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"Take your time with Fable Anniversary. The game can be completed in 10-12 hours if story completion is the immediate goal, but if you take the time to interact with the townsfolk, take on side-quests and take in its beauty then you will get a longer, and more enjoyable experience for your efforts. The longer you play, the more rewards you get from Fable Anniversary, and despite a few issues that linger from an earlier, more technically limited era Fable Anniversary holds up extremely well and it can be recommended to those who experienced and loved the game back in the day as well as the new crowd who may have missed it back in its heyday."
An extract from AMHNetwork's review of Fable Anniversary. Agree with their thoughts?

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aPerson1710d ago

I really enjoyed Fable 2 and I think 3 is underrated, but the first Fable is still the best of the three. Can't wait to play through it again.