Physical PS4 version of Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS dropped to under $17

Amazon has heavily discounted the physical version of Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS to $16.29 on PS4.

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Imortus_san421d ago

You can play the 2 games from Xbox 360 on Xbox One X and they play very good.

autobotdan421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

But the Playstation 4 remaster is in full 4k. The xbox one x BC versions of ZOE 1&2 are vastly improved full 60fps from the xbox 360 but they are 720p upscaled resolution on xbox one x

Loktai421d ago

And this one supports VR. Worth noting

autobotdan421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

Yes 4k and VR. The ultimate version of ZOE2. For a real good price right now

Xbox one ZOE collection BC does have that very cool anime intro that is nice

Imortus_san420d ago

Yes I know, but it does not changes the fact that if you not into VR and already have the games from Xbox 360 they are improved on the new machine.

Tross420d ago

Neat. I remember getting the PS3 collection for $3CAD from a Walmart some years ago. The staff told me they thought it was mispriced, but they said they had to sell it to me for that price anyways. It's one of the best low-price scores I've ever had. Maybe it's high time I upgrade to the PS4 version.