Eamon3511d ago

And Chrom? I couldn't tell with that fast-paced Final Smash.

If not, then Nintendo trolled us hard. It's also near confirmed that Rayman will be a playable character too.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

He not playable. He gonna be like Megaman's FS.

Rayman wasn't gonna be confirmed so no to that.

3511d ago
BullyMangler3511d ago

ha haaaaa C. Falcon moving like he should . .

he is sso sssiickkkk!

Sevir3510d ago

Captain Falcon THO!!!!! FALCO PAAAAWNCH!!!!!! **Falcon screech**

I'm excited!!!

masso91123511d ago

after he says, maybe I'll get my chance some other day u.u.... or something like that, he appears and there's a caption that says, "NO you'll get it today" and he does that final smash

--Onilink--3511d ago

he is not doing the final smash, he is part of Robin's FS. If you look at the smashbros website, you can see its only showing Robin, Lucina and Captn Falcon

-Foxtrot3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I don't see why they havent announced Chrom...i mean 3 characters from Fire Emblem

I think most of us would of prefered to see someone from another franchise.

I'd take Rayman and Chrom over them anyday.

Concertoine3511d ago

Probably chose Lucina to have more female characters, and Robin to not just have "yet another sword guy".

randomass1713511d ago

Considering that Marth, Ike and Lucina are all playable, I think we're more than covered on blue haired sword wielding fighters. Having Chrom as just part of a Final Smash is good enough for me.

crusf3511d ago

No not really. Fire emblem needs more exposure hear in the west. Awakening did a fantastic job in getting new players to enjoy the series it's time for Nintendo to truly start making the series something akin to Zelda or Pokemon

Eamon3511d ago

Nintendo has confirmed that Chrom is not a playable character.

TekoIie3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I would love for Chrom to make it in but to be honest we have enough Fire Emblem Characters as it is.

Concertoine3511d ago

Yeah, im still hoping for Xenoblade characters. Give the series more western exposure.

TekoIie3511d ago


Yeh atleast one character from Xenoblade would be a great addition (hopefully Shulk of course).

Would be quite amazing if Sakurai considered the amount of love for Xenoblade Chronicles got enough to have a fighter in the Smash series.

randomass1713511d ago

@Concertoine I'm rather shocked that Shulk wasn't revealed. But it ain't over 'till it's over. And I still believe he's in there.

SmashGeek3511d ago

they had shown packman as a trophy

cemelc3511d ago

Is lucina a clone of marth? the up B and forward b looked like marths.

lizard812883511d ago

I would assume she is fast and has more air game, while marth, would be normal and has more ground game.

cemelc3510d ago

According to ign and gameXplained lucina is indeed a clone, she has the counter too.

The main difference would be she's faster than marth while marth would be stronger than her, no info on the final smash.

Smokeeye1233511d ago

Rayman is a trophy, he isnt going to be playable

Eamon3510d ago

Hmm, if so, then who is the Ubisoft character making its way to Smash?

Raving Rabbid?

Smokeeye1233508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Nobody from Ubisoft is in...Nintendo and Ubisoft havent really been on good terms anyways since Ubi has decided not to release like any games for the WiiU

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jcnba283511d ago

Man after watching this I'd love a Fire Emblem game on Wii U! Awakening was fantastic.

siavm3511d ago

The fire emblem x Shin Megami Tensei is still happening for wii u. I don't know how that will be but seeing how both are awesome in their own rights that can only equal awesome as heck in my mind.

MNGamer-N3511d ago

Pick up Radiant Dawn for the Wii. AMAZING game, one of my favorite series.

mantis_toboggan_phd3511d ago

About time. I was starting to get worried.

Rute3511d ago

Chuck Norris hasn't been announced either. This game will bomb.

Moncole3511d ago

There is Robin than there should be Batman.

Metallox3511d ago

Already confirmed thanks to Miis.