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Titanfall’s Gameplay Will Make You Forget About Its Resolution and Player Count

Joel Taveras of DualShockers writes,"As exciting as it was counting down until the launch of the next gen consoles, it was also at times equally unpleasant. For me, much of the negativity stemmed from everyone’s focus on the lack of visual parity between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Some of it was funny, especially early on with all the ridiculous GIFs hitting forums like NeoGAF. But when you peeled away that layer of the conversation, what you were left was merely a handful of titles with slightly sharper visuals on one platform over the other; a bucross-generational leftovers from PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360."

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What is this the 1000th article this week on this? You're beating a dead horse, this adds NOTHING new. It's just another damage control article, like the 999 others this week.
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Enough w/ the damage control. If you really feel this way, it should just be a 360 exclusive.
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Community2601d ago
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Hatsune-Miku2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Titan falls gameplay, resolution and player count has already made me forget about the decision of getting the game

Abash2601d ago

My problem is the lack of single player or something like online co-op where you mow down A.I.

I have never really been hooked on competitive mulyiplayer and since that is all the game has it's making me very reluctant to get it for my Xbox One

NewMonday2601d ago

Titanfall gameplay we see is all flash with no substance, some are easily impressed by it, I can see little kids playing it and feeling empowered due to casual game design but other see thru the shallow surface, end of the day TitanFall is not for everyone.

theWB272601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )


All i gotta say is keep fighting that good fight. What is casual game design? Has there ever been a game that has been for "everyone?"

Is that a valid's not for everyone? End of the day...everything has its detractors.

sinjonezp2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

My issue with multiplayer only games is hackers, cheaters, lag, people dropping servers(host). I have a nephew who goes 60 -15 on cod ghost cuz he hacked support an can use it no matter so his killstreak doesnt.end.and get choppers, etc. Things like that deter me from online only. With this game, the support of bots(a.i. is still bots) ia still questionable because from the video, they are almost free kills. Regardless if they give lesser points, human players can spam that unless they tweak it. I want this game and i hope they fine tune it where these types of issues are minimalized. Still, other modes like co op, etc should be welcomed, especially at a premium price tag.

jgrigs092601d ago

@Newmonday you are obviously anti. Titanfall for some odd reason since you've never played it before. I haven't seen a single negative review about it. Most if not all are adults I've been playing it since the alpha released and everyone. Is enjoying it the people who've talked sound like adults. So you just have some sort of grudge against it. I guess because it's not on the PS4. You
Can't have an opinion without playing it

hellzsupernova2601d ago

Game looks fun, which is the main thing. It will review well. May play it on pc one day.

ZodTheRipper2601d ago

This will be the next Gears of War for Xbox. I planned on getting this on PC but the player count and all those bots prevent me from doing it. I'll get it if the usual "I'm bored, what game could I get?"-moment comes up someday.

Patrick_pk442601d ago

My exact issues is that the gameplay, hud, guns, and sounds remind me of COD. I understand that some people are from the past Call of Duty games, however i thought they would branch off. It seems that the game is toned downed to a casual audience to take the COD audience. Sadly it will become COD.

UltimateMaster2601d ago

So, we're supposed to forget the lack of graphics, the lack of player count, the lack of single player and since this is an EA game, tons of forced micro-transactions.

UltimateMaster2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

This game is far better:
Better graphics, game play and story.. oh wait! there's no story in Titanfall.

It's X and it's exclusive to the Wii U.

Kleptic2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

No doubt the alpha footage i've seen so far completely confirmed what i was worried about personally...

people farming kills off AI 'grunts' and winning rounds...people getting killed by the same AI...etc...

Watched a full unedited match, which lasted about 7 minutes...and yeah it was 'intense' and 'dynamic', just like the devs said...but after i started reading the names in the middle of the screen...i realized that 90% of what was going on was something AI controlled...90% of the things moving around were not actual human enemies, or team was just bots...and watching said bots stroll out in the street and get stomped by a mech (when clearly that wasn't the right approach to defeating it)...and my interest quickly began to slip...

couple that with the fact that EA is publishing the game...and my 'no future games from EA' policy has been quite easy so far...

I have no issue with the visuals...It currently looks like a 360 game, but i'm sure they'll get that fixed up nicely before release...its just turning out to not be what i was hoping each their own, though...

SITH2600d ago

LMAO hypocrites, there are a ton of games that have NO single player and are very successful. But as soon as the xbox one has a game without single player, everyone looses there minds!

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malokevi2601d ago

Lol, well, that was easy. As if you ever intended to get it to begin with.

TheGreatAndPowerful2601d ago

The gameplay is so boring though and I'm not even trolling...the gunplay is exactly like COD. It also reminds me a lot of Crysis 3.

kiz26942601d ago

Completely agree! It looks very similar to COD which I have lost much interest in over the past 2 years. Il be honest I was tempted to get an Xbox One for only this game, but glad I didn't purchase one earlier, cos these most recent videos are really showing its COD heritage. And the added AI bots really make the kill feel cheap and less meaningful which lets face it, your kill count should be something precious and rewarding.

mr2332601d ago

If you have to point out that you're not trolling...You are probably trolling.

Bennibop2601d ago

Even the menus look the same as cod

brich2332601d ago

Well then I guess you shouldnt play it. Meanwhile, everyone else will!!.... Sucka!

brich2332601d ago

Well then I guess you shouldnt play it. Meanwhile, everyone else will!!.... Sucka! lol

DigitalRaptor2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

The game basically is CoD.

Same menu interface, same graphics, same level design (accounting for verticality), close to the same gameplay.

It's a futuristic CoD with vertical manoeuvring. Vertical movement in FPS games have existed for years, and people are acting like it's a breath of fresh air and a game-changer..... Why are people getting so excited for this game and its many qualms, that gameplay alone cannot bounce back from?

AI is meant to account for its low player count, but the AI is nothing special, and neither are the remainder of the components. Are people even considering, this is controlled by EA, the same company that made an exclusive deal for this game because of their approval of Microsoft's DRM focus?

TheGreatAndPowerful2601d ago

Double post...sucka! Even though I have a really good gaming PC I have no desire of buying this game now or when it hits the bargain racks.

I'll be too busy playing PlanetSide 2, War Thunder, Destiny beta, Watch Dogs, Drive Club, Infamous Second Son, MGSV. And when Playstation Now comes out I'll hopefully be playing GTAV, LoU, UC2 and the rest of the greats. So you can keep your pitiful COD w/Mechs shite!

NewSunday2601d ago

I dare u to find 1 media outlet that describes this game in a negative light overall or a person who has actually played it and not just someone who has see videos or screen shots. I have literally not found one person who has played it not enjoy it. Dont knock it till u try it.

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OpieWinston2601d ago

Everyone on N4G knows you're extremely against Competitive games so you were never going to get it in the first place.

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KimoNoir2601d ago

Learning about the low resolution repelled me. Ill stick to my ps4 and get it on my gaming pc.

MysticStrummer2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Don't care about resolution so much, though it is odd for a "next gen" title. I'm turned off by the CoD-like gameplay and the bots. I also prefer games with big maps and large player count. Believe it or not, I don't care, but I wouldn't be interested in this game no matter what system it was on. Being on three systems does hurt it's potential as a system seller though.

Letthewookiewin2601d ago

I've watched a bunch of the Alpha vids and the AI looks really bad. A dude ran in a room that had about 7 AI's and they all paused for 5-10seconds before shooting at him. No thanks I've got plenty of single player games that do that crap I don't need it in my MP.

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snake_eater2601d ago

but I won't forget the cancer that is EA.

pompombrum2601d ago

EA are just publishing and as far as I'm aware, have absolutely no control over the game.

snake_eater2601d ago

Doesn't matter, they will still make money

EA is the cancer of this industry

hellzsupernova2601d ago

Nope ea makes the calls they are publisher they are funding this game. It's up to them and their fantastic (sarcasm) origin servers.

Patrick_pk442601d ago

You have no idea how much power a publisher has over the developers. Let's take DICE for example, Battlefield 4 was not near completion, however EA pushed the release near Call of Duties, why do you think the game is broken?

Fireseed2601d ago


Completely agree, after the BS that Jason and Vince went though with Activision I cannot see them possibly entering another contractual agreement with a publisher that doesn't allow them TOTAL freedom. Let's face it, Jason West and Vince Zampella are now the Matt Stone and Trey Parker of the gaming industry.

Axios22601d ago

Well said

Good to hear it meeting it's high expectations.

lifeisgamesok2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

I must say Titanfall already makes some other 1st person shooters out there seem very bland

Killing 5 people then jumping into a titan, grab someone out of theirs so your team can take it over or decide to have the titan follow you providing cover fire, scale buildings and jump through windows killing pilots in corridors, eject out of an exploding titan only to get killed before you land on a rooftop

Ninferno2601d ago

Itll be the best thing to play on xbox one for a while. I certainly look forward to doing all of this and then some.

5eriously2601d ago

""Itll be the best thing to play on xbox one for a while.""

Maybe you are right, therefore my consideration against buying an Xbone!

malokevi2601d ago

When you eject and have your Titan set to go nuclear... unreal.

christocolus2601d ago

My pals and i are so pumped up for this game

Tctczach2601d ago

It's amazing. I love it. Allegedly.