Sony Reacts to PS4's May NPD Victory: Calls it "Best Place to Play" Innovative IP and Big Releases

May’s NPD numbers are out, and Sony Computer Eentertainment sent in a press release commenting on just another month in which the PS4 left behind its rival Microsoft in unit sales for the United States.
Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing Guy Longworth shared the company’s victorious statement.

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi2556d ago

Looks like it will be Wii U vs Xbone this generation

XiSasukeUchiha2556d ago

PS4 has its own class while Wii U and Xbone duke it out; so confirmed!

xHeavYx2556d ago

It was pretty obvious that Sony would win May, the $400 Xbox One is coming out next month, so it will be interesting to see the numbers. My bet is that the PS4 will still win, but the gap will be closer

thekhurg2556d ago

I wonder what EA's thoughts are on not bringing Titanfall to the PS3/PS4 - especially after this sales domination for next gen.

AGaryColemanClone2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Microsoft was giving a 60 dollar game away with the Xbox One along with massive retailer incentives before they were forced to officially drop the price down to $399.

Anyone expecting some miracle recovery next month for the Xbox One are just setting themselves up for disappointment.

Ballsack2556d ago

Congratulations Sony..

June should be much better for the xbox one with the cheaper price (though that comes at a cost, no camera) plus sunset overdrive

Wonder if we will see truefan & George in this thread...

Lawboy22556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Has anyone read this's not one tells u that all three systems did well

Edit- sorry I'm not tryna rain on sony parade they indeed won this month...I'm just saying that the xbox one sales aren't as abysmal as so many want to think....the sales for hardware for the month were through the roof....which is good for the gaming industry as a whole

@ John Doe

I probably worded it poorly I was trying to say the story was written a little differently and painted all the systems in a good light...which I'm not saying abriael didn't because he said Microsoft has not released a press release they just gave more information for hardware sales in may

Edit 2- I guess ppl hadn't read it yet seems ppl dislike my comment...sorry

LOL_WUT2556d ago

My bet is on Microsoft getting the upper hand for 2nd place ;)

johndoe112112556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )


Hold on, are you saying that NPD numbers are off or that NPD is lying? Because I'm confused at your comment "Has anyone read this's not one sided". Please explain.

Bathyj2556d ago

Well Lawboy2, all I heard last gen was marketshare.

It didnt matter that PS3 outsold 360 every year it was out, it was all about how much of the market had jumped from PS to XB from the previous gen.

Given that XB dominated the US last gen and that PS is winning now, even slimmly, what does that say about the swing in marketshare and the changing preferences in XB'x only stronghold? The rest of Earth is Planet Playstation, if XB doesnt have the US (and by quite a big margin) they can never hope to compete saleswise.

Lawboy22556d ago

@ bathyj

I understand that and i was not trying to insinuate that sony is not completely dominating Microsoft in the lead is probably a little over 500k in the comment was to address the misconception that Microsoft did abysmal in may...

Granted sony may have still outsold xbox 2-1 or even 3-1 but it was a great month for gaming in general and hardware sales were way up from last year

ThunderSpark2556d ago

Congrats to Sony for creating the most amazing consoles. Congrats to all the hurt fanboys who stealth disagree every positive comment about Sony, you are the true champions of trolling here on N4G.

morganfell2556d ago


Plenty of people will explain the May NPD by falling back on, "Well the new X1 is coming out so people held off on buying an X1."

I stated last month that those using such a position and believing there would be a massive boost in X1 sales would be in for a rude awakening. The awakening is here.

This has never been about price, but rather value.

The day Titanfall launched on the X1, it could be purchased for $499 with a free copy of Titanfall. Yet at Gamestop, the X1 bundle was being outsold by inFamous (the game) as well as two PS4 bundles. Both bundles were OVER $500. One bundle was $576. And not one day, not one day did the X1 Titanfall bundle, cheaper in price, ever outsell either of those two PS4 bundles whilke Gamestop was supplying them.

Right now at Amazon, how is the X1 doing? Let's look:

The new X1 is currently in 48th place. That is the worst it has ever performed at Amazon. It is being outsld by two PS4s, one of which is the Destiny bundle. It is also being outsold by the PlayStation TV. In addition, the Kinectless SKU is being outsold by the X1 Titanfall bundle which is at 41. And 41 is also worse than it has ever sold. It isn't about price.

At Gamestop, the X1 is being outsold by multiple PS4 and WiiU bundles and it is performing no better than it had when it was bundled with Kinect.

At BestBuy it is in 5th when it was formerly with Kinect in 3rd. Not a good sign.

Price being the deciding factor is a myth. All indicators are that a Kinectless SKU will do little to assist the MS sales issue.

ThanatosDMC2556d ago

I want some zombie numbers soon.

Bigpappy2556d ago Show
Bathyj2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Pappy, its true USA is not the world, when you have the rest of the world to fall back on and dominate there.

When you only have USA, then yes, it is your whole world.

And how is Sony gloating? By simply commenting? Believe me, MS are saying much more by saying nothing.

Usually they at least tell us how many Zombies have been killed in Dead Rising (edit, damn ThanatosDMC beat me to it) or how many miles of road have been driven on Forza. Theyre the kings of yelling the loudest with the least to say. When theyre dead silent, its just spooky.

SilentNegotiator2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )


The difference being that Ps3 was beating 360 worldwide while not in the US, whereas Ps4 is beating Xbone by a mile everywhere.

Classic attempt at a Sony Too™, warping a situation to look like teh hypocrizyz when it isn't.

And gee, I'd think an Xbox fanatic like yourself would have noticed the same thing happening with Microsoft. Greenberg has pretty selective times in which he reacts to sales numbers. It's almost as if...*GASP!*...a LOT of companies react mainly just to positive numbers! What do they have to lose? Shareholders can be very understanding people, after all. /s

MRMagoo1232556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Dont worry xbone fans, MS have just released some twitter comments ill quote them so you dont need to look

"100 gajillion bazzillion zombies poked with sticks in DR3 this month"

"7 megamagillion steering wheels have been turned to the left and right on forza"

"400,000,000,000,000 your mom insults have been said on voice chat in COD ghosts and titalfall combined"

Nice work guys MS is doing great, cos of all the big numbers see.

OT Nice work Sony, imo it may be slightly closer next month but Sony will still lead.

RAWSTA2556d ago Show
NewMonday2556d ago

Microsoft did not yet post any comment on the official Xbox Wire site. This is the first time in which the house of Xbox does not post its own monthly take on NPD’s numbers immediately after the lifting of the embargo

Bigpappy2556d ago

Okay Bath and silent, you are read a bit too much into my comment. It is more of an observation than a criticism. Its like a roll reversal with a touch of relief, that M$ is not breathing down their neck.

Having a strong lead in NA does put Sony in a very influential position. It is possible they may hold it for the entire generation or may be not. My focus is getting some cool games to satisfy my leisure time on the console I fell comfortable with. I would prefer M$ have hat lead in NA so I get more Skyrim, less Demon Souls. Not that there is anything wrong with that type of game, but I prefer Skyrim by several miles. This is not a west vs east hinge either. I like DOA series and Soul Caliber type game too.

Any way congrats to Sony any their fans for getting their way. I will do the same at next month's bloating session.

morganfell2556d ago

"I remember when Sony used to be dead silent when NPD came around. PS fans cornered the statement "NPD is not the world". Now Sony is gloating all over the places and its minions follow suit, signing high praises of victory."

You mean Sony fans are not allowed to do what you always did when the 360 won NPD?

I will say now what I said then. NPD does not equal the world althought it must also be noted that as with the PS3, Sony is leading there as well.

NewMonday2556d ago

"Any way congrats to Sony any their fans for getting their way. I will do the same at next month's bloating session"

Sorry but you won't get the chance, it will be like this for a while, get used to it.

NewMonday2556d ago

Sources @GAF say..

PS4 sold over 200k
XBone under 100k

Margin bigger than 2-1 in favor of PS4

GrandpaSnake2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

@bigpappy k.Sony leading in consoles will not make games like skyrim go away. In fact , i was one of those guys that bought skyrim for ps3 and the way bethesda treated playstation fans was so bad i mean i think i swore never to buy a bethesda game. after they patched it yeah it was good but i hate how you believe somehow american developers will vanish from making games if a leading console is from japan. we live in a crazy time were games are being made by everyone this generation further proves that. if i had to chose a console to buy skyrim it really wouldnt matter because i love the game but if i had to choose i would choose the ps4 because if you have done your homework it should be obvious what console is obviously more adequate as apposed to last generation, when the developers were to lazy to properly port a game made for 360 to ps3

SilentNegotiator2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

"It is more of an observation than a criticism"
No-bubbles Xbone-troll, please. Who do you even think you're fooling? "minions follow suit, signing high praises of victory"? Yeah, just an itsy bitsy observation. The bitterness emitting from your comment left a burn mark on my monitor.

"I would prefer M$ have hat lead in NA so I get more Skyrim, less Demon Souls"
Even had to downplay Souls entirely off topic, too, now that the (spiritual) series has an exclusive on PS again. Bravo, you're so subtle.

"Any way congrats to Sony any their fans for getting their way. I will do the same at next month's bloating session"
Why would you do that? They couldn't outdo Ps4's sales when retailers shoved 1-3 games in with Kinect and unofficially dropped the price to $450. You really think a new bundle with even less value is going to put Xbone over the top?
...oh wait, did you mean gloat or point out pseudo hypocrisies? I guess the latter wouldn't be a surprise.

DonMingos2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Numbers via GAF

PS4- 197k
3DS- 97k
Xbox One- 77k
Wii U- 61k
360- 57k
PSV- 56k
PS3- 36k
Wii- 11k

ZodTheRipper2555d ago

Am I the only one who laughed when Phil Spencer called the X1 the "Best Place to Play" at the press conference? Not only playing catch up with sales but marketing slogans as well...

alexkoepp2555d ago

"Greatness Awaits" has been a great slogan for Sony so far, as nothing yet released and no games announced for the future are worth playing. Announce something good already Sony!

solidjun52553d ago

"""Greatness Awaits" has been a great slogan for Sony so far, as nothing yet released and no games announced for the future are worth playing. Announce something good already Sony!"

You must live a boring trolling life.

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ATi_Elite2556d ago

I think Phil Spencer is gonna turn the XB1 around and it will be highly competitive this Christmas.

So far his short term moves have been on point.

Waiting for The CloudZ, DirectX-12, and Azure.

actually I heard Dedicated Servers So many times during MS expo at E3 that I see Azure being used already.

Pixel_Enemy2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

While I agree that it is way too early and extremely arrogant to completely discount MS from this race, I think Sony will own this generation. MS has a die hard fanbase that will support them and eat up their exclusives but Sony is on a winning streak with unveiling their hardware, having more powerful hardware (that is cheaper none the less) and their lineup of exclusives and better looking/running multiplats. This entire generation MS will be playing catch-up and it will be a real struggle if they ever hit the #1 spot. I find it hard to believe they will being that Sony ended up outselling them last gen with all the hurdles they had to jump to get there. Like the year head start in sales that MS had, the infamous $600 launch price tag, weaker multiplats and the exclusives taking years to shine to their full potential.

Bathyj2556d ago

Its was nice not to hear Cloud Cloud CLoud at MS's show. But we did hear dedicated servers an awful lot.

I think their market research told them people are skeptical of "the power of the cloud" and frankly sick of hearing about it without tangible, practical applications to prove it, so they are not calling a spade a spade anymore in order to sidestep that issue while still letting them talk about it.

Clarence2556d ago

None of things you mention will help. The only reason the xbone might be competitive this holiday is because M$ dropped the price. There is no other reason but that.

The cloud, direct x, and azure have nothing to do with it.

Kayant2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

"Waiting for The CloudZ, DirectX-12, and Azure.

actually I heard Dedicated Servers So many times during MS expo at E3 that I see Azure being used already."

Ok let's break this down. The cloud is the right terminology MS has been using because that's what azure is more here -

The problem is in terms of functionality and what has been shown it is nothing more then dedicated servers to us gamers so the term cloud is just redundant at this point and the fact they are scalable doesn't mean much to us. What we care are is that they are servers. This is especially true given how much it has talked about yet the best examples of real applications are (Forza 5 and TF) which have functional that we have seen used before in other games not what MS have talked about being possible so I can see why MS are changing their wording now even if it's wrong. The closest thing we have seen to a real world application is a tech/concept demo for crackdown. With another one coming at some point again and we wouldn't see it's real world usage until 2016 when crackdown launches (maybe earlier).

The there's DX12 which again isn't going to do the same thing people are thinking it will do to PC or mobile because unlike those platforms which DX12 is like a evolution update to XB1 it's more of an efficiency/incremental update because a lot of the features of DX12 are already in XB1's API and it already enjoys having "Console efficiency".

"Forza Motorsport 5 is an example of a game that pushes the Xbox One to the limit with its fast-paced photorealistic racing experience. Under the hood, Forza achieves this by using the efficient low-level APIs already available on Xbox One today. Traditionally this level of efficiency was only available on console – now, Direct3D 12, even in an alpha state, brings this efficiency to PC and Phone as well. By porting their Xbox One Direct3D 11.X core rendering engine to use Direct3D 12 on PC, Turn 10 was able to bring that console-level efficiency to their PC tech demo."

But people can choose to believe in the clouds and have higher expectations than they should if they want to I guess :p.

Pogmathoin2556d ago

Mods, I was warned about SDF, but this is always acceptable?

Clarence, using M$, necessary?

None of things you mention will help. The only reason the xbone might be competitive this holiday is because M$ dropped the price. There is no other reason but that.


So you're another Spencer Freak huh? Well the guy is a puppet he spouts what they tell him to say. And if you actually believe he's responsible for all these changes you're bring willfully ignorant. These changes were put in motion weeks and months before. Those aren't the kind of changes you make overnight but I guess you believe in Santa Claus too.

kenshiro1002556d ago

I don't care what Microsoft does. They started out wrong, they'll end up wrong. DRM is what killed their lead in the first place. It's too early to count them out but they screwed up BIG TIME.

soandsoz2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

I think November & December will be Microsoft's strongest months too.

Side note, May NDP numbers are quite staggering.

PS4 managed to outsell with every single multiplat game!

Why o why2556d ago


From delaystation last gen to waitbox 1 this gen.....swings and roundabouts huh

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Conzul2556d ago

More like Sony is having a PS2-like-renaissance. Meaning we're screwed with PS5 :p

Nah, IDK. Just gimme more awesome games and bring more media functionality and they'll continue to succeed.

AGaryColemanClone2556d ago

Sony has been the top selling console maker in the world for the past three years since the Wii fad died off and the PS3 took over the top spot in weekly/monthly worldwide sales.

Sony isn't having any renaissance - they simply continue to dominate.

SilentNegotiator2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Ps3 was the only Sony console to not be in first place (by a LOT of systems) and that landed in 2nd. Maybe every third system will be Sony's cursed systems and they'll be okay til Ps6, lol.

truefan12556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

MSFT should have made a statement, regardless how bad of a month it was. Even if it was a generic, we are committed to improving the XB1 statement. I think June will be the start of a 6 out of 7 month run for the XB1, only potentially losing September because of the Destiny bundle.

Sony isn't going to keep being able to tout multiplats this fall.

@LeCreuset so with an even price do you really see XB1 getting beat more than two months with Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, and Halo MCC coming out September, October, and November. Not to mention exclusive content for AC Unity, Call of Duty, Evolve, and Dragon Age Inquisition. Remember this is USA only, there are still a lot of 360 owners waiting to upgrade, this fall that number will shrink.

LeCreuset2556d ago

"I think June will be the start of a 6 out of 7 month run for the XB1, only potentially losing September because of the Destiny bundle."

With you making the most of that bubble, why do they even need to make a statement?

Ballsack2556d ago

So you did show.... Only to chat utter tripe..

Because you said this about titanfall, predicted a few months of xbox dominance due to that game and we all know how that turned out.. Its like you have a new reason every month for xbox domination

Get a grip

Flutterby2556d ago

MS is out of the race for first that's all there is to it. DX12 won't save it halo won't save it and the cloud won't save it , Sony are just doing what they alwa ts do to MS and that is dominate them.

Clarence2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

"Sony isn't going to keep being able to tout multiplats this fall. "

Funny that you say that, because last gen that's all M$ kept touting. Multiplates look and play better on the 360. That's all M$ did last gen.

All that exclusive content and DLC did nothing for the 360. Last gen it was the cheaper console, and it still ended up in last place. Face it. This gen belongs to the PS4.

M$ no longer has NA numbers to help them. They will have to battle it out for NA now. Even if they could get NA back it won't be like it was last gen. M$ can only hope to come out of this in 2nd place.

Sony hasn't even had a price drop yet. You do remember when they dropped that cheaper slim PS3. Imagine what will happen when Sony decides to drop the price on the PS4.

LeCreuset2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

@truefan1's edit.

I'll tell you what, man. Since the mods won't do anything about your daily shilling and trolling and you seem so confident that XB1 won't get beat more than two months for the rest of the year (7 months. June to December), I challenge you to put up or shut up on your claim. No more pulling claims out of your butt and not owning up to them.

If Xbox One is outsold by PlayStation 4 for less than three months from June to December of this year I will make one last post humbling myself, delete my account and quit posting on N4G, but only if you publicly agree to likewise make one last post humbling yourself, delete your account and quit posting on N4G should the Xbox One be outsold by PlayStation 4 for more than two months from June to December of this year.

You can accept this challenge by commenting and acknowledging your acceptance, under your truefan1 handle, at anytime in the comment section of an N4G piece posted between now and the deadline of this Sunday at 12:00 am PDT. Shoot me a PM letting me know that you accepted, with a link to your comment as evidence.

Update: Just so there is no ambiguity, this deal pertains to sales figures as reported monthly by NPD. I would extend it to worldwide, but that's just unfair to you (not that just NPD isn't), and there aren't respected monthly reports of worldwide sales.

pyramidshead2556d ago

Who cares about exclusive content when the game itself runs better on PS4? For the multiplats anyway.

Delusional as always Truefan1, but I guess you had to damage control in some way over this crushing Xbone defeat.

OrangePowerz2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Why won't they be able to tout about multiplatforms? In most cases if games run in 1080p they will still have thr higher framerate or better looking version in general.

During the launch month of Titanfall the X1 sold for 450 with Titanfall. So people got the console, Kinect and a game for 450. Buying only the console for 400 without a game and without Kinect isn't a vetter deal. The Kinectless SKU will give the sales a boost, but I don't see MS overtaking Sony.

Many Halo fans will already have am X1 and while the franchise is huge, it's a remaster of old games and not a new game. So I wouldn't expect too much, same goes for TLoU remaster great game but it's not going to make a lot of people buy a new console if they already played the original.

Sunset Overdrive will be a niche title coming from a company that isn't very well onown outside of the PS community with sales most likely similar to Dead Rising.

Forza Horizon 2 is the only one of the 3 that I can see as a proper system seller, but then again many Forza fans will already have an X1 since launch.

As for exclusive DLC, do you really believe that 1 extra hour of AC4 DLC made people by a PS4 over the X1 last year? Those things are a nice thing to have but not system sellers especially since in 99% of the cases it's timed exclusive DLC.

June will be interesting, but I wouldn't bet money on the X1 outselling the PS4. If you look at the Amazon charts the X1 kinectless SKU doesn't exactly rank super high and that's from the biggest retailer in the US.

sic_chops2556d ago

Haha @trufan. I knew you'd show up, girl.

palaeomerus2556d ago

"Funny that you say that, because last gen that's all M$ kept touting. "

Sure, but that was late in the gen when people were satisfied by the rich choice in each library and had all their friends on one of the online services. Those are the conditions when one can coast on multiplats. This is early in the gen when libraries are anemic and barren. This is also when the multiplats are typically transitional from the previous hardware gen and so look pretty meh all around. Multiplats are a lot less exciting right now and not likely to change someone's mind about buying a console right now.


Another Forza another Fable a scraped together Halo collection which perfectly illustrated MS lack of games perfectly. They were so desperate they showed CGI trailers for games you won't see until 2016. Every 3rd party game they showed will be better on the PS4. You are delusional plain and simple or you're a shill either way you're wrong MS has bigger problems than price and they keep ignoring it like you are.

T22556d ago

There's a reason why ms was silent today. You should have paid attention

Knushwood Butt2556d ago

Ah, come on, this site wouldn't be as funny without truefan.

You should change the terms: get truefan to change his avatar to that of Kaz, indefinitely, or something.

Mr-Dude2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Well, TrueFan1

When I watched the MS conference, I watched it with the idea of MAYBE buying a X1, because I also have A WiiU next to my PS4, and the idea of having them all (yes, I also have 3DS and Vita, but the 3DS is more played by my girlfriend then me..)

But nothing I saw on the conference, convinced me of pre-ordering one (I live in Holland, release is september here). Forza is beautiful, but then Gran Turismo and Driveclub are also. Fable never bothered me, Crackdown maybe, HALO MCC for me isn't a systemseller. HALO 5 isn't coming till 2015, and sunset overdrive looks awesome but, it's not my type of game, I would be bored very quick. Scalebound was a CGI, so I can't comment on that on this time.

The only game what peaked my interest was Ori and the Blind Forest. But still, no systemseller. Inside also looked great, but like Limbo it will come to PS4 also.

And for the multiplats, I stick with the PS4. Exclusive DLC, like 1 hour missions or weapons and armor etc, aren't systemsellers or gameseller for me. What the X1 lacks, is a great adventure game like Uncharted, which combines great graphics, humor and action.
And they lack serious FIRST PARTY STUDIOS

So why should I buy a X1?

LeCreuset2556d ago

@knushwood I wish you could do sig bets on this site, but they don't have sigs.

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showtimefolks2556d ago

xbox has to do well in the US market because sony pretty much had Europe in its back pocket. That is why sony has pushed hard at gamescom like its E3

i wouldn't be surprised if Drive Club a lot of airtime during gamescom

it will be very very interesting to see how xbox one does without kinect at same price point as ps4

Mr-Dude2556d ago

I wouldn't be surpised if Sony announced a couple of new IP's or sequels, games at GamesCom either... They did it for three years now.

Guerilla Games is located in Amsterdam, which is like 3-hours drive from GamesCom. So maybe their new IP will be there?

ITPython2556d ago

The XB1 price-cut would only really affect console sales, not software sales (which if you read the article, is mainly what Sony is claiming victory on).

But I bet the XB1 console sales during May were unbelievably abysmal due to those holding out for a cheaper version (which also says a lot about the general public's thoughts on the Kinect, and how it was undoubtedly a massive mistake for MS to force the higher price tag + Kinect on people from the beginning).

Will be very interesting to see the XB1 console sales during June. If it doesn't at least match the PS4 sales for this month, then that pretty much confirms the death of the XB1. Because this cheaper SKU is essentially like a re-release of the XB1, which means the sales during this month will be the highest the console will ever see again (launches always have the highest sales numbers).

hello122556d ago

No it doesn't, the next six months will be more telling. You expect everyone to just go a buy an xb1 in June?

Sunset Overdrive and Halo collection aren't out till later this year.

LeCreuset2556d ago

"You expect everyone to just go a buy an xb1 in June?"

I would expect a sales surge from people that supposedly held off buying a system in May, so it would be saying a lot if XB1 didn't at least match PS4 for June, especially in North America.

lelo2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

If Microsoft offers inferior or similar things to what the PS4 is offering, they are fu**ed. People this generation will go with Sony unless Microsoft does something drastic. Microsoft to salvage the X1, they have to offer more. If Sony offers 2 games, Microsoft has to offer 3-4 games with their paid online service. If Sony offers indies with PS+, Microsoft has to offer AAA games with Gold. If Sony has 4-5 AAA exclusives, Microsoft needs 6-7 AAA exclusives. They need real AAA exclusives, that you can't find anywhere else. They need interesting services and experiences you can't find with their main competitor. One other thing, Microsoft has completely forgotten Europe (beside UK). Gamescom is around the corner, they need a strong show over there.

Microsoft is going to have a though job to surpass PS4 sales... I don't believe they can or they will. They need more, and I don't think they are willing to offer more to what Sony offers.

Legacy2122556d ago

I love how everyone has stocks in sony on n4g and cares about these sales. Do you play games or do count sales all day. Cmon step your game up where were you guys when wii destroyed everyone last gen? By n4g logic everyone should buy a wii
This sony jerk circle is just sad. Play gsmes not resolution, sales, reviews etc

Why o why2556d ago

In lelo's defence (not like he needs it) but he definitely isn't a sony champion or sales player. I concur that about 99 percent of n4g members receive zilch in a monetary sense from any of the 3 players sales. What some will get is prolonged support from 1st to 3rd party developers and the one at the top, probably the lead console for development of 3rd party titles

LamerTamer2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )


Play games not resolution? Well I play games and they run at different resolutions and effects how they all look. If there are two versions of the same game why would I want to play the inferior version? I would want to play the one that looks better and that would be the PS4 version (not counting PC but that is a different story). Often it is not just resolution but is lighting, shadows AO etc.

AD7052556d ago

yeah go tell that to all the xbox fanboys who use to constantly brag about having the better multiplats and the 360 having more sales than the ps3 and how often the ps3 got outsold by the 360 monthly for years on end in the console wars. If anything xbots are getting a kick in the ass by karma for all the shit they use to say to the sony fanboys. Now that the tables have turned xbots all of a sudden don't care for sales and having better multiplats.

Mr-Dude2556d ago

MS hasn't shown up at GamesCom for years now...
Sony is there every year with a conference...

So, if I was MS, I would be there this year