Titanfall Had Problems and Frequent Sales for Three Years Claims Game Community

Three years of frequent and troublesome issues and EA just ignored them, according to claims.

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giovonni615d ago

Damn shame Respawn!!!!! The game was one of my favorites

DonDon3000615d ago

Titanfall 2 especially. That game is AMAZING but needs better support. It's my 3rd favorite multiplayer game after Metal Gear Online 2 and Overwatch.

giovonni615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

I had it for Xbox one the only issue I had was match making that was terrible, and lack of story but damn it I still had fun. Respawn is killing me

TorpeAlex615d ago

Lack of story? Titanfall 2 has the greatest single player FPS campaign ever made.

MadLad615d ago


It was really good, but saying it's the best ever made is highly pushing it.

Opinions are opinions though.

Inverno615d ago

Telling you folks, less multiplayer games! There are very few multiplayer games worth playing and they often get tossed aside for a new multiplayer game. I don't get why they don't just make TF2 f2p and support both. They should know that it still has a strong player base

Profchaos615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

It's been given away on pretty much every platform by this point so that's the only next step really but I highly don't it will happen EA would rather make more from apex they only have two employees maintaining TF servers Afterall

Agree though I don't buy many mp games as I only get stuff months tops play from them before it's almost impossible to get a game on

I have more luck on console than PC though on many games outside of popular shooter franchises

EmperorDalek615d ago

The first Titanfall was one of the best multiplayer shooters of its generation, it's a shame that battle royale has killed off potential new games by Respawn and Epic.

Notellin615d ago

But Respawn launched Jedi Order after Apex was already available? Also Respawn is already working on another game outside of Apex.

spicelicka615d ago

i think he means multiplayer

EmperorDalek615d ago

Fallen Order would have started development years before Apex released, I assume. But from what I read from their director, I assume they would have liked to make a Titanfall 3 too, and I think it's safe to assume that may not happen any more since it would be mostly irrelevant due to Apex. It restricts them from making competing multiplayer games.

I hope they make more single player stuff like Fallen Order too, but I doubt they'll get a chance to make a new IP with Apex and Star Wars under their belt.

Notellin615d ago

"Fallen Order would have started development years before Apex released, I assume."

Same would have went for Apex. Was in development during Titanfall 2. Two multiplayer games under development at the same time.

So you never know what's next. Seems like Respawn has some freedom in the type of games they choose to make.

giovonni613d ago

Right, I remember when a lot of people were hating it because it was a multiplayer 5vs5 and exclusive to Xbox . I honestly brought two played the first two chapters and went right to the multiplayer.

porkChop615d ago

The problem is that no one bought the game. Yes, it's incredible. Yes, the mp is really fun. But if the game didn't make any money the publisher isn't going to give it much support. That sucks. But unfortunately that's how business works, you follow the money.