How the Sophisticated Sky Capturing Brings the Forza Horizon Franchise to Life

KeenGamer: "The advanced sky capturing gives the Forza Horizon franchise a natural and realistic feeling. Yet, it's a long process from capturing to complete in-game sky. It's a technology that was introduced during the development of Forza Horizon 3, which provided more beauty and were widely praised by players."

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iplay1up2106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Forza 4 looks really great now that Series updates have been applied. In Forza 5 Microsoft uses photo technology throughout the entire game. The volcano setting in Mexico looks amazing!

Lightning77105d ago

All this sky tech will no doubt make its way into the new Fable.

Rimeskeem105d ago

Da Cloud jokes coming in 3...2....

Sol4ris105d ago

Incredible looking game, and it's not even powered by the next iteration of the ForzaTech engine which is still developed by Turn10.
Time to flex that 12TF.

VariantAEC98d ago

Maybe that's why it looks so meh to me.

104d ago
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