Watch Dogs 1080p on PS4, 960p on Xbox One (both 30 FPS). Up to 4K on PC.

Ubisoft have revealed during their Watch Dogs press conference that the game will run on the following resolutions and framerate for next gen systems.

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SoapShoes3762d ago

Higher resolution and 1 hour of extra content, It's a no brainer

UnHoly_One3762d ago

For you maybe.

I'll take lower resolution to play with the far superior controller, better online service, and better twitch streaming.

To ME, that is a no brainer.

It's all opinion, bro.

Qrphe3762d ago

If you own both system yes



I can smell the tears from over here

No_Limit3762d ago

I own both systems and it all depends on the online function. If this game has a killer online mode, then I'll buy it for XB1 because that is the pay service I have and I think it is superior to that of the PSN+. If it is like Assasssin's Creed 4 online mode, I'll pass on the online portion and get the PS4 version. It is nice that I can choose.

NeloAnjelo3762d ago

@unholy... Better twitch streaming? It just came, and it's only Twitch. PS4 can broadcast on PSN... More choice.

Better online... You mean it used to be. Service? PS+ beats it hands down.

Lower resolution? For $100 more?

Get real

PLASTICA-MAN3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

I read in an old Examiner article, that the devs clearly stated that the PS4 version could run at 60 FPS, but they wanted to maintain parity between all consoles.

But seriously, neither the resolution nor the FPS is the problem now, I think the game has been downgraded compared to the E3 reveal and the first PS4 demos because of the lowest common denominator in this new gen. Just watch the latest trailer.



cozomel3762d ago

Higher resolution and 1 hour of extra content, far superior controller, better online service for cheaper and with way more goodies and freebies, and better streaming with both Twitch and Ustream and all from a cheaper priced system with a company with a far stronger 1st party record. It's a no brainer. And mmm are your tears good Unholy one

Godz Kastro3762d ago

Yup, no brainer... Going X1

PraxxtorCruel3762d ago

I know what I'm going for...PC. Have fun trailing behind and arguing.

dantesparda3762d ago


Please explain to us how it has better streaming when PS4 can stream to both Twitch and Ustream, the only thing Twitch on X1 can do that PS4 doesnt is archive, but come on now, you know that'll just be patched in. Also, how Live is better? And better controller? really? Do you undrstand that subjective opinion is not fact?

HiddenMission3762d ago


So a service that gives tons of free AAA blockbuster games is inferior to one that doesn't really offer anything compared to it's competitor...yeah okay...very subjective based opinion.

I'll take my superior service, superior controller, superior resolution on every title and my extra $100 any...

Just saying...my opinion k

T23762d ago

here come the obvious comments.. now again all of a sudden "sony lies" and resolution doesn't matter it's all about the lies.
"you can't just flick a switch to remove DRM"
ring a bell?

now the arguments turn to the obvious opinion based since no factual arguments will work once again...
"xbox controller is better"
"xbl online is better (5 year old argument and widespread fallacy) "
" i just don't like any of sonys [massive library of] games"

so salty, so expected, so hilarious.

RiPPn3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

@dantesparda: Silly Xbox fans still think Xbox live gives them a better connection even though most games they played on the 360 where the same peer to peer connections used on the PS3. But whatever makes them feel better. smh

osprey193762d ago

960p to 1080p? Ud need a magnifying glass and 50inch tv to notice any difference at all, first it was 720vs1080, then 900vs1080. Now 960vs1080. The gap is shrinking.

Locknuts3762d ago

Keep your extra content. I'd rather play at 60fps.

Why o why3762d ago

From 'resolutions dont matter' to 'Gaps closing'

You guys, make up your minds, you're all over the gaff..lol

UnHoly_One3762d ago

Nobody is crying. All of these "tears" comments are just showing your immaturity and fanboyism. Your incessant need to be "winning" this nonexistent competition.

I have a PS4. I have an XB1.

I have PS+. I have XBL Gold.

I can choose either version. It's strictly up to my opinion and preference.

starchild3762d ago

FFS guys, all this fighting...and for what? Both versions pale in comparison to the PC version at 60fps with high quality anti-aliasing and whatever other advantages it will have.

The difference between 960P and 1080p is very small compared to the advantages the PC version has over both console versions.

You guys fight over basically nothing.

fr0sty3762d ago

There are other factors that remain to be seen. Which version has the most stable frame rate? If XO hits 960p (which isn't "barely" less than 1080p just because it's a number not far from 1080... you also have to count in the number of vertical rows of pixels in the image that are being left out) but keeps a better frame rate, it'd be the preferred version. However, if (as in the case of games like Ryse and Tomb Raider) it drops down into the teens, skip it.

And this whole argument over Xbox having the better online service is kinda dated. I'm not seeing any feature one has that the other doesn't at this point, though PS4 does give you more and better games IMO, even if they are only there for the duration of your subscription.

Those saying they'll get it on PC, sure. Enjoy that slightly better AA or 60fps on a machine that cost 3 times as much as a PS4. Just at min. spec, you're already looking at a min. of a $600-800 machine. Then you have the fact that drivers for the particular video card you chose don't work as well with this game as drivers for that other company's video card do, so you'll take a performance hit there until they bother to patch it, if they do.

For every advantage PC gaming has, it also has a disadvantage.

Arguing over any of it is dumb in the end. Just play your games. You liking it doesn't make it better, them not liking it doesn't make it worse.

rdgneoz33762d ago

@Osprey "The gap is shrinking."

When the game is nerfed from the original reveal and the graphics are still only 960, their might be a problem.

p.s. PC and PS4 say thanks for gimping their versions.

Cueil3762d ago

it's all a matter of perspective