Evolve led the way for Overwatch and Apex Legends

Evolve failed to set the gaming world on fire back in 2015, but one of this generation's most notorious failures has a lot in common with today's most beloved shooters.

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RabbitFly904d ago

Absolute trash. No research, nothing but conjection and dumb opinions. I guess that is what is to be expected when GR is involved.

rdgneoz3904d ago

Maybe they learned what not to do to create a dumpster fire of a game, and learned from their mistakes to make well received games.

boing1904d ago

I'm guessing the author is young, and never played any game from before 2015.

isarai904d ago

um, no

"Heroes" have been in shooters for decades, and in fact were far more common in earlier games like Quake, Time Splitters, Goldeneye 64, Unreal Tournament, Hexen etc. The game that brought all that back was Team Fortress 2 and took it a step further by making each hero a very distinct class, but even the class thing had been around on the PC shooter scene for a LOOONG time with the likes of Planetside and OG team Fortress and such

Dropping in hot i guess, but it's really just a fancy way to pick your spawn point

Your argument is based on some very flimsy points and holds no water my friend, try again