The Top 10 Greatest Xbox 360 Games of All Time

"An epic story sets the entire game in motion and keeps the player interested with unique character dynamics and beautifully rendered memory scenes" -Play Legit

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SaintAlpha1012574d ago

No TES 4 Oblivion, Fable 2 or Mass Effect 1/2?
Not really that good of a top 10 list. IMO
(Well, top 7 list, 3, 2 and 1 haven't been added for some reason).

bacrec12574d ago

Fixed! Thanks for checking it out.

alexkoepp2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Reach is the worst Halo to date (minus ODST if you count that). In one swift design change, "press LB to become invincible" bungie managed to ruin Halo, and shake my confidence in them as a studio. Hope destiny doesn't suck. No way the best 360 game. I'd have put Halo Anniversary over reach, Halo 1 is still the best.

coolbeans2574d ago

^"press LB to become invicible"

Was that the added power-ups like decoy and stuff? If so, that's pretty drastic to determine such a minor problem shake your confidence of a studio that consistently sets great bars for itself.

Xbot12142574d ago Show
DefenderOfDoom22574d ago

Getting a xbox360 120gb for free from my friend , just to play the campaigns of HALO ODST, HALO REACH , HALO 4. PREY, QUAKE 4 ! OH YEAH!!!

Mikefizzled2574d ago

This is an insulting attempt of an article.

mattgdrums2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Mass effect 1 would be my number 1 next to Alan wake, that game had an amazing atmosphere