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Robin takes a look back at what he considers the best (and least discussed) Final Fantasy game.

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ArchangelMike1868d ago

YES FINALLY! I though I was the only one! For all these years, I thought I was the only one who thought FFXII was the best Final Fantasy.

What I wouldn't give for a FFXII PSVIta Port. Man that would be awesome.

Baka-akaB1868d ago

I dont consider it the best per se , but easily the best post-FFVI game of the serie

vishmarx1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

i definitely consider it the best ,IN MY OPINION.
most mature cast,no spiky hair.
genuinely interesting characters that arent typical japanese cliches
different than the typical love story,
downright the best world map in a 3d FF so far,
great combat,albeit not too flashy.
and DAT content
the game lasted forever

Baka-akaB1868d ago

OH i love it dont worry , i just still prefer FFVI and FF tactics (its one of Matsuno's biggest masterpiece afterall) over it . Other than than i place it above the rest .

Reibooi1868d ago

XII is my favorite game in the series by far. I loved everything about it. It was so different when compared to the past games in the series and it pulled off pretty much everything it tried to.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a HD remaster of XII. The game was a looker back when it came out and if you play it on a emulator today at 1080p it still looks awesome I can't imagine how good it would look if SE put in the extra effort like X.

Sad thing is despite the mention that they might do it they have also said they won't if fans don't ask enough for it and considering for whatever reason most don't like XII I doubt SE will ever do it. One can dream though.

calis1868d ago

I loved FFXII and thought it was one of the best, I didn't like X (or X-2) all that much. It might be my second favourite FF game after VII.

nope1111868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

nope, you're not alone. FFXII is my favorite FF, it was the setting and characters (except Vaan who doesn't even deserve the MC title since it got stolen by Ashe LOL) that really got me

Also, Basch looks like Brad Pitt.

TM3331868d ago

You said it. A Vita version would be gold!

DCfan1868d ago

They teased it around the release of FFX HD, stating that if FFX HD does well, they'll consider an HD ver. of FFXII

levian1868d ago

XII is honestly my favourite FF game of all time. The combat is great, traditional FF combat with ATB but you can walk around and control your character, no loading screens for battle.

If you knew how to use gambits it was awesome. Sure, you could AFK it but it was awesome knowing you had set up your gambits perfectly to deal with any situation the game could throw at you.

There was so much to explore, find, and do. Areas near the end game you could access near the start if you knew how, or if you explored enough to find the secret. Fun optional content in the form of hunts, finding all the espers, all the optional bosses.

Honestly, every time I play this game my save file is literally at 200+ hours.

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Onenyte1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

The game has sooooooo much replay value and yes a vita version would be a dream,Such a hard system to master aswell, man this game is so underrated.

DCfan1868d ago

Once you master the gambit system, the game pretty much plays itself.

Imo, its my 2nd fav FF game. My party consists of Balthier, Fran and Bosch.
We can hope for an HD remaster since SE teased it.

ArchangelMike1868d ago

Say what!? When did SE tease a remaster of FFXII?

Jubez1871868d ago

This is an okay game, but it's actually the most outdated to me. The reason being, the turn-based FF's are still some of the best turn-based games (seeing as the system has been stagnant for years). But play FFXII then Dragon Age and just wow, so much better.

FFXII had no jobs or combat abilities or anything. It was just auto-attack/gambits..not the most interesting. I feel like FFXIV is just a better FFXII

Onenyte1868d ago

The game had a job system , stats grew in a certain way with different party members , and depending on what way you went on the skill board determined your job /class/role , its completely what YOU wanted it to be .........

The more I think about it makes me realise how deep the game was , and the game was far from easy lol.

Jubez1871865d ago

If they bring over the Zodiac edition in HD I'll play it again. Overall, I still stand by the fact that the melee classes had no depth.

HeavenlySnipes1868d ago

You probably only played the main story

If you still have the game, replay it and explore some of the other places. There are loads (and I mean loads) of hidden boss battles scattered across the game world that are 100x harder than the story bosses

The amount of content in that game is still unmatched too me (and yes I've played Skyrim and Oblivion which just offer 1000's of fetch quests with a generic daedra boss fight at the end)

nope1111868d ago

My favorite FF game. would love an HD version of this.

Farsendor11868d ago

never played ff12 seen a copy for the ps2 a few weeks ago maybe i should have picked it up.

after reading this i at least want to try the game.

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