Recent Xbox One X Enhanced Xbox 360 Game Tweaks Could Mean Widespread Enhancements

Gamerheadquarters: "With the recent additions it seems like they're working on making more Xbox 360 games available sooner than later."

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Dlaw76857d ago

My best console ever what's yours

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zaherdab857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

that's exactly what i wrote in a comment yesterday on here... my thoughts are the same would make sense to allow to flip the switch off unless they are planning to allow us to switch it on and off for all games and choose to switch off if it doesnt workout to well...

though from the looks of it the emulator is deeded in each game individually since we had to redownload each of these games rather than a system update that enabled them in these games ... so if they want to enable it across the board it means we'll have to redownload each game again to get the updated emulator into those games .... weird enough gta 4 and red dead got some silent 360 updates shortly after though they were a bit on the small download size compared ... so i am guessing they are internally testing the ability to update just the emulator without re-downloading the entire game too though they still didnt flip the switch on those games ...

personal speculation and hopeful thinking :P

TheOttomatic91857d ago

I certainly hope so it’s one of the main reasons I got the X