I'm Obsessed with Enhanced Xbox 360 Games on Xbox One X

"There have been some stellar Xbox 360 enhanced games on Xbox One X. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve become a bit obsessed with trying out each new enhanced title. I’ve also noticed Microsoft put a lot of focus on its exclusive 360 games from last gen (The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Fable Anniversary, Forza, etc.). -- Xbox Enthusiast

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jukins303d ago

Then you'd probably love pc . . . .

302d ago
Heelix302d ago

gamers lie to themselves in order to protect their preferred company.

What gamer in his/her right mind would not appreciate migrating their library to the latest hardware?

Hungryalpaca302d ago

Yep. BC back to the 90s and beyond

TheGuitarist302d ago

I wish they’d spend more time enhancing games from this generation than from the last

TheCommentator302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

The Witcher 2 or the first Fable are great choices for many people. I like Forza Horizon as well, but it's more of a niche title being a racing game. I know what you're saying about focusing on this gen but I can't help but think that going back to 360 games that are classics makes sense as well and, honestly, they look surprisingly good too. It's almost like you're playing the PC versions (EDIT: Traumadisaster seems to agree with this too).

What games do you want them to work on for the XBOX One that makes you feel this way?

Kribwalker302d ago

i personally have 56 enhanced games on my xbox onex 5 of which are 360 enhanced games and they really do look awesome. FH looks great enhanced.

traumadisaster302d ago

For exclusives like crackdown then I get that, but fable and the witcher2 I've had in 4k60fps for years with an expensive gfx card. However for those without pc I get it

Cobra951302d ago

I wish he'd shown some video of the games.

Skankinruby302d ago

So is every other X owner as that's all they talk about

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The story is too old to be commented.