DICE Thanks Bioware For "Awesome Changes" To Frostbite Engine

Apparently, the Dragon Age team at Bioware added many "awesome" things to Frostbite engine and made DICE very happy.

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pwnsause_returns2807d ago

what? did they make the engine not lag when playing an online multiplayer?

malokevi2807d ago

You are the most funny and clever person ever. You should be extremely proud of yourself.

pwnsause_returns2807d ago

My Modesty would agree to this, thanks.

come_bom2807d ago

Actually i found that quite funny... Battlefield 4 is a lag and bug fest.

starchild2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Jeez, I play on the PC and it honestly isn't anywhere close to as bad as you guys make it sound. Very few problems to speak of. Are the console versions that messed up? Or are you playing on PC and I'm just lucky?

Then again, I mostly played the campaign and don't play a whole lot of multiplayer which I know is the meat of the game for many people.

inmusicutrust2807d ago


I'm on ps4 and the only problems I have happen in conquest matches when theres a lot happening, especially explosions and buildings being destroyed. Hardly any lag on other game modes. The single player is perfectly smooth outside of saves being deleted. Havent been brave enough to try again on the campaign but I do believe its still an issue.

KyRo2807d ago


It's really not as bad as the N4G as people make out. Conquest can be laggy and there are a few annoyances but it's more than playable and if it weren't there wouldn't be people ranked 100 plus.

When the game launched it was a hell of a mess but now? It's really not that bad.

malokevi2807d ago

I imagine that 50% of the people who complain the most have never so much as seen the game in action. Better to disregard, or just be all like "lawlz lawlz lawlz lawlz roflawlz mclawlz"

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3-4-52807d ago

I'm wondering if this makes certain things easier now, and thus allowing them to fix things faster.

TheFutureIsBlue2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Lol @ the disagrees when his statement is so obviously true. EA have some secret butthurt spies on N4G?

Edit: @starchild PC version might be ok now(from what you are saying), but before it wasn't and that's what matters

kaiserfranz2807d ago

It isn't okay even now, sadly....

ifistbrowni2807d ago

Starchild, you do realize you replied to a comment that claims the multiplayer lags, then you accuse him of being extremely dramatic about the issues, and then you admit that you dont play multiplayer...?

You do realize you did this, right?

starchild2806d ago

I do play the multiplayer, I simply don't put hundreds of hours into it. I haven't had the kinds of extreme problems some people seem to have.

beatled2807d ago

you must not be playing on a proper pc

runs like butter for me, 1440p, all ultra, 60 frames

bf4 is awful on ps4/xbox1 sure, that's to be expected, they cannot handle that type of game

heck, isn't it 900p on ps4 and 720p on xbox1??

dcj05242807d ago

Just finished a match on Golmud Railway on PS4. Runs fine for me. 60fps 64players 900p. Didn't run into any problems. So.... whats so awful about this?

Alexious2807d ago

This has nothing to do with graphics quality or even optimizations. We're talking bugs and lousy netcode.

DeadlyFire2807d ago

Its fine for me on PS4. Only problem I have is the occasional boot from an error message and well it deleted my campaign, but I was only playing that as an experiment. I never gave a crap about it.

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XiSasukeUchiha2807d ago

An Engine that causes major glitching in campaigns?

Alexious2807d ago

I didn't have problems with BF4 campaign but yes, the multiplayer has severe issues.

voodoochildnyc2807d ago

flying fire breathing dragons in battlefield, scar-h with acog and underbarrel shotgun in dragon age... nuff said.

OrangePowerz2807d ago

Maybe BioWare can help DICE fix BF4?

kaiserfranz2807d ago

That would be awesome, if a bit weird

pandehz2807d ago

They added the story system for dialogue etc

Databases for spells, character progress etc, Basically all the rpg stuff that bioware are awesome with were never in the engine. Bioware shoved it in.

Their special sauce.

Unspoken2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

This. We are finally seeing the fresh fruits of EA buying Bioware. Swtor certainly spoiled the last batch and didn't help them.

Anonagrog2806d ago

Although, SWTOR was made by 'Bioware Austin' and not the original Bioware studio in Canada, so it's still all good.

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