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XXLGaming writes, "We decided we would play the game for a week after release on public servers before posting our impressions. A week has now passed and it's now time for us to pretty much agree with everyone else. This is one solid game and a blast to play."

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No_Limit2307d ago

I have a feeling this review will be just me and you; LOL. Well deserved score for a great game.

pompombrum2307d ago

I agree, still enjoying this game as much as the first time I loaded up the beta. It brings back the fun in an otherwise stagnant genre.

air12307d ago

No one has a single issue with the screen tearing? I love the game too, but seriously it doesn't bother any reviewer?

Edward752306d ago

I thought some of the graphical issues would, but it is too much fun, the fun level surpasses and minor visual issue. Reason being, whatever the issue, it doesn't ruin the gameplay. It doesn't destroy what respawn was going for, and people are thoroughly enjoying the game.

air12306d ago

I'm enjoying the game my self I'm just surprised that reviews don't even mention it. Sure it doesn't ruin the game but IMO it should be noted in reviews even if it's followed up by "it doesn't ruin the game at all"..