Report: Apex Legends Hackers Outed as Titanfall Attackers, Had Plot to Gain Control of TF Game

Loads of new info has surfaced outing that the Apex Legends hackers are also the ones who attacked Titanfall! Screenshots and more unearthed. These people apparently did it for Titanfall Online, and to gain control of TF1.

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Powerhug594d ago

What a bunch of sad and pathetic wankers....

excaliburps594d ago

Yep. Surreal to be honest. Like, why not just make your own game? It’s harder but this route can’t end well…it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

Ninver593d ago

What a loser. Try hacking something that actually matters like government servers etc. What is gaining control of a game going to do for you? Pathetic.