1080p 60fps Evolve Gameplay with Commentary

Gamersyde: "A quite powerful CPU and/or GPU is required to be able to stream at 1080p and 60 fps. Specifically it seems that Chrome has a very hard time in this mode using HTML5 and that Flash usually gives a better result."

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Jackhass2098d ago

This game is looking like a lot of fun, but there's going to be lots of fights over who gets to be the alien.

jhoward5852098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Yeah, I like Evolve. They got whipped by the monster. LOL

UnbiasedOpinions2097d ago

My PC handled it, i'm an elitist douche now lololol, great looking game by the way, the one guy the alien sneaked up on must of been terrified!

2097d ago
nbalive20142097d ago

Looks amazing with the cryengine 3, getting it for pc because i want to max this game out

randomass1712097d ago

They will probably have a system that scores all the players and whoever performs the best will get to be the Goliath.

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Kayant2098d ago

Based gamersyde always coming to the rescue. Great quality.

abstractel2097d ago

If any gameplay video is up on Gamersyde I always download that one over all the other garbage. Their quality is unmatched. Youtube really doesn't do this new generation justice.

randomass1712097d ago

Hear, hear. YouTube seriously needs to update itself if it truly wants to support gaming media.

rajman2098d ago

The full 50+ minute demo has been posted

Mankey2098d ago

I really wish this game had local co-op/multiplayer. I can't think of a game where it would work any better than this.

Muffins12232097d ago

Does it?If it does ps4 version is the version for me.

Mankey2097d ago

I don't think so, I'll tweet at the devs and ask them.

abstractel2097d ago

It's true but local co-op (split/quad screen) is such a resource hog that most developers are going to pick higher fidelity and higher framerate over that unfortunately. The next best thing is if they support local lan. I remember playing Halo local lan with two Xboxes (the very first ones) with two TV sets and it was awesome fun. All you need is for your friend to bring over his Xbox/PS. Having said that, I don't know if any games this new generation will support Lan play on consoles or even PCs which is sad...

Mankey2097d ago

But this game begs for local co-op. I don't understand why it's dissapearing? yes its more money to develope this mode, but for a game like this its perfectly suited to market.

Just as many college kids and highschool kids are lounging around in front of sofas today as there were 10 years ago, but now locsl play isn't standard.

Which means it's a great selling point.

randomass1712097d ago

Seems like a good reason to bring back console LAN parties...

vickers5002097d ago

Does anyone know of a site that hosts uncompressed, 1080p footage of video games? I know gamersyde does, but sorting through that site to find videos is a pain.

I downloaded The Last of Us trailer, uncompressed 1080p 60fps and it looked simply stunning (as does this Evolve gameplay), and now I'm kinda hooked on this high quality footage. YouTube and it's terrible flash player and streaming capabilities (not youtube really, just anything streamed in 1080p in a browser) are nothing compared to the direct footage you have to download.

I've googled "uncompressed gameplay footage" and so far, there don't seem to be any main sites whose main hook is uncompressed footage, other than gamersyde of course, but gamersyde doesn't really have a search function or a page that shows only videos, or only 1080p and/or fps videos (at least not that I'm aware of). I think part of the reason might also be that uncompressed footage is generally so rare, devs don't release it quite as much, at least I think so. If they do, they don't make it easy to find.

sourav932097d ago

Well, on gamersyde, you search for a game, then you scroll through the posts and find one with video(s) in it. That's how I do it anyways. But I can see how that can be a chore some people.

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The story is too old to be commented.