A Look at All of the Sports Games Available on Vita

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "This is the sixth entry in a series of articles I’m writing that will look at all of the games available in a particular genre on the Vita. The articles will highlight all Vita-native games, as well as any backwards-compatible PSP and PS1 titles that can be downloaded in English (i.e. from the EU or NA stores), and will include some commentary on how well those games run on Vita and whether they fill any missing gaps in the library."

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Looking Back At the Most Underrated Handheld Systems

Why didn't the PS Vita get more love again?

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darthv72434d ago

Not sure if the Nomad and Express should be on this list. Meaning that while they were portable, they didn't have their own games and instead relied on the same games the console hardware used. Neo Geo pocket, Lynx, Vita... those are dedicated handhelds with their own software library.

If criteria is simply to just allow for handheld gaming then the supaboy should be on there as well.

cthulhucultist434d ago

While that is true, Nomad was an amazing handheld which I greatly enjoyed, and holds a special place in my heart.

I would definitely include it in this list.

I remember connecting it to my tv and playing Vector Man and Comix Zone and I was astounded by the fact that this was a handheld device

TheEnigma313434d ago

The Nomad should have never been made, that big cartridge on the back. Sega was throwing out money. I thought the Lynx was solid. I never knew about the Turbo express though


New PS Vita Browser Exploit Makes Installing Custom Firmware Easier Than Ever

DS: Hacking a PS Vita has never been so easy.

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anubusgold468d ago

Why is this news if sony doesnt want it get out of the way and let modders make games for it. There are people still making games for sega dreamcast and genesis if you abandon something dont be a ahole when someone else tries to support it. Thats like some deadbeat dad coming back after 20 years and yelling at the man that raised him thats my son leave him alone lol.

Eidolon468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

I've avoided CFW because I am afraid of being banned and also was unsure how trophies would work with syncing, and then Sony constantly patches these.

luckytrouble468d ago

I installed CFW ages ago, spoofed the firmware number, blocked official updates, and even made purchases from PSN after. Sony really doesn't care what you do with hardware they no longer support.

Eidolon468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Can you sync trophies and all that?

Eidolon468d ago

Come to think of, idk if I care about emulation or homebrew anymore on it. I just want to play vita games.

Sirk7x468d ago

Can confirm, Sony doesn't give a crap lol. As long as you're not hacking trophies, you can legitimately download games and play them online, no problem. I've had mine hacked for years.

Eidolon468d ago

They won't see you have trophies on a digital only game you have not purchased, and ban you?


Whatever Happened To Virtua Tennis?

Sega's prominent tennis sim just couldn't be beat. And then vanished without a trace. Why?

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ApocalypseShadow527d ago

Answer: Sega.

You could change the name of the game in the title that was awesome in its day, could still be around today because of its fun factor with a remake, remaster or sequel, that's in their huge back catalog, that's no longer being produced as a franchise. And the answer would still be the same: Sega.

As much as I love their games and their spunky attitude. That Sega no longer exists that I grew up with. The current company is a mere shadow of its former self with only a few moments of grandeur. Which is why owning their previous consoles like Dreamcast, is a necessary thing if you want to continue playing games like Virtua Tennis. The reason why I have two of them just in case one stops working. And of course emulation on the go. Wink. Dreams do come in red.

Terry_B527d ago

Virtua Tennis 3 and 4 didnt sell well. Thats all.

senorfartcushion527d ago

Both Virtua Tennis and Top Spin have gone. It’s annoying for tennis game players.

CBaoth527d ago (Edited 527d ago )

Yeah....all 5 of them. Obviously, game budgets now outweigh profit for what essentially boils down to Pong. I'm not talking about coders but licensing costs. Boxing, golf, etc...all fall in this category where real life athletes far supersede their worth in video games. Same thing occurred to Sony's Playstation All-stars. Sony spent 2 generations helping to cultivate all these 3rd party mascots into recognizable assets but when it came to license them for a game, they didn't want to pay the exorbitant fee. That game's 1 million sales didn't warrant a sequel and I very much doubt ANY tennis game could reach that sales plateau

senorfartcushion527d ago

It’s funny how you’re over the age of 3 and don’t know how to read properly 😅😅 Why the bizarre response?

Yi-Long527d ago

I couldn’t care less about licensing in a tennis or golf game. I don't need real-life players or locations/tournaments.

Just give me some fun cool characters, some courts/courses in varied gorgeous locations, and use the Virtua Tennis or Everybody’s Golf gameplay. That’s it.

ActualEngineer527d ago

I used to play tennis IRL and in videogames. My 2-cents is that a boring game that was simulating an extremely boring sport, was thrown under the rug, now that the devs can produce more complex and interesting games.

It's like the tetris-like games and games like space-invaders, that stopped being produced ... it is because they were good and simple to make in the early days of commercial videogame development but they are just not as interesting as, let's say, an open-world coop arpg ...