Yoshi's Island Themed Super Nintendo

Carl Williams writes, "These custom themed hardware modifications are pretty popular with you, our readers, which has upped their placement on our list of priority articles. This hardware hack is an interesting one that combines a custom paint job with one of the most popular Super Nintendo games released- Yoshi’s Island."

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saladthieves3134d ago

I couldn't agree more. Funny thing is I'm actually replaying the game.

WeAreLegion3134d ago

Freakin' awesome. Yoshi's Island will always be one of my favorite games.

mcstorm3134d ago

Wow I want that SNES looks amazing.

Muzikguy3134d ago

What is that?!?! I'm kidding of course! I remember playing loads of games on that thing. Not the Yoshi one obviously

saber000053134d ago

This song brings me to my childhood. Good times... ;(