Titanfall – Respawn on Pilot-Only Modes, ‘We’ll See What Happens After Launch’

MP1st - Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment hints at the possibility of a Pilot-only mode post-launch, despite previous statements.

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Agent-862178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

I would like to see a mode with 12v12 human players. Each team would have 6 pilots and 6 engineers. Only the pilots could call in Titans, but would have no heavy weapons. Engineers couldn't call in Titans, but would have heavy weapons to take them on. Then, eliminate the Grunts and only have Spectres for the AI (actually, there might be enough action to eliminate all the AI). As it is now, there are just too many bots and not enough human players. I think this type of mode would really open up the gameplay plus there still wouldn't be more than 12 Titans on a map at a time (which Respawn thinks is the ideal number).

Criminal2178d ago

Great idea! I really hope Respawn implements some type of player only mode.

crxss2178d ago

would love to see a TF pilot only TDM. make it happen Respawn

n4rc2178d ago

I'm sure they will..

lonewolfjedi2178d ago

you need to tell respawn this idea it sounds fuckin sweet!

DeathOfTheFanBoy2178d ago

I want to see a 1 titan mode, where each team clamours to complete enough objectives to release the one and only titan in the match. Those of you who played the beta will know, having a titan in no way whatsoever guarantees a win.

urwifeminder2178d ago

Hope I can get myself of plants vs zombies by then the co op is friggin sweet it looks stunning.

GearSkiN2178d ago

That's what I'm playing

iistuii2178d ago

I see they have a Horde type game in coop is that any good ?

urwifeminder2178d ago

To be honest that's the only mode I play only went for online vs 3 times went back to online co op started playing on normal and hard for a more tasty experience its tough.

Mystogan2178d ago

That would be pretty dumb... Titans make the game fun.

annus2178d ago

Yeah I hate options, I much prefer only having the option to play one. /s

TheOmniGamer2178d ago

I remember that a mode called "Pilot Hunter" was leaked based on the Titanfall BETA files, but that maybe could be referencing Titans hunting down Pilots, I'd assumed it was a Pilot Only mode. Oh well, Attrition was my favourite mode and the Titans were a blast to play with the limited weaponry we had, can't wait for the full game!

Elit3Nick2178d ago

That's what I thought it was too, but I never thought about a titan hunting pilots, I really hope that happens

-MD-2178d ago

Pilot only mode? You mean Call of Duty?

Team_Litt2178d ago

Yes, only with wall running and jet packs and no PlayStation version so...better.

XiSasukeUchiha2178d ago

First of all Respawn owns the IP, and EA is there publisher, so yeah Playstation of Titanfall 2 incoming bro :)

princejb1342178d ago


There's no proof is coming to playstation as of yet. So keep your assumptions to yourself

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The story is too old to be commented.