New Video Game Releases - What Gamers Want for the Week of 7-20-14

This week’s new video game releases don’t contain any traditional major AAA releases, but there are plenty of lesser known PC titles to choose from, and a remastered title that may tickle your fancy, plus a new episode of The Walking Dead Season 2.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA3599d ago

Definitely going with TWD, but if time permits may also pick up Oddworld and Gods Will be Watching.

MSBAUSTX3599d ago

Master reboot really has my attention.

Genuine-User3599d ago

New and tasty looks fantastic!

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Here's Why Wii Sports Needs To Come To the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo could be sitting on a gold mine with a past favorite.

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Relientk77866d ago

Because we all miss accidentally throwing our Wiimotes at the TV, so let's throw some Joy-Cons.

Neonridr866d ago

VR is the same way, wrist straps for a reason.

Neonridr866d ago

I loved the golf from Wii Sports Resort.

Cuzizkool866d ago

I was always confused by Nintendo’s decision to kill the franchise. “Super” stayed with Mario titles even after the Super Nintendo. They can still use the Wii name. Hell it’s been so long that releasing a new one, or even an HD remaster, will tap into that nostalgia market.

DazaMc866d ago

Super Mario launched on the NES not the Super NES.

septemberindecember865d ago

Super was never because of the Super Nintendo. Super Mario Bros launched on the NES. The Super is because it's an indirect sequel to Mario Bros.

They can just call it Nintendo Sports or something, but using the Wii name would be a bit confusing.

Bigman4k866d ago

Yeah i agree but i don't think Nintendo will be bringing wii sports to the Nintendo Switch samething goes for diddykong racing


5 Devolver Digital Games That May Have Flown Under Your Radar

James writes: "Are you a fan of the hilarious video game publisher, Devolver Digital? Then check out this list of 5 hidden gems published by the studio."

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Nacho_Z1175d ago

Gris is a good game. Absolutely amazing art style, one of the best looking games I've ever played, with a great soundtrack, but a clever puzzle platformer too.

Highrevz1175d ago

Devolver Digital has published some amazing Indie games over time. Shame there’s no mention of Katana Zero.
I finished Observation earlier today and loved it.


Gods Will Be Watching - Brutal Backlog Review

Gods Will Be Watching is a chance to manage resources point-and-click style to avert a crisis. Does it stand up in today's world? Jump Dash Roll gives it's verdict.

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