Marvel Rivals: Closed Alpha Gameplay

Here is a look at the Closed Alpha for the game in action.

_SilverHawk_38d ago

the game looks good to me and i cant wait to play it. i see a lot of people quite upset because early play-testers arent supposed to negatively critique alpha gameplay that isnt the finished product which makes a lot of sense to me. often times people overexaggerate negativities about games and would rate a game a lot would consider 6,7,8 out of 10 theyd say its garbage because its not 9 or 10 so it distinguishes a lot of interests among gamers. people should wait for the final release before judging it because too often negative labels bestowed upon a game through alpha and beta never dissipates from the final release even when all issues have been solved.

Redgrave39d ago

Keep in mind that regardless of your stance or interest in this, be it good or bad; the ToS agreement makes it so you can't leave negative reviews once accepted.

Garethvk39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Hence why I posted video so people can watch and make up their own minds and I will reserve my final thoughts until the final build.

bunt-custardly38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

"I will reserve my final thoughts until the final build."

Most people aren't understanding that is the reason for the no negative reviews requirement etc from the playtest. It's not final and they don't want people just focusing on the negatives/bugs it may or may not have in its current state. Once it releases into the wild, then it's fair game.

Inverno39d ago

Wtf, that alone would make me not try this crap at all. As if they can even have that much control over people lolz

phoenixwing39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Basically overwatch lite

outsider162438d ago

I thought this WAS Overwatch with Marvel characters. Wth!!???

YourMommySpoils39d ago

wow a crappier version of Marvel Avengers. That's sure bound to work, right?... Right?

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purple1014d ago

Its Marvel vs Valorant vs Concord this summer,

3,2,1, FIGHT-

phoenixwing4d ago

I'm buying none and sticking to single player


"Marvel Rivals" is kicking-off its closed beta for PC and consoles this July (2024)

"NetEase Games & Marvel Games are today very glad to announce that they are soon going to kick-off a closed beta for their Team-Based PVP Shooter Marvel Rivals. (the said closed beta starts this July for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S)" - NetEase Games & Marvel Games.

jwillj2k417d ago

Is this a mobile game being ported to consoles?

Leeroyw17d ago

The long development cycle means these are no longer even flavour of the month. Xdefiant, concord, marathon. Oof. All vying for that small hero shooter pool.

Christopher17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

I really hate what Jim Ryan did to PlayStation while he was there. They should have stopped entirely at Bungie and kept everything else as it was.

Michiel198917d ago

will we be able to play the beta without signing an nda not to talk anything negative about the game?


Marvel Rivals is coming to PS5: Venom and Adam Warlock revealed, Closed Beta test announced for July

The ultimate 6v6 Super Hero team-based PVP shooter comes to PS5.

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phoenixwing21d ago

It's basically an overwatch clone

DFresh17d ago

How is that a bad thing?
Many games copy each other.
XDefiant is a COD clone.