The Final Fantasy XIII Saga is Underappreciated

The Final Fantasy XIII Saga is Underappreciated - The Final Fantasy XIII saga is one of the best in the franchise and vastly underappreciated.

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rolando1231251d ago

So true! XIII is my favorite FF game!

DarkZane1251d ago

Is this the only FF game you've ever played?

1251d ago
Smclaren19851251d ago

Exactly what I was thinking it’s no where near the best not by a mile plot holes missing features shallow magic system huuuuuge lack of lore I could go on and on lol

-Foxtrot1251d ago

Lol that’s usually the case with this

Same as FF15 when people say that’s the best

1251d ago
zeuanimals1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )


That's fine and all, but I find a lot of people just like or dislike things without evaluating why. When they do evaluate those things more thoroughly, they can come to realize they don't like it that much. I'd love to hear why they like it, it might change my perspective on the games. Or they might realize the games kinda suck.

Traecy1251d ago

One of my favorites as well & I've played most FF games starting with the SNES,PS1,PS2,PS3 & PS4.

Teflon021251d ago

What's shallow about the magic system? imo as someone who owns every mainline FF game whether on Vita, ps3, ps4, steam. I have most if not all FF relreases on them. I can assure you that's BS. It's probably the most detailed magic system. The basic level of it is more intricate than older FF titles. Like come on. This is my problem with ppl and this game. While not the best FF, alot of the complaints are bs and Reaching so hard.
Also, lack of lore? Lol, if anything FFXIII has too much of that. It's all over the place. That was essentially one of the initial critiques lol.

Also what plot holes. As someone who's played through it 3 times and finished a playthrough literally like monday, where is the plot hole? The plot is actually pretty good and given pretty straight. It's just hard to follow alot of things, as it's all thrown at you before explaining it all.

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SwagginMcdoodles1251d ago

Smclaren1985 I mean it's his favorite. And there might be a good chance it was his first Final Fantasy game. I tend to see throughout the FF community that whatever Final Fantasy game they play first is usually there favorite FF. Mine is FFX and that is the one I played first. While I agree I don't think it's the best FF I still really liked FFXIII. I really like the combat it felt dynamic and fun. And while yes it was pretty linear it does have towards the end an open area to explore which is a tradition for an FF game.

Teflon021251d ago

I actually like FFXIII's battle system the best out of all of them. Because it's just so deep, but these ppl pretend it's some shallow system. Yet it's a battle system so complex they take hours to properly introduce it and you'd never find the best way to do things without help from a community or anything. It's so much. I also like the fact that fights against weak enemies feels alot less of a hassle. Just Ruin bomb em lol. Yeah it's linear, but the reason people can finish it is its combat system mainly. I think it's actually the perfect advancement of the atb system. I wasn't a fan of X because I hated that they went back to turn based and it's battle system is the most simple and basic system because there it too much right and wrong and not enough, decent but I could try this to get a even better result because of this. Example. In FFXIII, if you're rav and you want to build the stagger faster, spamming 1 weakness element is efficent. But if you're fast enough at command selections and can alternate 2 different weakness elements, you get a multiplier on top of the amount gained and essentially it's faster and better. But you also have to think beyond that if you want to get the best result and you're always under time sensitive pressure which adds to the enjoyment. The only thing I'll give ppl with the battle system is that the true potential of it doesn't show until the post game content and missions

rainslacker1251d ago


It is a deep system, but you don't really need to use much of it's complexity to get through the main game, and there isn't a lot of post game content to really get into it. It's good for grinding out better gear, or going for all the trophies/achievements, but there isn't much to use all that fancy equipment on.

I thought the 2nd game had better game play overall, but the story didn't make much sense, and the third game had solid game play despite being different, and had a completely nonsensical story which didn't even bother to keep the lore in tact.

Teflon021251d ago

I agree overally with what you're saying. But I felt FFXIII-2 was so unbalanced because of the amount of routes you can take. Sometimes you'd end up in a higher level area than you should be, someones it's a joke etc. The battle system. I would say felt like it was made to make more sense on a basic level, but it removes alot of the complexity in battle for battle planning instead. Which is okay overall but while it felt for fleshed out, it feels more basic on a high level. Though I do agree FFXIII system is really not used much for the story unless you're trying to get 5 star ratings, which is near useless in the game if you're not getting trophies or achievements. But the game just always felt more polished than the rest. My issue with Lightning returns isn't even that the story is a complete joke. It's that XIII-2 never established a proper and concrete story as it's based on how you play the game and the endings are all different. Ultimately you don't have much to work with from the start. It already was weird that everyone could still use magic with the L'cie branding gone in FFXIII. Essentially. The story went from good but a bit confusing to make your own ending, then they wanted to be serious. But you're grasping at straws already, and don't have anything to work with. I just think of Lightning Returns as Majora's Mask. Just do what you can and worry less about the story lol.

ShinjukuSon1251d ago

Let people love what they want. Just as you love FF8. Others love FF13.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1251d ago

FF8 is a great game. I can't say the same thing with FF 13.

ShinjukuSon1251d ago

@razmiran 90 on metacritic/8.9 userscore... not really. Maybe one of the weaker Squaresoft FF games, but still a great FF game and JRPG in general.

-Foxtrot1251d ago

FF8 is a great game

FF13 is just not a good game in general as well as not a good FF game

There’s a huge difference

Razmiran1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

After many years thinking about it im convinced that everyone that disagrees with me about FF8 just has inferior taste (?)
No wait, thats not true
I have arrived to the conclusion that everyone just has very differing opinions about the Final Fantasy series in general

Godmars2901251d ago

The issue there is that is while people can like what they like mistakes, compromises, were made by Square yet they were rewarded for them. Were given no incentive to admit to those mistakes much less improve. In fact they can and have continued to make mistakes, first version of FF14, the early -later- version of FF15 and apparently KH3.

That's what liking a product or brand unconditionally gets you: worse product.

Teflon021251d ago

FF8 was a broken mess of a battle system. I can't accept ppl thinking FF8 is great but But the game with a much more fleshed out and fun battle system isn't lol. It's opinion but I can name plenty of things FF13 does better. FFVIII is legit the worse mainline title imo because it's unacceptable to have such a broken battle system. The rest of the game plays it too safe essentially trying to be FFVII all over again. While yes Lightning is a character to be Female Cloud and really is badass. The dynamic is great. FFVIII never felt like a great dynamic. Just a bunch of people.
Worse thing about it was the active mode still essentially played like a wait mode making it so annoying and boring because you wait for everyting. FFVII you only wait on summons and FFIX you wait for nothing lol. So they both felt alot better in that department. FFIX's only issue was having a party smaller than 3 meant you had to do some waiting

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rainslacker1251d ago

No. They're not bad games, and some people liked them. Not the best Final Fantasy games though.

goldwyncq1251d ago

At least FFXIII's plot is more coherent than VIII's.

Battlestar231251d ago

FFXIII trilogy is pretty good not the best in the franchise but they were very enjoyable to play i even platinumed the 3 games. I wish SE would remaster them for the PS4 or even PS5.

autobotdan1251d ago

They are remastered on xbox one x. They look nice on xbox one x in 4k

Battlestar231251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

I know they are as i have them but i want proper remasters and I'd prefer to play the games on Playstation the only games i like to buy for my Xbox One X are the exclusive games. When i buy 3rd party games i get them for my PS4 as i prefer that console.

autobotdan1251d ago

Battlestar it's your loss. They look STUNNING in 4k on Xbox One X

autobotdan1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

2 of the 3 games of the Trilogy on Xbox one x are FULL 4K. Only one of them are 1728p

Teflon021251d ago

Stop fanboying. PC is the best version despite it's issues. Not playing on xbox isn't a loss. I was able to play on 4k with a GTX1060 at 60fps even if it had dips. Which I could have dropped to 30. If they're missing out on something it's that version. Not a Xbox One X version that was a replacement of the garbage 360 version that essentially is just PS3 version with like a 1800p res played on xbox lol. They played the right version. That Xbox One version is how the PS3 versions felt when played originally lol. The PC version is a nice upgrade playing at 60fps. But the 4k really doesn't do much for these games. If anything it exposes it's graphical flaws lol

autobotdan1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

So what was I last week Teflon with Zone of the Enders 2? A fanboy?

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Kurisu1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

I'd buy a FFXIII PS4 remaster. I enjoyed FFXIII enough to complete it twice, and FFXIII-2 wasn't bad either. I enjoyed the time travel elements and the whole Caius, Noel and Yuel storyline. Can't rate Lightning Returns as I never played it.

CrimsonWing691251d ago

Man, play FF 6 - 12 and then play the 13 trilogy and tell me that again.

lucian2291251d ago

Twelve was by far the worst game. Main character that isn't a main character, every character was just a skin and had no uniqueness at all as they all played the same, bad story, just a bad game

1251d ago
lucian2291251d ago

They had different mist attacks, that's it. You swapped to a class and they fought the same as another if you picked the same class. Please don't make up stuff and try to make the game seem better than it was.