Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 vs Xbox 360 Direct-Feed Comparison Shows Parity Among Both

GearNuke: "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has just been released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and we have taken direct-feed screenshots straight from both consoles for comparison purpose. Are we finally going to see parity between both consoles?"

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Godmars2901794d ago

Lowered, "standardized", quality.

ChozenWoan1794d ago

so true, thus why I'm so glade the "parity" clause has been thrown out the window on Gen8 consoles.

TM3331794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

It blows my mind how much better the original FFXIII looked compared to both of the sequels. Seems like the visuals just got worse both times. I remember the first one had some jaw dropping environments. The sequels just have not done it for me in that department. Possibly just milking the cow?

FamilyGuy1794d ago

They're cheap sequels, their entire purpose to to reuse game assets to squeeze more money out of the property.

Godmars2901794d ago

Given how little you could actually do in FF13, or would have been a good thing if it had looked like 13-3 - or "worse" since it is not an ugly looking title - if it meant more could have been done.

Magicite1788d ago

if it would be ps3 exclusive, then would look even better and sales on x360 side are pathetic anyway.

1794d ago
Father__Merrin1794d ago

FF13 looked simply incredible on P.S.3 it's one of the nicest looking games I've ever played.

FF13-2 was a massive down grade which the reason we all know

the number of 360 DVD corroborated to the quality of the P.S.3 game

thank god P.S.4 has come out storming otherwise we would have downgraded P.S.4 games due to lack of Xbox1 power

disagree all you want

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