Xbox Priding Itself on Future and Past Exclusives

"The four most recent Xbox One X enhanced games were all Xbox 360 console exclusives. Coincidence? I think not! Let’s talk about that as well as Xbox’s recent announcement of its monthly show, Inside Xbox." -- Xbox Enthusiast

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Brian76554921300d ago

Future exclusives? Thats where they need to work on most.

TyrellCorp1299d ago

Believe it when I see it. A new Fable would be great

darthv721299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

If rumors are true... Playground's got you covered there.

xfiles20991299d ago

They have no Exclusives everything comes to PC Nothing is truly theirs

darthv721298d ago

You make that sound like a bad thing. If someone prefers a PC they got it covered. If someone prefers a console they got it covered. What's not to like?

xfiles20991298d ago

Its not a Bad thing for the Fans of PC but it is for the Console The reason everything comes to PC is The Fans don't buy the games With everything going to PC the Xbox has no Identity. MS has forgot about who their fans are and what they want. They almost given up on their core What made Xbox successful in the past.

AAWELLS091293d ago

Wow your comments here make it seem as though you're full of crap. There's only ONE reason you would complain about this and make it seem as though this is a negative and thats the fact that you enjoy/promote the "console wars". Your 2nd comment to darthv72 is completely false and again full of crap. It doesn't matter what you reply with as there's no possible way to convince anyone otherwise. It's NEVER a bad thing to make more games available to more people except when you enjoy/promote the console wars like the fanboys do.

xfiles20991293d ago

Its not a Bad thing unless you are in the business of selling Consoles. It is not a good business move. It makes no sense to make your Console as irrelevant as possible by putting everything on PC. These are not Fanboy comments they are very truthful comments Sorry if it hurts anyone to hear the truth. There is a reason Microsoft does not reveal sale numbers.

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yellowgerbil1300d ago

lol they are still touting the best games lineup using the same games they did years ago (how many years do we need to see crackdown, ashen, and state of decay 2?). And think of all the great xbox1 exclusives these past 4 years... Fable... Scalebound... Project Spark... Hololenz... Phantom Dust... those 3 games coming from the black tusk people... Man so many legendary games, no wonder everyone loves xbox 1

Tko11111299d ago

IF you hate games because you have seen them for to many years then you hate almost every ps4 exclusive.. and missing out on great games

DigitalRaptor1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Good luck on the future exclusives.

Microtransaction-ridden services is what it mostly boils down to. They're doing a fantastic job with the legacy support for exclusives (and games in general) of the past though. I can see why they want to draw attention to the exclusives of past though. The glory days are much more ideal to promote than what happens to be their worst generation ever.

UCForce1300d ago

Like I said, MS push too far with Gaas. And I think it’s a problem.

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