Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review | Awesome Games

Rhys from Awesome Games writes: 'Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy can quite easily be seen as the Star Wars prequels of gaming: a series so woefully disappointing it threatens to destroy the greatness of a legendary franchise. The first of Lightning’s (mis?)adventures was a lazily designed, poorly written, pretentious piece of drivel that had no right bearing the Final Fantasy name.'

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Hicken2192d ago

I guess I'll pick this up soon and see for myself.

dragonopt12192d ago

I just beat the game and have to say it was pretty good, wasn't the greatest game ever but I enjoyed it. The combat was amazing and fun using the different outfits, I got the 3 best swords in the game and most of the garbs. I just wish the story was a lot better, I found myself skipping some of the CS cause I was bored. If the story was good I'd give it a 7-8/10 but I have to agree with this 5/10 could have been a lot better.