Watch Dogs 1080p on PS4, 960p on Xbox One (both 30 FPS). Up to 4K on PC.

Ubisoft have revealed during their Watch Dogs press conference that the game will run on the following resolutions and framerate for next gen systems.

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SoapShoes3261d ago

Higher resolution and 1 hour of extra content, It's a no brainer

UnHoly_One3261d ago

For you maybe.

I'll take lower resolution to play with the far superior controller, better online service, and better twitch streaming.

To ME, that is a no brainer.

It's all opinion, bro.

Qrphe3261d ago

If you own both system yes



I can smell the tears from over here

No_Limit3261d ago

I own both systems and it all depends on the online function. If this game has a killer online mode, then I'll buy it for XB1 because that is the pay service I have and I think it is superior to that of the PSN+. If it is like Assasssin's Creed 4 online mode, I'll pass on the online portion and get the PS4 version. It is nice that I can choose.

NeloAnjelo3261d ago

@unholy... Better twitch streaming? It just came, and it's only Twitch. PS4 can broadcast on PSN... More choice.

Better online... You mean it used to be. Service? PS+ beats it hands down.

Lower resolution? For $100 more?

Get real

PLASTICA-MAN3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

I read in an old Examiner article, that the devs clearly stated that the PS4 version could run at 60 FPS, but they wanted to maintain parity between all consoles.

But seriously, neither the resolution nor the FPS is the problem now, I think the game has been downgraded compared to the E3 reveal and the first PS4 demos because of the lowest common denominator in this new gen. Just watch the latest trailer.

cozomel3261d ago

Higher resolution and 1 hour of extra content, far superior controller, better online service for cheaper and with way more goodies and freebies, and better streaming with both Twitch and Ustream and all from a cheaper priced system with a company with a far stronger 1st party record. It's a no brainer. And mmm are your tears good Unholy one

Godz Kastro3261d ago

Yup, no brainer... Going X1

PraxxtorCruel3261d ago

I know what I'm going for...PC. Have fun trailing behind and arguing.

dantesparda3261d ago


Please explain to us how it has better streaming when PS4 can stream to both Twitch and Ustream, the only thing Twitch on X1 can do that PS4 doesnt is archive, but come on now, you know that'll just be patched in. Also, how Live is better? And better controller? really? Do you undrstand that subjective opinion is not fact?

HiddenMission3261d ago


So a service that gives tons of free AAA blockbuster games is inferior to one that doesn't really offer anything compared to it's competitor...yeah okay...very subjective based opinion.

I'll take my superior service, superior controller, superior resolution on every title and my extra $100 any...

Just opinion k

T23261d ago

here come the obvious comments.. now again all of a sudden "sony lies" and resolution doesn't matter it's all about the lies.
"you can't just flick a switch to remove DRM"
ring a bell?

now the arguments turn to the obvious opinion based since no factual arguments will work once again...
"xbox controller is better"
"xbl online is better (5 year old argument and widespread fallacy) "
" i just don't like any of sonys [massive library of] games"

so salty, so expected, so hilarious.

RiPPn3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

@dantesparda: Silly Xbox fans still think Xbox live gives them a better connection even though most games they played on the 360 where the same peer to peer connections used on the PS3. But whatever makes them feel better. smh

osprey193261d ago

960p to 1080p? Ud need a magnifying glass and 50inch tv to notice any difference at all, first it was 720vs1080, then 900vs1080. Now 960vs1080. The gap is shrinking.

Locknuts3261d ago

Keep your extra content. I'd rather play at 60fps.

Why o why3261d ago

From 'resolutions dont matter' to 'Gaps closing'

You guys, make up your minds, you're all over the

UnHoly_One3261d ago

Nobody is crying. All of these "tears" comments are just showing your immaturity and fanboyism. Your incessant need to be "winning" this nonexistent competition.

I have a PS4. I have an XB1.

I have PS+. I have XBL Gold.

I can choose either version. It's strictly up to my opinion and preference.

starchild3261d ago

FFS guys, all this fighting...and for what? Both versions pale in comparison to the PC version at 60fps with high quality anti-aliasing and whatever other advantages it will have.

The difference between 960P and 1080p is very small compared to the advantages the PC version has over both console versions.

You guys fight over basically nothing.

fr0sty3261d ago

There are other factors that remain to be seen. Which version has the most stable frame rate? If XO hits 960p (which isn't "barely" less than 1080p just because it's a number not far from 1080... you also have to count in the number of vertical rows of pixels in the image that are being left out) but keeps a better frame rate, it'd be the preferred version. However, if (as in the case of games like Ryse and Tomb Raider) it drops down into the teens, skip it.

And this whole argument over Xbox having the better online service is kinda dated. I'm not seeing any feature one has that the other doesn't at this point, though PS4 does give you more and better games IMO, even if they are only there for the duration of your subscription.

Those saying they'll get it on PC, sure. Enjoy that slightly better AA or 60fps on a machine that cost 3 times as much as a PS4. Just at min. spec, you're already looking at a min. of a $600-800 machine. Then you have the fact that drivers for the particular video card you chose don't work as well with this game as drivers for that other company's video card do, so you'll take a performance hit there until they bother to patch it, if they do.

For every advantage PC gaming has, it also has a disadvantage.

Arguing over any of it is dumb in the end. Just play your games. You liking it doesn't make it better, them not liking it doesn't make it worse.

rdgneoz33261d ago

@Osprey "The gap is shrinking."

When the game is nerfed from the original reveal and the graphics are still only 960, their might be a problem.

p.s. PC and PS4 say thanks for gimping their versions.

Cueil3261d ago

it's all a matter of perspective

SGodsend3261d ago

What is the 1 hour of extra content?

DOMination-3261d ago

Yes because ubisoft have such a great track record when it comes to pc ports. Didn't they only just patch black flag last week so that you could play it properly on high settings?

DevilOgreFish3261d ago

PC all the way, there's no point in bickering over resolutions when it's all at your finger tips. plus i don't have to repurchase it ever again once i change hardware.

palaeomerus3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

"HiddenMission + 9h ago

So a service that gives tons of free AAA blockbuster games is inferior to one that doesn't really offer anything compared to it's competitor...yeah okay...very subjective based opinion. "

Free "AAA Blockbuster" PS4 games on PS+ so far:

Outlast (year old budget steam game)
Don't Starve (year old budget steam game)
Contrast (newish budget steam game poorly reviewed)
Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition (port of old PS3 DL budget game)
Resogun (at least it's both good, and new! Kind of budget/arcadey though.)

Yup. No hyperbole at all in there.

Oh wait, you wanted older PS3 and Vita games to somehow count when assessing an online service for PS4? Well, if you have Flower, Flow and Soundshapes you will get a PS4 version as part of the cross buy program I guess. )

EditorAtGNG3261d ago

Exactly. 4k resolution + unlocked fps... PC all the way.

Unspoken3261d ago

This is true, a no brainer would be to buy this on the best platform possible: PC.

I keep hearing how powerful the PS4 is and how it is the superior gaming system to have but it can't maintain steady frame rate at native resolution. What happened to this console generation?

PC>PS4 forever and that will never ever change, no matter what any fanboy says. Facts are facts and the PC will always be better.

So glad I didn't waste $400 on a crap console and put that money into my PC.

morganfell3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

The downgrade isn't what people think. That gif everyone keeps reposting is one small section of the video. Here is what people are crowing about:

That is one small piece lasting a few seconds. And the lighting looks weird because the bridge is being selected and is being hacked. Look at the rest of the night run:

And if you notice those are two different cars - look at the tail lights. They may actually be from two different builds - last gen vs current gen. The video jumps around a lot like it was pieced together. Either way, I am getting it for the PS4.

And look at other parts of the video:

And joystiq's impressions confirmed on PS4 were quite positive:

And Arabicgamer remarked how the PS4 looked: saying, " This game is absolutely stunning across the board with HD textures and beautifully rendered animations. For next gen systems, including PC’s, each rain drop will be an individual particular. This can be seen more clearly when using the focus mode or slow down feature."

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Utalkin2me3261d ago


Well Superior system is a fact not a opinion. But the online thing i agree with.

mediate-this3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Asinine statement by a a...

Utalkin2me3261d ago

If you would care to indulge me in how the Xbox1 one has just as good or if not better hardware then the PS4, please by all means do so. Otherwise your comment holds as much water as a broken glass.

vigilante_man3261d ago

Wow - they could make a movie from this Watchdogs Saga.

# Game ready to Release with Sony advertising for PS4
# Game gets delayed at last minute for no clear reason
# XB1 releases with inferior GPU grunt than PS4
# Game bucks trend and issues almost parity graphics
# Did MS pay for game delay despite Sony's advertising?
# Did MS pay for parity in graphics to mask superior PS4?

Some shady goings on here. The power of the $$$!

fermcr3261d ago

"Watch Dogs 1080p on PS4, 960p on Xbox One (both 30 FPS)"

Well, I guess X1's games resolutions are improving (or increasing) as time goes by.

As for me, PC version.

BX813261d ago

There were two future games that were confirmed by the devs to be 1080p on xb1 so I agree. I believe they were multi plats as well. That's what happens when the system is harder to dev for.

Lior3261d ago

ill choose my own resolution on my pc thank you (1440p)

cell9893261d ago

not gonna argue with that one

Locknuts3261d ago

1440p @ 60fps when high end Maxwell comes out baby! Woo!

tee_bag2423261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Yes please. I normally always but both consoles at launch. This is the first gen I haven't because they honestly both suck eggs. Where's the games ?! Where's the 1080p 60fps we were promised. Seriously. Tired of hearing X1 vs PS4 cheerleaders claiming superiority when neither can achieve such a hallmark.
I don't care if PC even costs more. At least don't run like slideshows.

mrmarx3261d ago

at least the xbone fans can watch tv while they play the inferior version

jcole973261d ago

so is the ps4 inferior since it cant do that? if so, you cant say inferior system because they both do something that the other cant...

Nemo883261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

TV is dying a slow death everywhere only the USA still bothers watching the crap (in dying numbers) and.. surprise surprise.. also about the only country in the world interested in XBone. The future is the internet not frigging cable and the PS4 has got apps down pat. Get with it. Its not about snapping TV=== while playing a game!!! The masses have spoken xbones

morganfell3261d ago

Maybe its true if you bought a TV system jcole. I bought a gaming system. This is N4G - News For or Gamers. Superior gaming system. Maybe you should post your question at N4TV.

ifistbrowni3261d ago

im glad ubisoft got this out of the way early. Now the speculation articles will not exists, which will be nice.

showtimefolks3261d ago

Higher resolution
1 hour of bonus content
playing with dual shock 4

its still amazing how things have turned around, last gen xbox360 had better 3rd party games and now its ps4. This is what happens when you make a cable box more than a gaming machine

Gr1mmyshadows3261d ago

Better twitch service
better OS/multitasking
playing with the XB1 controller

see I can name cool things too
I enjoy my cable box that can play games too

beebap3261d ago

Better twitch is this the new thing to say for fanboys? how so or you just mad ps4 users have been using it and ustream from launch. Better os/multitasking how so please explain.For me ps4 controller win hands down as it xbox controller has always been so uncomfortable for me to use seriously always give me hand cramp after short use and had to stretch my thumbs.So their is no best controller it depends on your hands.

koston36473261d ago

Higher resolution FACT
1 hour of bonus content FACT
playing with dual shock 4 OPINION

Better twitch service OPINION
better OS/multitasking OPINION
playing with the XB1 controller OPINION

please....please keep going this is like batting practice.

Cueil3261d ago

@Koston while you are indeed right that the Twitch is an opinion I think that he's got a more then strong case on this one as for controller... I prefer my XB1 controller over my DS4 and as soon as a real DS4 controller comes out in the same make as a Xbox controller I'll quickly replace my current DS4. Also the XB1 does have better multi tasking... that is a FACT. It can run any application and a game at the same time. The PS4 does not boast this ability.

BitbyDeath3261d ago

'It can run any application and a game at the same time. The PS4 does not boast this ability.'

Yes it does. All you have to do is open an Application and hit the PS button, then open a game. Bam you have two things open at once.

I've even had 2 applications and a game running at the same time before. Have not stress tested any further yet though.

showtimefolks3261d ago


better controller lol yeh right, almost every gaming site has agreed that Dual Shock 4 is the better controller

Twitch oh that service that we have been enjoying since launch?

better OS no way in hell. MS designed this OS for kinect so its crappy and like windows 8 which also sucks.

get real man ps4 will sell 12-15 million by year's end. Its only gonna improve with more games so keep thinking of way to hate on ps4, all its gonna do is dominate like PS2 did

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Raider693261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

I have to wonder something ,but from the latest footage its more than obvious that the game has been downgrade in the graphics departemant!I dont know from what platform this last trailer is taken off but the graphics have taken a downgrade when compared with what they shown months ago has the PS4 VERSION!I hope that this 30fps are steady lock and not 30 fps with dips on new gen systems,especially seeing that the overall graphics,effects and etc.. have been downgraded.And frankly regarding resolutions and framerates better a full lock 30fps at 960p that 1080p with 30fps with dips below that.I guess im paying to see what will be the more stable of the next generation console versions.

vivid833261d ago

I noticed that too but tbh I wasn't gonna buy it anyway

Prime1573261d ago

Makes sense, but that's a developer optimisation argument.

CapsLocke3261d ago

Not 60 fps though. What happened, greatness has been depleted?

Locknuts3261d ago

It still awaits....and awaits....

tee_bag2423261d ago

Yeh all this 'untapped power' and were stuck at 30fps like last gen. What a joke.

palaeomerus3261d ago

" Master-H + 4h ago
Parity happened "

Oh? Did it happen with first party exclusive games like Killzone: Shadow Fall single player (1080P 30 fps) and inFamous: 2nd Son (1080P 30 fsp) too? How about Knack? (1080P unstable 30-ish fps)

Unspoken3261d ago

No more quick we noticed the PS4 just could not keep up in the high end anymore.

Frame rate took the biggest hit along with some lighting, texture, and shadow detail. 30fps it is then. No more buttery smooth, more like coarse grits.

Funny how the Xbox is improving over time and the PS4 is losing its potential over time.

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solar3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

1080p at 30fps is nothing to brag about. every game for both next gen consoles should run at 1080p/60pfs. it is tech that has been around since before last gen.

serratos273261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

This is my argument as well. I understand WHY people bring up resolution but since last year were we not expecting 1080p/60fps for all games on PS4?? Why is this still relevant? Only to talk down the XB1? When I see a headline such as this it baffles me! We all know what to expect from BOTH consoles.

PygmelionHunter3261d ago

Couldn't they just lower the resolution on PS4 to make it run at 60FPS? I mean, on the Xbox One I understand because draw distances might be affected if it goes below something like 900p, kind of what happened with Battlefield 4, but from 900p to 1080p there's not really THAT much of a difference, what makes a true difference in action games is the bump in frame rate to 60FPS... I'll take that any day over 1080p.

tee_bag2423261d ago

Exactly. 30 FPS is criminal.

ITPython3261d ago

960p on XB1 and 1080p on PS4, with both running at 30fps? No way the PS4 can only do 30fps when the resolution of both consoles is that close.

Seems to me MS was able to buy partial parity on this game, and if I find out that this is the case, I am most definitely not going to buy this game new so that the publisher/devs/whoever don't see a dime of my money.

I think we can safely assume that this is in fact a parity thing, unless we find out that the XB1 version is gimped in other ways, like AA, texture-res and other things. But if both games have the same specs, except resolution, then we will know 100% that the PS4 version was gimped.

It sickens me to think that this parity BS is probably going to get worse as the generation continues. MS wants people to think that the tiny improvements via an updated SDK, or otherwise, will somehow make their console super powerful... when in fact it only looks that way because the PS4 versions are being intentionally gimped due to MS throwing tons of money at the right people.

This is why MS needs to GTFO. It's one thing if they release a sub-par console and people purchase the console knowing that fact, but it's another to ruin the experience for people who own the more powerful console by paying for parity.

LexHazard793261d ago

Dude you suck!! So its 1080p/30fps because MS paid Ubisoft. Seems to me thats all they could get out the PS4 at that resolution. You have the better version out of both and your still mad. I notice fanboys always say dumb shit to start a wars. No different than what you just did!

Sevir3261d ago

These are first gen next gen titles that are tailored to scale per platform, since it's a cross gen release it speaks wonders that this is what they got with only a year of development on these platforms who's specs became final late August 2013... Give it a rest! The delay benefited the game! MGS5 is open world and it's 1080p at 60fps on PS4 with realtime dynamic weather,global Illumination dynamic lighting, smoother particle effects and time.

The PS4 is capable, time with the machine and proper optimizations will bring out the best...

None the less, it's good Ubisoft came out and said it and I'm glad the devs aren't buying into platform parity, they've taken the tools and have made each machine sing to there most stable performance!

PS4 > XBO the END!!!

Gr1mmyshadows3261d ago

MS paid for parity!?!?!? Serious something is wrong with you if you believe that. Get your head outta sonys ass