PS5 will see ‘smaller first party games’ this year including Astro Bot claims insider

It’s rumoured that there will be at least some PS5 exclusives released this year from Sony, but it’s still unclear if that includes Concord.

Lightning7757d ago

This is by the legendary leaker Snitch. He has like a 90% accuracy rate.

This bit of news only makes sense. sony won't have any major first party games until next April and beyond. Astro Bot and Silent Hill 2 make sense for release. Still wondering if Concord releases this year.

neutralgamer199256d ago

Sony said no 1st part existing franchises. There might be 2nd party games and new IP’s. Since this year started Sony has had 4 big blockbuster exclusives which all came from 2nd party studios. They know when they need to give their 1st party more time to rely on 2nd party partners and plan accordingly

Mr Logic56d ago

Absolute rubbish. They said, "No big first party IP on the level of God of War and Horizon." They ABSOLUTELY did not rule out first party games entirely.

Lightning7756d ago

Correct Concord and Fair Games could be slated for this year. silent Hill 2 is this year.

Square is third party but I get what you're sayin.

Cacabunga56d ago

Sony must at least reveal a few..

shinoff218355d ago

They definitely said existing ip lightning.

Lightning7755d ago (Edited 55d ago )

So you expect new AAA ips releasing from Sony this year?

1Victor40d ago

@Lighting the behind the curtain Sony CEO/CFO have spoken (insert thunder soundtrack here )

In my opinion Sony have a sleeper kids game on Astro Bot and don’t use it 😩as much as they should

Goodguy0157d ago

Asides from Nintendo which are prepping for their next gen hardware, it's been kinda odd for sony and mcsft in terms of first party. 3rd party and indies have been kicking ass though.

Profchaos57d ago

Microsoft is busy trying to buy the industry to have more games while Sony cares more about the quality of the games which means long wait times.

Modern gaming it kind of sucks because it takes years for us to get a release sometimes a decade while back in the day on the ps2 era a game would be done in a year or a huge project may require two.

Nintendo actually have it the best out of all companies as development times for weaker hardware like the switch are far quicker meaning we can see more switch games get pumped out with a high level of polish they may still look like 7th gen games but they still look good really

Sonyslave357d ago

Lol you do know sony brought 95% of their studioss'.

Nooderus57d ago

Japan Studio used to make quality stuff, otherwise Sony first party games kinda stink man

fr0sty57d ago

Sony didn't buy a single publisher... Sony buys individual studios years after working with them as second party partners and the studio proving they can make system sellers. Microsoft buys entire publishers in an attempt to monopolize the industry.

tay870157d ago

@nooderus. if you think sonys 1st part stinks, you must think xboxs really sucks. Sonys 1st party trounce xboxs. Xbox has way more studios now but they pale in comparison when it comes to quality. Xbox can only dream of having studios like naughty dog, santa monica, insomniac, guerilla and sucker punch. All of these studios have released games in the last decade that have been nominated for game of thr yr. Naughty dog, santa monica, guerilla , and insomniac all have multiple games nominated in thst time span. ND actually won it twice and Santa Monica won it once. No other publisher has more nominations or wins in the last decade.

fr0sty56d ago

The bots are sore to hear it, but you can't argue with the truth when it has facts to back it up.

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ocelot0757d ago

New astro bot is fine by me. Still go back and play the tech demo every few months.

RNTody57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Honestly I'd just be happy if we could get a Sony show this year that shows us gameplay for Wolverine, Naughty Dog's new IP and Sucker Punch's game, whether it's a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima or a new IP and Bluepoint's new game. Housemarque released Returnal in 2021 which took a bit over 4 years to develop, so hopefully they'll be ready for an announcement soon of what they're working on. Bungie... we'll see.

However with Helldivers 2, Stellar Blade, Rise of the Ronin and Final Fantasy Rebirth, it hasn't exactly been a quiet or ineffective year while the first party's are keeping things hush.

Profchaos57d ago

Well if you want to see wolverine GamePlay there's a metric ton of it flying around the net

RNTody57d ago

I'm not going to watch leaked alpha footage that the developer never intended to see the light of day. I'm going to watch a proper showcase when it's ready.

Nooderus57d ago

"I'm going to watch a proper showcase when it's ready" shut up tod

RNTody57d ago

@Nooderus Forgive me, nii-san.

Profchaos57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Astrobot to me that's huge I hope it's both a flatscreen game and a VR game like gt7.

One of my favourite gaming experiences last gen was astro bot resuce mission on psvr it's almost criminal that more people never got a chance to experience the game it was one VR game that actually could have been ported to a flat screen experience with some minor control tweaks.