Sony Comments on NPD Victory for PS4: “Gamers are Choosing PlayStation as the Best Place to Play”

Sony Computer Entertainment just sent a Press Release commenting on the latest NPD numbers that saw the PS4 sell twice as much as its rival, the Xbox One. Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing Guy Longworth mentioned that sales supremacy was achieved despite severe supply constraints, that the company is working hard to address.

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-Foxtrot2676d ago


I love how they are so clam with all this. They are in the lead and they havent even announced what there big studios are working on.

Even the ones announced like Uncharted 4 and The Order 1886 we haven't seen any gameplay yet or new features. While Microsoft seems to of blown the majority of their cards at last years E3, games which might not come untill late this year or early 2015

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dedicatedtogamers2676d ago

LOL at all the people who insisted Microsoft would still dominate at NPD.

And yet, Sony is dominating WHILE being sold out everywhere. Just wait until more consoles are available in NA, and then the gap will grow even more.

MightyNoX2676d ago

Nah, man. Japan's sales numbers are where the real action will be.

HighResHero2676d ago

That's why I don't like to make too many assumptions.

Another example would be when people thought XB dominated here because Sony is a Japanese company, which is of obviously nonsense.

....or the people who though 3DS would struggle because of phones and now it is the fastest selling gaming portable ever.

....or the people who has PS3 has no gamez.

....or the people who thought the Ipad was going to ruin home consoles.

....or the people who....

:D But seriously, they should keep it up because they amuse us.

Teh Cloud saves!

pyramidshead2676d ago

I think Japan is the last big launch so after that they'll be producing as many to meet which need the most more than likely.

Dem sony factories on over drive.

Chevalier2676d ago

But the games..... Lol. All we hear from Xbox One fans are how they have all these games to play and it'll help sell Xbox One. They're losing this badly to an opponent that apparently has no games, so what happens when Uncharted and all the games arrive on PS4? Is there going to be some kind of miracle that will make Xbox One sell instantly better?

ramiuk12676d ago

i got my ps4 launch day,but i know alot who simply cant get them still.

i truely believe if sony could of had 10 million made they would all be sold .

I want to know how much MS paid for titanfall exclusive,because i reckon its nowhere near as much as they have lost out on

Giul_Xainx2675d ago

I see 10 million ps4 owners by april 2014 at the current rate of their product getting moved out. The attachment rate of games bought per console has moved up from 2-3 games per purchase to 4-5. Great news for investors like me.

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Abriael2676d ago

I find more funny how both Sony and Microsoft use the same wording but different reasons to claim that they are "The best place to play."

Insomnia_842676d ago

If you've been keeping up with both, Microsoft just keeps repeating everything Sony says. It's getting ridiculous now.

-Foxtrot2676d ago

Silly me I said Clam instead of calm

Guess Sony could be clam about this aswell


Umb2676d ago

hmm clams....making me hungry...hmmm clams tasty

OT: I wonders what next months NPD will look like.

iPad2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Man, can you imagine how many PS4s are gonna be sold when it releases in Japan?! It's gonna be INSANE.

Bathyj2676d ago

Its the Station you Play on. Pretty simple really.

hellzsupernova2676d ago

I try to remain unbiased but ......SONY SONY SONY!!!!!! Shu, and the crew you deserve we gamers wanted an uncompromised gaming system and you delivered the best!

NeoTribe2676d ago

Yes, sony seems to have set the ps4 up for success. This is going to be the best gen to game on being a ps owner.

HaveAsandwich2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

speaking of clams, i wish i had some to steam. little butter on the side. hell yea.

tagan8tr2676d ago

@BlackTar187 I understand the no hate sentiment. If we reward M$ for their anti consumer ways they will just stay at it, take away the boot they stop squashing stuff.

bligmerk2675d ago

Sony has usually taken the high road, except for some quick jabs here and there and sales numbers were never that big of a thing for them until Microsoft entered the videogame console business. Even then, the reference is if sales goals are being met. It seems even Sony realized starting off games conferences with endless slides of sales figures and market analysis are snoozeville, so it was very encouraging to see their presentations since the Feb. 2013 PS4 reveal. Sales analysis kept to a minimum, emphasize the games and the hardware. Yeah, and those first party game studios.

Syntax-Error2675d ago

What does this say about sony exclusives if they are BEGGING for TITANFALL?

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MultiConsoleGamer2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

It's time for full panic mode at MS. Xbox One has imploded.

It's time for spin mode at Sony. Sony expected this console to save their company. Sub 300k numbers isn't going to do it.

In before "supply constrained" excuses.

BigFnHooters2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Yep, the PS4 being 'supply constrained' is just an 'excuse'

PS4 out of stock almost everywhere:

Xbox One in stock everywhere:


Eonjay2676d ago

LOL @ GameStop taking preorders for future stock of PS4. That is unbelievable this far long after launch.

HaveAsandwich2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

dude, i was trying to tell family to use nowinstock, back when ps4 preorders closed, and they were talking about camping out at best buy. i got mine without a pre-order, the day it released from amazon, because of the alerts. just saying.

Tito082675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

The butt-hurt in Multiconsolegamer is getting real lol, very evident.

The_Klank2676d ago

You say that like it isn't an issue, when clearly it is.

MultiConsoleGamer2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Full damage control mode. You're spinning worse than MS.

These numbers are terrible no matter what the excuse. Sony is a company on the verge of bankruptcy. The PS Brand is one of their most valuable assets. If they can't produce enough stock, that's their problem. These numbers are terrible. These low sales aren't going to save a company that's been unprofitable for years.

Also, I saw plenty of PS4's all month long. They might be rare in the urban areas but in the suburbs and the rural areas they're just sitting on the shelves.

The_Klank2676d ago

Right... All of Sony's proverbial eggs are in the PS4 basket...

What reality are you in, when the Ps3 launched it was at about 170k units for the month of February 2006. Skip ahead and the Ps4 is almost twice that.

Tito082675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

@Multiconsolegamer-"Also, I saw
plenty of PS4's all month long."

Yeah, the promotion boxes that are always empty, fool lol.

Ricegum2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

MultiConsoleGamer and his Xbox Defense Force assemble.

MultiConsoleGamer2676d ago

That strawman attack doesn't work because I already said that Xbox One has "imploded" meaning that's the worst possible scenario for a new product.

Keep baiting.

Eonjay2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

I really don't see how Sony can be on top and yet you call it spin. Can you elaborate.

They said:

"sales supremacy was achieved despite severe supply constraints"

MultiConsoleGamer2676d ago

Sony hasn't made a yearly profit since 2005. They just killed their PC division and spun off their TV division. The only thing they have left of value is the Entertainment Division and the PlayStation brand.

These numbers are painfully low, especially for a new console. Sony also ignored the Vita entirely, which is definitely a cause for worry for people like me who have loved the Vita since day one.

Sony is counting on the PS4 to save their company and with numbers this low it's just not going to happen.

As for MS, the Xbox One has utterly imploded. The US retailers were practically shoving it down people's throats. It was in stock everywhere you went this month. They have no excuse for it's poor performance.

What's really happening here, with the PS3, PS4, Xbox One and the Wii U is that the console market is in deep trouble. This is symptomatic of a much larger and more serious problem.

And that's all I can tell you. If I comment any more I'll just be fueling the fanboy fires and contributing to something I feel is killing the industry.

Eonjay2676d ago

"The number are painfully low"

No they are actually world records. I believe world wide they nearly sold another million in January. It passed 5 million in 2 and a half months.

"As for MS, the Xbox One has utterly imploded"

OMG I never thought I would be the one defending Microsoft but here we go... You are wrong again. The Xbox One, despite selling less than the PS4 is still the second faster of ALL TIME! These are facts.

Stop wishing on failure and pay attention to the successes. Fanyboy fights ignite the industry. You negativity is the only thing doing damage... and its not effective.

TheTwelve2676d ago

LOL, you copied and pasted this from another thread. I guess you really want to get heard.

SasukeX162676d ago

Their gaming division has gone up in profits already

MultiConsoleGamer2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

@TheTwelve. I just don't like to waste energy. So I'll will regularly Copy / Paste stuff from similar topics.

@SasukeX16. Sony will post a company wide year loss in excess of 1.1 Billion during the first week of April. This will negate any profits from the gaming division.

Also the gaming division lost billions of the past several years (same thing at MS) Saying their profits have "gone up" doesn't say much for either company.

scott1822676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

How is Sony spinning anything, what did they say that was a spin? You sound like you don't like Sony very much saying strange things like that. Do you have a direct quote of them spinning this NPD? I don't know why they would in the first place...

They haven't made a profit since 2005 because of the horrible PC business and cheaper, more popular names in TV. So getting rid of the PC business and turning their television business into an owned subsidiary sounds like a great plan. I'm sure it will help the TV business become profitable faster.

On topic: great job to Sony for selling so many PS4's, these things are similar to hot cakes...

rainslacker2676d ago

Sub 300K? You know what the actual numbers are? Because only ratios were given in any report. I guess one could extrapolate the numbers based on MS own spin, but math does hurt.

Anyhow, it appears Sony is well set to greatly exceed it's expected sales that they set to achieve by the end of March(5 million worldwide), so not sure what they really have to spin. At this point they should be pretty happy.

If Sony is outselling MS 2:1 in the US after only 2 months, with supply issues, then they are in a very good position if they can manage to keep up that same momentum throughout the year. The longer they do so, the more pressure they put on MS, and the easier it is for them to get more support from developers.

OrangePowerz2676d ago

If Sony would go bankrupt it wouldn't differ much how the PS4 would perform because even if it performs great that wouldn't have a huge impact on the profits for a company of that size. You have very lottle understanding of how businesses work.

Selling twice the amount of the Xbone in the states is a big deal after the dominance they had during the 360 times over the PS3.

KwietStorm_BLM2676d ago

Don't you get tired of spouting the same crap over and over?

Ipunchbabiesforfun2676d ago

Please. I live in "Brighton, Colorado" look it up on a map, I live outside Denver by over 20 something miles. I go to wal-mart's and Targets and sometimes if I have a moment to kill I walk by the gaming section and i have NEVER seen a PS4 and I live in a cowtown! We have 1 target, 1 wal mart, a k mart, some warehouses and a few fast food joints.

kingdip902676d ago

It's the same in maine. I live in small town America and not a ps4 in sight. A relative of mine have been to y different stores and 3 different towns looking to no avail.

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XiSasukeUchiha2676d ago

100% agree with that statement Sony!

Majin-vegeta2676d ago

That's what happens when you advertise your product for what it's made in the first place for "GAMING".

corvusmd2676d ago

...yet it sold less games.

Ricegum2676d ago

How did it sell less games? If it's because of that article earlier, I'm pretty sure Xbox One & 360 games combined are going to outsell PS4 games, that's just common sense.

lodossrage2676d ago

To be fair Microsoft has more retail games out on the xb1 than the ps4 does. The PS4 has more games out digitally than the xb1 on the flip side

So unless the NPD is actually tracking digital, that comment of Xbox selling more software comes off as a half truth at best

thehitman2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Id bet my life on it that PS4 gamers have more games than Xb1 gamers. The software sales are the least reliable numbers in NPD. I have 9 ps4 games and 5 of them I got for free if everyone with PS+ dled the free games that puts the attachment rate above XB1 right there alone. Also doesnt track the F2P games like warframe, DCUO and doesn't count digital sales.

dp2774072676d ago

Prob cause were not forced to play 360 games that were rushed over for X1 and we have more digital and free 2 play titles.

S2Killinit2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

actually it sold more, in one whole year less in the market. and don't forget, many Playstation owners were getting a free game every single month while xbox owners were paying to play online and watch netflix. Playstation simply gave more to play.

Bowzabub2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

I've been getting more free games than people with Xbone have available to buy. I get free games for my PS3, Vita & now PS4. Plus I have every game available or PS4 except Knack.. Trust me buddy, we havez teh games.

LeCreuset2676d ago

Didn't they already clown you in the comments section over on Dual Shockers for falling for that MS spin?

ocnkng2675d ago

You poor, misguided child. You really struggle to understand what you read. Stop skipping school son, and pay attention to your teachers.

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