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Dark111101d ago

Looks fun , not really fan of shooters but i might consider getting this or Destiny.

Toxic-zombie1100d ago

I'm getting both, this will be my jump into ps4. As well as all my free playstation plus games ( resogun, don't starve ect)

1100d ago
Convas1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

I like how they cut away from Goliath pouncing on the last guy at the end. Probably to spare us from seeing that poor guy's brutal end.

Honestly, the horror fan in me wished they would've kept the audio going while doing the EVOLVE logo so we could hear the dude screaming while Goliath is ripping him limb from limb. LOL

Day One.

danowat1100d ago

Blimey, that looks pretty damn good.........

Massacred1100d ago

Really really hop there is local co op and mutliplayer for this. Couldn't think of a more perfert game for it.

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