Smurf172d ago

I'm glad they aged her a bit as in the original she looked too young like 12 year old instead of 14.
Will be interesting to see how Sam would look in the remake because he also looked a bit too young.

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andy85172d ago

I do retract my comments a little because on seeing the video it does look noticeably different. I guess I saw basically the worst images compared. Is the remake necessary? Not really. But for fans it's welcomed

ClayRules2012172d ago

Yeah, I retract my comments as well. This does look noticeably better, and I’m liking the vast improvement in foliage and grass that was shown here. I think that’ll just add all the more to the immersion and the world.

I’m going to keep my eye out for gameplay (I assume it’ll be shown before release) to see how that’s been taken from Part 2, and improved upon for this.

I sure do hope gamers who’ve never played this or Part 2 will enjoy and love this remake of one of the finest games of all time!

REDGUM172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

@ Orchard.
I agree with the value side of things, looking alot better than TLOU2 not so much. I think they can keep that price point if they want to for new adaptors of the game on ps5 but there should be a cheaper option to purchase the upgrade only if you currently own the game. Maybe $20 for the upgrade. Maybe $30 even as you are getting the additional dlc as well?
I understand it's a brilliant game, probably my favourite actually looking back but it does feel a little steep to me. Nonetheless I will probably purchase it at some point as I'm a sucker for ND games 😁

EvertonFC172d ago

They should have a big discount if you're a ps plus extra or premium subscriber imo maybe that would have been a better way to do it ?

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