Watch Dogs Complete Edition Rated For PS5, Xbox Series and Stadia

Watch Dogs Complete Edition has been rated for PS5, Xbox Series, and Google Stadia suggesting a re-release of the game on next-generation consoles.

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TheExecutioner183d ago

If its going to be the same prior the terrible downgrade then i will play it as I missed it other wise pass

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Germaximus182d ago

In case anybody is confused, this is only because it is included with the season pass for Legion. Nothing special.

SickSinceSix182d ago

I wonder if they gimped it, like they gimped Far Cry 3 in 5's season pass (no online etc)

Profchaos182d ago

Yeah that was a very forgettable release.

I own it couldn't finish it overall it was so rushed

Profchaos182d ago

I assumed it's coming in some form I suspected it.was just going to be via BC as the back of the end legion manual states wd1 complete edition as a season pass holder bonus.
Plus the games pretty stable tbh it's not really in need of a remaster it runs at a locked frame rate but could definitely benifit from enhanced textures.

ExBee182d ago

Didn't we know most of this since Legion included it in the season pass as future content?

JustTheFax182d ago

It would be cool if they made it look like the original pre-rendered trailer! haha

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