The Final Fantasy XIII Saga is the Best Video Game Trilogy of the Decade

The Final Fantasy XIII Saga is the Best Video Game Trilogy of the Decade - Criminally underrated, the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is the best of the decade.

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phantomexe1164d ago

God No FF13 still the only video game i've ever traded in to gamestop. This game was so bad that i picked up 15 way later because of the taint 13 left.

CanadianTurtle1164d ago

His standards are low... This game has some of the worst storytelling in any FF game. And not just storytelling, but the way the story was presented was even worse! All the key information needed in order to understand the basic concepts of the story are in text logs from the options menu. None of it was actually explained in-game. You were forced to read through the long data-logs of boring text in order to get an idea of what's going on.

The reason a lot of people play RPGs is because of the story and characters. And those are aspects the game failed to deliver. Not to mention, everything about it felt less and less like Final Fantasy. Past games were set in medieval, steampunk, and even cyberpunk settings. There were always hints of traditional aspects in the world-building, whether it'd be architecture, enemy designs, weaponry, etc. But FF13 didn't have any of that. Everything felt WAY too futuristic. The monster designs and overall artstyle didn't "feel" like a Final Fantasy game.

And don't get me started on the ridiculously cringe-worthy dialogue and voice acting.

SugarSoSweet1163d ago

Yup it's the ONLY Final Fantasy game that I stopped playing half way through I was that bored.....I even managed to finish FF12 and that game is very tedious.......

Blu3_Berry1164d ago

That's pretty debatable tbh.

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SkatterBrain1164d ago

NO, HELL NO , F No seriously