5 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Titanfall Beta

From the article: "Out with only a couple of multiplayer maps, a handful of pilot and titan upgrades, and a level cap of 14, the beta is a blast, almost criminally so. Pilots against AI, pilots against titans, titans against pilots, titans against titans, AI against titans,…the plethora of combat situations are numerous, and each more fun and exciting than the last. After playing the beta last night, SlasherJPC gives us his 5 reasons why you will fall in love with the Titanfall beta. Check them out below and let us know if you agree with him!"

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christocolus890d ago

more positive feedback....nice.

JerkDaN3rd890d ago SpamShowReplies(3)
Magicite890d ago

fall in love...with this? you must be sick.

GadgetGooch890d ago

You must be test tubed....

XboxFun890d ago

Good to see this game getting such positve reviews. This game is going to easily break sales records when its released.

WeAreLegion890d ago

What record? Best selling Respawn game?

Dojan123890d ago

I think I will wait a week or two before getting. EA has not had a lot of success with launches lately.

XboxFun890d ago

What?? Should i spell it out for you?

Sales records. What is the bigggest sales record? It's going to break that.

So take whatever sold the most recently and im saying this game will break it.

Reason why I stated "sales records".

Are you spanish? Maybe ill write it again in spanish.

Bernlock890d ago

Do you even spanish Brah???

WeAreLegion890d ago

There is no sales record that Titanfall will get anywhere near. It's going to be great, but pre-orders would need to be in the millions to touch COD, GTA, or anything else.

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Rikuide_Furame890d ago

WeAreLegion has a point - I don't see how it can break sales records save for Xbox One. As far as Xbox 360/PC/Multiplatform and games in general I don't see a new franchise on limited platforms topping GTA V.

_FantasmA_890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

You're I Am Sam Sean Penn retarded if you think Titanfail is going to sell more than GTA5. Keep dreaming.

greenyboi890d ago

What is going to fill the void when we can no longer access the beta ?? Ill worry about that later back to titanfall

caseh890d ago

I had those same concerns after the MGO beta on PSN. Suffice to say when I got my hands on MGS4 it was the only thing I played online for the next year lol.

PsylentKiller890d ago

Stop rubbing it in. I signed up for the beta 8 minutes after they went live. I'll probably be the last to get a code.

Do you find that the grunts can be used in different ways than cannon fodder; I.e. Bait, distractions, meat shields?

greenyboi890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

What you on pc or xbox got a spare pc code going here and yes the bots do act as a distraction focus on the bots and human enemies will take advantage

PsylentKiller890d ago


Some one gave me a key for XB1 yesterday. So, you can give that key to another gamer in need. But thank you so much for asking.

I played a little last night and the bots are not a problem. I ended up killing more humans and titans than bots. It is such a great game.

annus890d ago

That review is a guy complaining that the game ISN'T CoD, says a lot about his opinion. And he even says that he hasn't even played the game, he has simply WATCHED gameplay.

4logpc890d ago

I am having a blast and this is only a fraction of whats gonna be on the disc. Cant wait.

thezeldadoth890d ago

someone disagrees that you're having a blast and can't wait.

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