The first Watch_Dogs will be available for free next week on Epic Games Store

Ubisoft and Epic Games have announced that the first Watch Dogs game will be available for free on EGS next week.

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RazzerRedux1060d ago

Ah nice. I actually enjoyed both Watch Dogs games.

PeaSFor1059d ago

Completely hated the first game, and found WD2 to be average at best.

RazzerRedux1059d ago

Ah well. Guess we disagree. I'm probably in the minority and that is fine.

giovonni1059d ago

Yeah, I’ll pass. The first one was terrible. Epic would have to pay me in ordered to play that game again.... and don’t get me started on the main character

Father__Merrin1059d ago

Watchdogs 1 was actually OK apart from the performance and the final missions where they are timed. Aiden was a brilliant character