Gran Turismo 6 – Top 10 racing cars

Resident Citizen Game petrol head Joseph Barron breaks down his top 10 racing cars in Gran Turismo 6.

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I'd go for the Light Co. Rocket, anything up to 650pp that car can dominate (especially in the S-class events, because it can run those events without refueling, I only had to switch out for something much faster for the last couple events).

Dee_911806d ago

Haha I have 3 of them.I love driving that car around the ring.I can do it for hours.How ever this list is racing cars only.I actually agree with the list, the redbull junior car is a blast to drive, and it actually sounds good.

Knushwood Butt1806d ago

Yeah, just been playing the Red Bull X2014 Junior championship for the first time. Totally blew me away. So much fun.

Mr Marvel1806d ago

Absolutely love GT6!

I gotta say, the Platinum trophy is 100x easier that GT5 (not complaining though as the GT5 Plat was a real ball buster).

GT5 is the toughest Platinum trophy I have & I was only able to Gold the Vettel challenges after I picked up my T500 RS Wheel.